Kuya and Q, circa 2001

It was more than six years ago when this picture (above) was taken, in that small apartment we rented in Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. Maui was just Maui and not Kuya Maui yet, he who walked to his school at Haven Montessori just a few houses away. This was during our pre-internet at home days, when we actually went out during weekends and went to places like Fort Santiago and the boardwalk behind the Luneta Grandstand.

People grow through the years, lengthwise, crosswise. One may need serious weight advice, the other may need natural acne treatment. This photo (below) was taken a year ago during one of our visits to Sam’s family’s hometown in La Union. You can play spot the differences, but what I’m thinking is plus çest la même chose.

They are the men of my house.

Kuya and Q, circa 2006

The men of the house

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  1. Bambit!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Amishuuuuuu!!! Happy Father’s Day sa labs mo! Oist binata na ang anak mo. Bukas magtatanan na yan! Ahahahhaah!!!


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