This is what my desktop looks like now … compared to the screenshot on the previous post. This is no thanks to Beryl which is adamant on wrapping this machine in a white shroud, but with utmost gratitude to Max Limpag, Leon Kilat to all Bisayabloggers, and to this wonderful software called Automatix.

On the downside, I’ve given up trying to make the built-in SD card reader work, as apparently there are no drivers for the Toshiba America Info Systems SD TypA Controller that will make it work on Feisty Fawn. If it had been a Ricoh or a Texas Instruments brand, I would have had better luck.

Still no go on the VPN connection to our Win2K3 office server, and I haven’t tried the infrared port at all. I’m having much too much fun with Automatix right now, but allow me this short burst of fidgeting with it before I get back to the basics of getting this laptop to run in the most satisfying manner possible.

Wow Now Old Cow

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  1. sis… i’m just passing by to greet you a Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 good luck in your pursuit for another baby with Sam, and good luck in raising all the kids you already have… and stay as asweet and cool as you are 🙂

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