The blues walked in this morning, when my baby said goodbye
The blues walked in this morning, when my baby said goodbye
I wish I could change her mind, but I know it’s no use for me to try

Yes will you talk to me baby, if it’s just by the telephone
Won’t you please talk to me baby, if it’s just by the telephone
Let me tell you how I miss you baby and how it feels to be alone

–B.B. King, Blue Shadows

It had been impossible to say goodbye to her, whenever I had to go off to work. I tried it once several monts ago and she bawled the entire morning until she fell asleep. It was impossible to show myself to her dressed for going out. The minute she spied shoes on my feet she would grip my arm and say “no, mommy, stay inside.”

But then I thought she would have to come to terms with it sooner or later, so a couple of weeks ago I started to not hide from her after I’ve dressed up for work. The first day she was in the room with me while I was dressing up. I had just put on my Converse EV Pros (yes, the brand new ones I was wearing when I waded home in the first flood of this year, but that’s another story) when she insinuated herself onto my lap saying “storybook” as she gave me the Goodnight Baby book that we read before she went to sleep the night before. After we had said goodnight to the last baby in the book, she lifted her right foot to my face and said “Piggy!” which is, of course, to say she wanted take This Little Piggy to Market. Of course after we’d done the right foot, we had to do the left foot as well.

Before she could run out of reasons to detain me, her Ate Bebing came and took her away for her bath, and I stole away, like a thief. And that’s what I’d been doing ever since.

Yesterday morning I was walking around the house already in my office clothes and she was pedaling around the house on her three-wheeler (a newly acquired ability) not minding me at all. When I was ready to go I went to her and kissed her, saying “Mommy’s going to the office now. I’ll see you later.”

She smiled up at me and said, “Bye Mommy!” like she’d been saying it forever, waving her hand. I kissed her again and then grabbed my knapsack and headed out the door before she had a change of heart. Her father usually walked me to the bus stop but when she saw us both at the gate, she protested saying “Ama, come inside!” Mature as she was she was not going to allow both parents to leave her behind. I told my husband to stay with his daughter.

As I walked to the bus stop alone I wondered how long this show of grownup-ness was going to last. When I arrived at the office an hour later I called the house to ask how she was, the people at the house reported she was fine. In fact she had taken her Ama’s hand after I’d left, and told him in her unintelligible but charming way that Mommy was going to be back in the evening, that he shouldn’t worry, and that he should be a good Ama and stay inside the house with her.

My baby’s all grown up now …

Maia on Bike

When my baby said goodbye

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4 thoughts on “When my baby said goodbye

  1. rinaness, marunong na nga magtampo at mang-snob ang dalagingding, and just for kicks sasagasaan ka nya with her trike 😀 nag-iipon na ako ng pang-piyansa …

  2. awwwwww!!! i remember those days when my son was barely two years old, very very sickly and suffering from pulmonary complex. he’d always cry to death whenever i leave the house to work. and i’d always be teary-eyed when it’s time to go to work.

    eventually, when mother resigned from her job to be my son’s fulltime yaya, my son started ignoring me even if i have to beg him to kiss me bye-bye.

    these days pag tatawag me sa bahay, sasabihin lang niya, o ma musta ka na? gusto mo kausapin si nanay? pabili akong acoustic guitar ha? wag mong kalimutan.

    am pretty sure that in a few years, he would be more interested to talk to girls than have a chat with me.

    like your maia would be oggling to boys. hahahahha!!!


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