After a whole week in Staff House 3, Room 3B I was reassigned, together with my co-worker Roselle Legaspi, to Staff House 7, Room 5. Staff House 7 is newly refurbished, with the faint smell of paint still discernible when you walk into the common room. It was also, at the time we moved in, unfinished by the way of amenities. Unlike the other staff houses, Number 7 still did not have a hot and cold water dispenser, no midget ref in the rooms, no t.v. in the common room, and (oh no!) no wireless access point to extend the network and internet connection from the main office. When you work in a compound where you are required to stay on site everyday unless you have (as I did) official business outside its premises, you will know how important coffee and a good show are.

However, it did have hot and cold showers and something similar to Grohe faucets over the washbasins.

Staff house 7 as also waaaaay down the west slope of the hill, and for me this was the worst part.

Those stairs almost killed me. When you get to the very top of that flight of stairs you see, there are 15 more steps after it, not visible in this angle. Good thing I only had to climb and go down it a few times, as I was scheduled for an overnighter at Masbate City the day after they moved us here.


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