Golez on Bayani Fernando Tarpaulin Banners on EDSAFirst of all, a hundred thousand thanks to Lazarus for his “Change your blogger template” post. His guide and a couple of cups of Great Taste 3-in-1 allowed me to change the template on “Press this Button” into something more inline with this blog.

Press this Button is actually my political activism blog (or some people might call it my Bayani Fernando for President Movement Bashing Blog). But the entries there are not at all limited to my opinion on the Bayani Fernando for President Movement and its proponents.

Blogger/Blogspot.com has come a long way from the first time I saw it late in 2004. A couple of very early posts on this blog makes a comparison between Blogger and WordPress and details how to switch from the former to the latter.

These days I am rediscovering the new and improved Blogspot. Cool stuff, this.

The latest posts on Press this Button commemorate the anniversary of the Wet Paint Rag Vandals incident, when in April of 2007 one morning found the shampoo beauties along the MRT line on EDSA smeared and soiled with black paint, apparently applied with a wet rag. It was a real whodunit, with even MMDA General Manager Robert Nacianceno himself vowing the authority’s help in arresting and detaining the perpetrators. Was it possible that he really did not know who the real culprits were at the time?

Because it turned out to be his own co-workers, the MMDA street clearing team, with orders from no less than the Chairman Bayani Fernando himself.

A couple of nights ago on the news I learned that ParaƱaque Representative Roilo Golez has aired his doubts on the motives behind the enormous tarpaulin banners bearing the portrait of self-proclaimed presidentiable MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, now proliferating like mushrooms along the posts on EDSA. The television interview kept me awake past midnight, and I even went back downstairs to see if the video was available on Gmanews.tv. It was, and I immediately embedded it on a post on Press this Button.

Hopefully, others will follow Rep. Golez’s welcome move.

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