500 Credits!

1. Strawberrygurl.com – Tin, since this seems to be the only site you have with the EntreCard on it, I linked to this. You’re first because you have the cutest under 2-year-old little girl in the world. Hehe, that’s the kicker.

2. Blogcebuworld.com – Laz, because you’ve always been supportive of my blog ever since we crossed paths on the Internet, and because you seem indefatigably attuned to your blogs.

3. Points of View (Discussion Blog) – Mel, because you made the effort and because you look like you’re going to be in the blogosphere for a very long time.

My precious three winners get ONE MONTH exposure as you see them now and 500 EC Credits each.

I am also retiring this contest, and will perhaps resurrect it when someone tells me it was a rather good idea that didn’t quite get off the ground.


And the winners are …

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4 thoughts on “And the winners are …

  1. weeee!!!! thank you, thank you! honestly, i never got around to ‘work’ on my entrecard stuff. haaay, i need more time! 😀

    amelie thanks you, too! muuuaaah from the princess. 🙂

    tin’s last blog post: The Need to Belong

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