Sam‘s brother Rowley, also known as Bunso, and who was witness to our wedding, is getting married. And it’s about time too. Sam and his brothers seem to have the monopoly on tying the knot way past the age of 30. Maybe it’s because they had such a cared-for childhood and finding a girl “just like mom” proved to be almost impossible. Good thing Bunso found Eva.

Invitations and Givewaways

As weddings in the family went it was up to Sam and me to come up with ideas on invitations and giveaways. The primary consideration was cost. This was not going to be an engrande wedding ceremony—civil rites followed by the reception at the venue itself, but invitations had to be made and mementos had to be decided on. And this is what we came up with.

The large ribboned item on the left is the invitation for the eight sponsors. It was printed on 8.5 * 13 scented board from an inkjet printer. The smaller invitation just below it is for friends and associates. Accordion folded 200 GSM board for laser printers, it’s bright white and brings to the fore the red, grey and black colors of the print.

The CD mementos are a collection of 16 Tagalog romantic and symbolic activist songs by such artists as Noel Cabangon, Joey Ayala and individual members of the group Asin. We made 100 copies of these. Bunso and Eva decided on the CD’s instead of the traditional figurine adorned with ribbons and beads, which were actually going to be more expensive than the CD’s and less useful. Listening to the selections on Rowley and Eva’s memento CD will either make you understand why there are activists in the Philippines or turn you into one.

CD’s, labels and jewel cases are readily available (at quite an affordable price) from your nearest CD-R King outlet. The one in SM Sucat is the one I like best, as it does not have the long lines of customers like in the other branches.

Whenever we make things like this Sam and I always recall how our wedding had been. Civil ceremonies at the Makati City Hall, and then pancit malabon, Coke and ice cream afterwards at home. Sam’s immediate family was there. Both my kids were there too. No invitations to non-relatives, just text messages announcing the fact, after the wedding to my close friends and former colleagues that I had tied the knot (again! hindi na nagtanda…) No personalized gifts or giveaways, we didn’t have money for that. In fact we almost didn’t have enough money for the pancit, I think the family pooled their resources just so we’d have something to celebrate with. I didn’t even have a real wedding dress, as I was eight months pregnant with Maia so I had this striped maternity dress on instead (at least it was new). Yeah, kawawa naman kami at the time.

But enough of that. In a few days it will be Rowley and Eva’s big day. Maligayang pagbati sa araw ng inyong kasal!

A wedding in the family

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