European Chamber of Commerce Job Fair, Trinoma Mall, Day 1

It’s half past twelve and my smile has stuck to my face like a mud pack.

I forgot to make leaflets and posters for the wall outside, but that’s being taken care of. I had forgotten what it was like to be in one of these things, the preparations needed prior to the day(s) itself. At least I have my ink pens and business cards on the table.

We’re in Booth #13. Not a bad number, but then again we’re sandwiched between Headstrong and El Nido Resorts with Fitness First across the aisle, so maybe it IS a bad number.

No, we are NOT a call center. Well, people do call us when they need help and we call people who need help, but NO we are not a call center. This means you can come to the office at nine in the morning and leave at seven in the evening if you don’t have Saturdays half day. If you do have Saturday half days, you get to leave at six in the evening instead.

There’s 40 exhibitors in this event but there are only two actual IT companies, our company and the other one.

We are looking for Applications Programmers, Lotus Notes Developers, Web Developers, Network Engineers who know Cisco kits inside out and can configure them blindfolded and one hand tied behind their backs.

Jobseekers at the Trinoma Mall September 19-20, 2007

Wanted – Warm Bodies to Fill Cool Jobs (Part One)

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3 thoughts on “Wanted – Warm Bodies to Fill Cool Jobs (Part One)

  1. hi bambit. exhibits are cool. i’ll tell my brother to go there and see if he can hook up with any employers. gah. he graduated like 3 years ago and he still can’t get a decent job. gawd.

    btw, where the heck is trinoma mall? it wasn’t there when i left in 2004. i am sure of that.

    would be glad to hear a thing or two from you. =D

  2. Hi Diyosa, will email you my details, have your brother send me his resume and we’ll see if we can accommodate him.

    In the meantime, hanap mo narin ako ng work jan hehehe …

  3. btw, Trinoma is sort of across SM North EDSA — and it’s got an entrance right off the terminus on the North end of the MRT. Very convenient for MRT commuters. The place itself will remind you of the Glorietta, after all it is Ayala property. That’s what Trinoma means (daw) — Triangle North of Manila (or Makati, depends which source you look at). Personally I think Trinoma sounds too much like myoma (or however you spell that) …

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