Have just discovered the web browser called Flock, and my initial opinions about this really useful browser (really fast too, faster than Opera on this machine) are on the revitalized Kusangpalo website.

On Press this Button I learned that Intel will soon be following Levis’ footsteps as it downgrades, or “ramps down” its operations in the Philippines.

The latest updates on the self-proclaimed presidentiable’s shenanigans are also on Press this Button.

In case any one is curious, the tag line under Press this Button stand for the function keys on a computer keyboard, also known as F-keys.

The F1 key is the universal button for Help, F5 refreshes your display, CTRL+S is your shortcut to saving, F10 shows you your options and if all else fails, you hit Esc to get out.

Pretty much my outlook on life.

Hope everyone’s having a great extended weekend in the Philippines.

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A new browser to press buttons with

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