I have always found the American election system far too complicated for my comprehension. But a neat new website called http://promoteyourvote.com may be the best place for me to teach myself the ins and outs of the upcoming United States elections.

The Presidential Elections as humorously presented by Promoteyourvote.com not only features witty updates on the battle between Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and how John McCain as leading Republican candidate may be going up against the Democrats’ final answer.

What I like best about Promoteyourvote.com is the merchandise they have on sale, featuring not only articles of clothing and other accessories that the avid supporter can use to promote his candidate of choice—but shirts adorned by what are now known as Bushisms.

“I think war is a dangerous place.”

Bushisms are the American eqiuvalent of the Erap Joke in the Philippines. The thing is while Erap had the excuse of not having graduated from college (and of course not having had English as his mother tongue—not even his mother’s tongue), I find it ridiculous that the President of the United States of America can be capable of such gaffes in grammar and thought. Even Americans themselves consider Mr. Bush’s lapses as novelty t-shirt fare.

Promoteyourvote.com features not only t-shirts but also pens, address labels and sticky notes. The site is also a convenient jump-off point to the respective candidates websites, and it also links to numerous media websites with related content.

A Taste of American Politics

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One thought on “A Taste of American Politics

  1. I still am undecided on who i want to vote for. Both cadidates are more than capable of running the country but how our economic suffering is going, i think McCain is the way to go..i think…

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