Indiana then and now

Henry Jones Jr. then and now.

That IS his name, you know. Indiana was the dog’s name.

I’d been on an Indiana Jones trivia reverie for the past couple of days, ever since I found out that all cinemas at the Powerplant mall were showing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It had been almost 20 years since the last Indiana Jones adventure, but I hardly noticed. I made sure I raised my two boys on Indiana Jones, both of them have seen all three installments of the movie, despite the nine years that separated them as brothers. This was possible thanks to the invention of the betamax tape, and later the VHS, VCD and now the DVD.

Now even Maia recognizes Indy, and even though I will not take her to the movie house to watch this latest sequel, I’ll invite her for a private showing of the inevitable download a month or two from now. What struck me though, was there are actually kids these days who do NOT know Indiana Jones, simply because they were babies when the Last Crusade hit the screens back in 1989. These same youngsters are those who will never know what a vinyl record is, or how it was to have used a telephone with a rotary dialer.

In the meantime I’m brushing up on my ancient history knowledge, and what better place to go for that than the National Geographic. Their Mysteries of the Ancient World series now has an article on Crystal Skulls. Going off on a fun tangent the NG also has a link to Hasbro’s Indiana Jones action figure collection which may help the older set of Indy fans relive their younger adventure days. There’s also an article on the Telegraph in the UK about Otto Rahn, the Original Indiana Jones.

I just can’t wait to see Indy again.

As easy as it used to be

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