Some readers of this blog may well wonder about my unabashed hatred for the man named Bayani Fernando. Hatred may not even be the precise word that describes the knit of my eyebrows and the rise of my blood pressure whenever I hear anything about the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and its reigning despot.

First of all, let us read on the website what Bayani Fernando’s Urbanidad project is:

“The MMDA chair has laid down his seven-pronged slogans and ad collaterals on education and enforcement of rules and regulations for dissemination to residents of Metro Manila on how to conduct themselves properly to ensure the success of the Metro Gwapo project. These include Walang Sagabal – Lansangan ay Ligtas-Mabilis, Walang Nakakainis, Walang Kalat, Walang Pook na Bulok-Maganda-Hindi Nakakatakot, Walang Sakit-Hangin-Tubig at Pagkain ay Malinis, Walang Mabaho-Kanal at Sapa ay Malinis, Walang Bastos-May Urbanidad-Hindi Nakakasakit ng Kapwa and Kaisa-the Metro Way.”

Gwapo Uto-utopioAnd since this is a highly opinionated blog post and is in fact my own blog on my webspace and on my own domain, I have chosen to throw all caution to the wind and zero in on “Walang Bastos-May Urbanidad-Hindi Nakakasakit ng Kapwa.”

Walang Bastos. May Urbanidad. Hindi Nakakasakit ng Kapwa. In English: No Boorishness. Possesses Urbanity. Does Not Harm (his) Fellowman. That is Bayani Fernando’s ideal Metro Gwapo (trans. Handsome) citizen, and will go to great lengths to create such a being.

Great lengths such as smelling the armpits of jeepney drivers who have been out pounding the high and byways of Metro Manila since 4 in the morning, and declaring them Rexona*-non-grata.

Great lengths such as ordering his minions to splash wet paint on “illegal” advertising banners, and then vowing to “catch the perpetrators.”

Great lengths such as sending out his team of marauders to “confiscate” the edible wares (never to be seen again) of sidewalk vendors, while ignoring newspaper/magazine vendors perhaps because the raiding parties either can’t read or can’t digest paper and ink.

Great lengths such as sending off his armed thugs into the Muslim Community across the street from Baclaran Church early this year, and firing indiscriminately, injuring children who were in the crowd.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought people who practice what they preach are the most effective teachers. If Bayani Fernando cannot teach his own minions the tenet of his Urbanidad then he has no business imposing it on the taxpayers who contribute to his salaries and operating expenses.

In his effort to create a Utopian Metro Manila where the air is clean, and the streets are pristine, and both drivers and passengers are polite and law-abiding, Bayani Fernando has chosen to ignore history, culture and bad city planning to implement rules and ordinances that do not work simply because they have not been well-thought out.

He cannot give his Metro Gwapo clean air because his smoke-belcher-catchers have been ignoring vehicles who deserve to be caught, and concentrating instead on vehicles whose drivers look like they can cough up not smoke but financing for the team’s merienda.

He cannot give his Metro Gwapo unobstructed sidewalks because vendors cannot relocate into the prefabricated markets that the government has built for their use, because no one actually goes there to buy their wares. Their real market is in the streets, where the passers-by and hungry workers are grateful that vendors are there. The barriers and turnstiles installed along SM Ayala-EDSA have been all but decimated because they were not planned with the actual situation in mind.

And he cannot instill discipline into the minds of men who know that Bayani Fernando himself does not possess the Urbanidad he so preaches, having sent his wet-paint-wet-rag-splashing teams harassing both businessman and blue-collar worker alike.

I can imagine Bayani Fernando, up in his air conditioned office in the MMDA Building on Orense Street, corner of EDSA, cool and cologned in his dark blue jacket, drawing lines and figures on whiteboards and construction paper, of where his barriers should go, and his turnstiles should stand, and his pink signs should be posted on, while totally ignoring the needs of the very people who live, walk and breathe the very same sidewalks.

People who sing his praise laud him for the Urbanidad by which people line up for public transport or for service at a counter. I’ve got news for you people — the nuns at school taught us to do that, almost 40 years ago, long before Bayani Fernando even put up turnstiles in his dreams. Urbanidad is the way by which people do not spit on sidewalks, do not throw trash away indiscriminately. Our parents taught us that.

Bayani Fernando does not really preach Urbanidad. He’s giving it a bad name.


