Ubuntu from Canonical — FREE!

A little over a month ago I had put in a CD request at Ubuntu.com. I was having problems downloading the 7.04 iso file. I was also having problems burning the iso I had downloaded, as I had mistakenly bought a bunch of blank cd’s that had only 750mb file capacity. The ISO needed 800mb to burn successfully.

While browsing the Ubuntu website, I found this request link. I had to signup for a launchpad account, but other than that everything else was OK. And now here it is — an Ubuntu Feisty Fawn live CD/installer plus 4 ubuntu stickers direct from Breda, The Netherlands. Free.


I’m saving the CD for when I come across another old system I can move to Ubuntu, although two of the stickers have served their purpose. One is now on the refrigerator where our sticker collection is stuck. The other is on my laptop, having replaced the ubiquitous WinXP sticker.

Sticker up

ubuntu: linux for human beings

Some of the best things in life are still free

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