Bayani BF Fernando Tarpaulin on EDSA

Government property do not remove. Mere possession of this sign is punishable by law. MMDA.

That is the note lining the bottom edge of this enormous tarpaulin sheet that I have seen in at least three places along EDSA. The one above is on an MRT pillar adjacent to the turnoff to the Fort Bonifacio. I have seen another one on an MRT pillar at the intersection of Ortigas Avenue and EDSA, visible if you’re southbound. The third one is at another MRT Pillar in Pasay, just before hitting the Taft Avenue MRT stop.

(Update as of:

  • March 4 2008, I spotted two more of these banners back to back on the pink wire Pahayagan ng MMDA at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and EDSA, on the MOA-bound side.
  • March 6 2008: Another banner on the tallest MRT post at the Buendia MRT station.
  • March 10 2008: Another blogger, Makoyskie, has spotted a banner at IPI Pasig, and has also posted his ideas on the subject.
  • March 11 2008: Two more banners, back to back on the tallest posts on the flyover from Tramo to EDSA.
  • March 13 2008: An additional banner between the one at Buendia/Edsa and EDSA to the fork going to Fort Bonifacio, making that three banners in quick succession that the motorist sees along that short stretch)
  • March 19 2008: Now that I have had the chance to traverse EDSA from end to end I realize that the Bayani Fernando banners have multiplied like mushrooms after a lightning storm. There are even smaller versions of it now (what, they’ve run out of tarp?) which have been hung on the smaller posts in between the big ones.

First time I saw it was on the 25th February, during the rally by the EDSA Shrine. Bayani BF Fernando, Big Brother-like as in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four. At first I thought the gigantic poster of billboard proportions was the idea of an overzealous supporter. But the “Government property” note at the bottom edge clearly states that the money for these self-serving banners came out of taxpayers’ pockets.

The ethics of plastering one’s likeness on public edifices at the expense of public funds seem insignificant compared to the scandals rocking the government today. But this is a man that some groups are pushing to be the next president of the Philippines. The banners themselves are proof that the man is serious about 2010, and serious about using taxpayers money towards furthering his personal goals. If the banners aren’t warning enough, I don’t know what is.

Note that a majority of the MMDA’s pink metal plate signs carry his signature BF initials. This only shows that Bayani Fernando is a typical politician, one that stamps his initials on government funded projects as if the money came from his own pocket. Yes, other politicians do the same thing. So what makes Bayani Fernando any different from the next Congressman Pulpol or Senator Trapo?

His horn-tooters may start leaving comments on this blog (again) and sending unsolicited email to my various email accounts, touting the many virtues of Bayani BF Fernando. Then again, maybe not. I am but an insignificant non-voting spec in the horizon that Bayani BF Fernando is eyeing. So like any insignificant speck I am going to let an authority speak for me.

Take it away, Randy David.

Banner look familiar to you? Click HERE to find out what it reminds you of.

Bayani BF Fernando is watching YOU.

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20 thoughts on “Bayani BF Fernando is watching YOU.

  1. Hey daddynator, congratulations on the upcoming graduation. Finally! Hahahaha. Bitaw dingz, the pedestrian overpasses are being painted pink and blue — i-research daw na beh, nganong pink and blue man? some say it’s because bayani wants to paint MM in the pink of health pero what about the blue? human duna pud daw research sa mga presuhan sa states nga ug pink ang i wallpaper sa mga selda mahimo daw bayot—aw buotan diay—ang mga inmates, ambot lang kung tinuod ba to or botbot lang …

  2. omg — THAT’s where it came from!!! I’d been scouring the net for something that would tell me where the BF got that pose or who he was trying to emulate. Juon, thanks very much for this link, and I’m telling you I have found something about these stinky banners that can bury BF, or at least throw virtual paint on them. CLICK HERE!

  3. h ta bambs… mo graduate na jud tawn lagi…
    wla lang ko nag saba saba para walay jinx…(simbako)

    based sa ako “stock knowledge” pink is always associated for girls and blue of course boys… safe na answer =P

    anyway, dili ko maka remember if sakto ba ni… naa research na if pink daw i paint sa room sa bata, (regardless of gender) naa daw pschotic tendencies inig dako.. ako lang niya i-research further asa to nako nabasa…


  4. bambit. gimik lang yan ni BF na kulayan ang mga overpasses ng pink. when he was mayor of marikina color green ang pinipintura nya kung saan saan. tapos misis nya naging mayor ng marikina, pink naman ang ginamit.

    typical trapo gimik. i sure kung iba na ang mmda chief in 2010 iba na ang kulay ng mga overpasses na yan.

  5. Hi Jonathan!

    Green would have actually been better than pink and blue … green to make up for the trees that keep getting cut down to make way for the high tension wires. Pink and blue somehow reminds me of the trash cans we had back in elementary school, you know the ones that used to be the huge rectangular biscuit cans that you paint over and turn into trash cans with the wooden feet…

    Thanks for the visit.