* Rexona – brand of deodorant sold in the Philippines

Urbanidad and the Marauders of Bayani Fernando

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14 thoughts on “Urbanidad and the Marauders of Bayani Fernando

  1. yo woman! stop this blogging right away… how dare you make sense.
    I did experience first hand the way MMDA “police” -[i don’t know the term, hence the quotes]*tries* to catch law-breakers (we were coming from the airport and the time for the coded car is already enforced & the one I’m in is *coded*), they really didn’t make an effort to stop our car, they pointed and ignored – i laughed out loud when i saw the reaction, i even asked “hinuhuli ba tayo o kinakawayan?” . Ay ambot! I guess a few steps will make them melt. Pero buti na lang hindi kami hinuli (pinoy pa din ako hahahha).
    I do understand where you’re coming from tho. The police needs policing as usual.

  2. Parang naiiba na nga itong “urbanidad” idea ni BF—like it’s reek of despotism and utopianism. Sana bawal din ang kumanta kahit hindi maganda ang bosses and then he and Joey Lina as well as the other secretary, could not boor the people.

  3. Hi Major Tom,
    I remember that several months back, those “Three Tenors” posters proliferated along the length of EDSA like lichen. They were everywhere! I mean, ok pa sana kung mga pogi sila eh (taray noh?) and I never did find out if they could carry a tune, but I should have rescued a tree by ripping out a poster or two, but I had the feeling they were sacrosanct, like the pink metal plates signed “BF”. That’s the other thing I don’t appreciate, the way he stamps his initials on all MMDA projects, the way politicians stamp their faces on government projects.

  4. Jeaniepot dear, our office is only a couple of blocks away from BF’s kaharian, so any minute now I expect to come out of the office to a phalanx of his blueshirted minions ready to arrest me. Then again, maybe not, dahil wala naman akong binebentang kakanin …

  5. Bayani is himself and I admire him for that. He has the balls to get things in order compare to other. Compare Bayani to roxas, villar, escudero, legarda, pangilinan, erap, jinggoy, binay, I will go all the way for Bayani and support his bid for presidency. He is the man we need for our country to prosper not those toothpicks with nothing to show except talk trash and promises. Bayani delivers and do not talk but walk th talk. Go Bayani gGo

  6. "As a leader, I cannot cry with the poor for if my eyes are blinded by tears, who will lead them out of poverty? The people would eventually realize that what we are doing is for everybody, especially the poor. It is what the people of Marikina realized when we implemented similar measures. They are now more politically matured because they are now reaping the good effects of discipline." Bayani Fernando WITH THIS STATEMENT, WE COULD SEE THAT BAYANI FERNANDO IS A PRO – POOR LEADER. He should be the next president.

  7. Hi Prof. Toti, Bayani Fernando sure isn’t blinded by tears. He’s blinded by his ambition and messianic vision. But then that’s just my opinion. Good luck to your candidate.

    p.s. just wondering, are you related to the arnis master Samuel Dulay? I can draw a curious circle, excuse my penchant for coincidences, Samuel Dulay’s nickname is also Bambit, and Samuel is my husband’s blogname.

  8. Ang galit kay Bayani Fernando ay yung mga idle poor, yung walang ginawa kundi magpasasa sa kahirapan ng bayan. Pero yung mga hardworking poor, mga middle class at mga thinking rich ay supportive kay BF. Naayos ang sidewalk..nawala ang tambak na basura…gumanda ang daloy ng traffic, luminis ang ilog, naayos yung mga squatters…nagkaroon ng urban renewal…Bambit, patawarin mo na si BF na pinalinis yung sidewalk mo at pinatapon yung kama sa na nakatengga sa sidewalk ng bahay mo.Di mo naman kama yun di ba? At tsaka, bakit nandudun yun, in the first place. Trabaho lang, walang personalan.You should know better. You are educated and definitely not an idle poor. Ang kalaban natin ngayon ay yung mga pulitikong magaling magsalita, kulang sa gawa.
    Sumama ka na sa min sa BF4P. Baka ma appoint ka pang ambassador later.

  9. ohmygoodness, hindi ko alam kung matatawa ako o mapapailing … patatawarin kita Fe Yabut, for thinking that kaya ako nagalit ke BF ay dahil pinalinis nya ang sidewalk. Nagalit ako ke BF dahil HINDI NYA PINALINIS ANG SIDEWALK. Andun parin yung kama several weeks after he floated by with his coterie, walang taga MMDA na nagpunta sa sidewalk namin para kunin yung sleeprite, isang taong me kariton ang binayaran namin para hakutin yung sleeprite.

    Hardworking poor sina Manang Rodman at iba pang mga nagtitinda sa kanto ng Estrella at EDSA, sa labas lang ng opisina namin. Araw-araw andun sila rain or shine, may panindang malinis na pagkain, para kumita sila at makakain din ng mura ang mga nagtatrabaho sa loob ng Palm Village. Sila ang mga hardworking poor na walang pakundangang nire-raid ng mga tauhan ni Bayani BF Fernando, kinukumpiska ang mga paninda nila, at pinatutubos sa opisina ng MMDA. Pag tinubos na nina Manang doon, mga lalagyan nalang at plastic tray ang nababawi nila, dahil ang mga buko juice at puto kinain na ng mga kampon ni Bayani BF Fernando.

