Savings AccountsThe Internet, to which I owe most of my bread and butter and which has kept me gainfully employed for more than a decade has stretched so far into one’s way of life. This to the point that one can actually have money—not in one’s pocket—but on Internet-based savings accounts. Not having coins and bills in one’s pocket may be uncomfortable for some, unthinkable for others. However there is the convenience of push button banking, or in this case, banking at the click of a mouse, where your bills and other obligations can be taken care of from the convenience of your internet-enabled desktop.

Such services however may be godsend to those who feel that an alternative to sending money through means recommended by the government here in the Philippines is way past due. For these high-income providers, going through the conventional banking system also provides pocket money for the biggest recruiter in the land, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Thus having savings accounts on the Internet, which can take care of bills payments and remittances may be part of the answer to the ever-growing issue of corruption.

I do all of my bills payments online, not only because of the convenience but also for the speed by which my payment is credited to my account. There are times when I don’t even physically see my salary, I just see the numbers on my online banking facility. I click here and there and the cable tv, internet service and electricity is paid. I swipe my debit card at the checkout counter when I do the groceries so I never have to scrounge about for loose change when the cashier asks if I have any. This is speedy banking, this is convenient banking. This is banking in the Internet age.

Banking by mouseclicks

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