Himaya Amarantha Kapauan Gaerlan
Upper left: Maia at a month and a half; Upper right: Maia @ 1;
Lower left: Maia @ 2; Lower right: Maia @ 3

Born on Valentine’s Day 2004, Himaya Amarantha. We call her Maia (or Maya-Maya, Maiakot, Kotikot, Kotiw, Miss Papot, Big Girl, Little Girl, Baby, Sweetie, Hoy Maldita, Antang, Amarantang, Miss Gaerlan, Oi Himaya! Chi-ken! That last one’s what her Kuya Maui calls her sometimes.)

She’s 4 years old today, still the baby of the family, still the apple of her Ama’s eye, still her Mommy’s little girl.

She wakes up in the morning, comes out of her room, plods downstairs in her bare feet and reaches up to flick off the light switches. Then she goes “Hmmmph!” and walks back to her room to put her slippers on.

With one hand on her hip she fiddles with the unplugged printer and when the machine does not produce a printout, she declares “It’s broken!”

In her cat-hating period, she saw one asleep at a corner outside the window and she said “Alis cat! (Go away, cat!)” trying several variations “Cat, alis!” “Alis, cat, alis!” And when the cat wouldn’t budge, she said “Alis, cat, please?”

She is looking forward to starting school in June. She is our princess.

Himaya Amarantha Kapauan-Gaerlan
Happy birthday, Maia!

Four the Birthday Girl

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9 thoughts on “Four the Birthday Girl

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Ate Bambit. And Happy Birthday, too, to darling Maia. She’s growing up very fast and I can see why she’s so much of a darling 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day Maia!! My, my, how you’ve grown!!  You’re such a pretty little girl!
    Love from Lola Tita & Lolo Lucky

  3. belated happy birthday, maia!  you’re very blessed to have such loving parents! 🙂

    p.s. i like maia’s full name. 🙂

  4. Hi Vikki!

    Haven’t see you for years… time does fly fast.. and see how Maia’s grown!
    I saw her as a cute three month old baby the first time when she came to the bank with you.
    Your wonderful Valentine gift.
    I can still remember her smiles from the other side of the window – angelic.
    A beautiful baby like her is worth working hard for.

    Please kiss her for me..

  5. Mapagpalayang Kaarawan sa aking magiting at panganay na pamangkin, bagama’t di kami nakapunta sa iyong kaarawan ay nasa puso at isip pa rin namin ang iyong araw na kapanganakan….  ang aming  tangging minimithi para sa iyo ay magging matatag at mananatiling cute ka sa buong panahon ng iyong buhay he,he,he…

    Muli, Mabuhay ang ika-4 na kaarawan ng aming  pamangkin!!!

    Mula kay Bapa Rowley at Tita Eva

  6. Dear Everyone — thanks for all the birthday greetings, it’s great to know you "celebrated" Maia’s birthday with us in spirit.

  7. maia! happy birthday!!!!(belated)
    hhi.. from your ninang.. hope to see u soon!!
    regards daw c princess belle..hhe

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