    Mga middle class at thinking rich ang may ari ng mga sasakyang makailang beses na sumalpak sa mga road barriers na pinatayo ni BF na wala namang mga warning devices. Sila ang napeperwisyo sa mga half-assed traffic stunts ni Bayani BF Fernando.

    Fe Yabut, hinding hindi ako pwedeng sumama sa inyo sa BF4P, dahil wala rin naman akong ambisyong maging ambassador ng isang taong ni anino ng boto ay hindi makakatikim sa akin.

  10. Naku, huwag na pong mang-ambisyong maging Presidente ng Pilipinas yang Bayani Fernando na yan… sa Marikina at Metro Manila lang naman s’ya kilala. Pagtawid ng barko sa karagatan ng Visayas at Mindanao, hindi na kilala ang mamang yan.  Tsaka, itaga nyo sa bato, sa 2010, walang tuta ni GMA ang mananalo…napatunayan na yan nung nakaraang pambansang eleksyon. Magsapin-sapin na lahat mga tuta ni GMA wala na silang mahihita sa taumbayan…baka nga hindi na umabot ng 2010 ang kanilang Reyna sa Malakanyang!

    Iboboto ko si BF kung mapatunayan nyang consistent sya sa paglilinis ng mga squatter…kung mapapalayas nya ang Number 1 squatter ng Bansa…ang squatter ng Malakanyang ngayon — ang  pamilya ni GMA! Kapag ginawa nya to, baka may chance pa sya.

  11. inang. nalost na ako sa politics sa atin. wla namang bago eh, i think ang nagchange lang yung name ng bagong kurakot. hahaha!

    si BF, kala ko matino… ngork!

  12. Para sa inyong kaalaman, 1990 natira ako sa Tumana kung tawagin namin malapit sa boundary ng Qeuzon city at itoy sitio sa marikina. Itoy lugar na iyong katatakutan at dito naglipana ang mga lob ay masasama pero ngayon ito isang malinis, maayos, maaliwalas kakayaayang kapaligiran. Mga tao dito ay may disiplina di paris ng dati ng kung sino walang kaluluwa siya ang hari. Iyay dahil sa walang pagod na pagsisikap ni BF para sa ikaaayos ng bayan niya. Hindi hearsay yan dahil nakatira ako dito sa Tumana. Pasyal kayo para ma witness naman ninyo kung totoo o fantasiya lang ito.
    Si BF lang ang kumikilos hanggang ngayon sa ating mga politiko at alam ko na kung bakit ayaw ninyo kay BF. Mas type ninyo iyong mga dada lang ng dada sa Tv, radyo at diaryo pero kulang sa gawa. alam ko na ayaw ninyo makitang maayos ang bayan natin dahil di na ninyo mauuto iyong mga mahihirap sa atin na kinakasangkapan lang ninyo sa sariling interest. He he he BF pa rin ako. BF for president!!!

  13. Alam mo robin good, anlayo pa ng 2010 ang iingay nyo na. Bakit kaya? naniniguro kayo para makilala yang amo nyo na malamang ni sa marikina eh hindi rin manalo? he he he … kaya nga nilagay ni amo bf nyo yang mga banner nya takot sya dahil di siya bukambibig ng man on the street (at ng fabled “thinking man” nyo) kung merong survey on presidentiables. tsk tsk … kailangan pang gamitin ang pera ng bayan para ipaskel ang pagmumukha nya sa mga poste ng MRT at flyovers sa EDSA. tsk tsk, eto, ipepaste ko ulit dito yung sagot ko sa comment mo dun sa kabila ha, kasi feeling ko me katamaran kang magbasa ng hindi mo gustong mabasa …

    i dont know why you hate so much personally BF

    *sigh* lam mo robin good, yang linya mong yan ay nagpapatunay lang na pareho kayo ng idol mong BF na hindi marunong makinig o magbasa ng idea ng iba. Para kayong kabayong naka suot ng “blinkers” wala kayong nakikita kundi ang pakay nyong gawing presidente ang amo nyo.

    yung amo nyong akala nyong bayani ay lumalabag sa batas ng MMDA mismo sa paglalagay nyang mga banner nya. Ganun kasimple.

    Paste ko ulit dito yung link ha, dahil me katamaran ka atang maghanap ng sources na ilang beses ko naring dinikit dito.

    Eto o:

    MMDA Regulation No. 04-004

    tsaka eto pa:


    Pag click mo nyang mga link na yan mababasa mo ang mga batas na nasa website ng MMDA mismo at sa site din ng DPWH.


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