Me and Sam on our Dream VacationSummer break in the Philippines is almost officially at an end. Students will be trudging back to school next week and responsible parents, guardians, doting grandparents and vigilant yayas will be waking up at dawn to get their kids ready for the task.

But the daunting idea of daily expenses rising again has not really sunk in to my feeble brain as of yet. I’m still hoping against hope that I can still squeeze in that 1-day outing (to Vigan?) that I have been thinking about for a long long time now. And maybe that’s the problem. I’ve just been thinking about it, and not doing anything about it. It’s not as if I have to decide on any cruise deals that will take Sam and me away for three days and two nights.

I just need to grab my gear and hop on the bus. Soon.

Almost over

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