Now that Christmas is over (in a few hours anyway) and this grand plan of an 11-day holiday has got a lot of people out of town, I figure it may be a good idea to foray into Divisoria again, something which Sam and I were not able to do at any time this year, or last year as well. There’s a particular store inside the 168 mall that has the latest replica football jerseys on sale. Not only that, the store also has team pins and other paraphernalia such as cellphone straps and lanyards in the colors and logos of your favorite European football teams. We plan to go day after tomorrow. It’s going to be a Saturday, which we hope will not be as crowded as other Saturdays prior to Christmas. I have other stuff on my list, mostly for the house, and hopefully I’ll be able to get all of them. Here’s hoping.

after the rush

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