  6. Color is not the issue. The issue here is disipline at pag sunod sa batas. Awarenes sa batas ang kailangan at pagsunod sa batas ng magkaroon ng disiplina ang mamamayan. ayaw ninyo kay BF kasi ang type ninyo iyong dakdak lang ng dakdak sa TV, radyo at dyaryo para maging sikat sila. Ayaw ninyo kay Bayani dahil di kayo marunogn sumunod sa mga patakaran. Ayaw ninyo kay Bayani dahil nais ninyo tumawid lang kahit saan at mag tapon ng dumi kahit saan basta walang makakita. Ayaw ninyo kay Bayani dahil ayaw ninyo ng kaayusan at type ninyo yung kagaya ni Erap na maraming babae, corrupt, ex- convict at convicted plunderer. lahat ayaw ninyo kay Bayani kahit kulay pinagtatawanan ninyo pero di ninyo ba nakikita na siya lamang ang kumikilos para maipatupad and dapat ipatupad. He he he kay BF pa rin ako for president sa 20101.

  7. Well roxas and villar lacson are not at par with BF who have track records of accomplishment. He is the leader that our country needs and not the likes of those wannabees who are all talked and air. Bayani is the man who talks and implement solutions to the problem and not like those wannabees who talks only about the problem for papogi sa TV radyo at dyario. The thinking Pilipinos are for BF.

  8. Hay kaayusan ang pinaglalaban ni Bayani para magkaroon ng disiplina ang tao. Nothing wrong with reminding people to be aware of the laws so that they can follow it and be disipline. Kung di kikilos si Bayani sino kikilos. Sala kayo sa lamig at init. Sa akin panananw si Bayani lang ang kumikilos para magkaroon tayo ng disiplina pero ang Pinoy ay talagang hard headed ar mareklamo. Basta ako kay BF din for president ayoko sa mga nagpapasikat kuno at wala naman nagagawa para sa bayan. BF for president.

  9. The three (3) comments immediately preceding this one are all from the same IP address. An IP address is what identifies you on the Internet, with regards to location and the Internet Service Provider that you use. IP means Internet Protocol (not Internet Provider as some may think, but they are related).

    The single IP address from which the above 3 comments emanated from is, and one commenter even signed in with an email address domain

    These are the results of doing a whois check on

    organization: El SEIF Engineering Contracting Est.
    address: P.O.Box 2774
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    And these are the results of doing a DNS check on IP address

    IP address:
    Reverse DNS: [No reverse DNS entry per]
    Reverse DNS authenticity: [Unknown]
    ASN: 8781
    ASN Name: QA-ISP (Qatar Telecom (Q-Tel))
    IP range connectivity: 1
    Registrar (per ASN): RIPE
    Country (per IP registrar): QA [Qatar]
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    Country fraud profile: Normal
    City (per outside source): Unknown
    Country (per outside source): QA [Qatar]
    Private (internal) IP? No

    The above information does not necessarily mean that the comments above came from one person who is currently in Saudi Arabia. He/She/It/They could just as easily dial in via VPN into that company’s network if they had proper access, and it would look like they are surfing from Saudi Arabia. The checking tools used above are also available on the Internet for anyone who knows what they are for and how to use them. There is no revelation of confidential data here, all are already on the Internet and can be found by those who know how to find them.

    What it does mean is that whoever they are (* and ) they are trying their darndest to get their candidate Bayani BF Fernando, with his totalitarianistic and militaristic tendencies and displays noticed in what they think is a positive way—trying to get people to ignore the Hitlerian predilections of Bayani Fernando just so he can weasel his way towards 2010 via the taxpayers pockets.

    Bayani Fernando is breaking the law with those banners. He is flouting MMDA Regulation No. 04-004 Sections 4 and 5 where it states:

    “It is unlawful for any person/s private and public corporations, advertising and promotion companies, movie producers, professionals and service contractors to post, install display any kind or form of billboards, signs, posters and other visual clutters in any part of the roads, sidewalk, center island, posts, trees and open spaces”.

    Section 5. Installation, operation and maintenance of lighted advertising panels endorsing individuals, private organizations or public corporations shall not be allowed within sidewalks, pedestrian overpasses, flyovers, interchanges, traffic signages, communications posts, LRT, and MRT structures (such as terminal stations, carriageways, columns and beams), roads rights-of-way, posts, waiting sheds or any part thereof

    Bayani Fernando also has little regard for REPUBLIC ACT NO. 6713 where it clearly states on page 22:

    (b) Professionalism. — Public officials and employees shall perform and discharge their duties with the highest degree of excellence, professionalism, intelligence and skill. They shall enter public service with utmost devotion and dedication to duty. They shall endeavor to discourage wrong perceptions of their roles as dispensers or peddlers of undue patronage.

    * the xxx is to protect their true email addresses.

  10. buti alam mo nandito kami sa malayong lugar at naghahanap buhay pero ikaw palagay ko and nothing will belost dahil di naman kami dito die hard BF, kung ayaw ninyo sa kanya what can we do, you are entitled to your own decision pero alam ko ang type mo yung mga sikat diyan sa senado at walang magawa para sa bayan kung di mag papogi para sa 2010 ay maalala sila ng mga taong walang ginawa kundi manood at magbasa ng mga basurang balita. Basta ako sampalataya kami kay BF na may magagawa siya para sa bansa natin at wala kaming kaplit na hinahangad at sana ikaw din sa sinasampalataya mong manok sa 2010 wala kang hangarn na kumapit sa puwesto para sa sarili mong interest. Bayani for president pa rin kami, anong say mo!!

  11. pwede ba malaman kung ano hanapbuhay mo siguro mayaman ka na ano o kaya ang hanapbuhay mo ay kumapit sa mga politiko, sana mali ako. Dito ako nagtitiis sa init sa konting kinikita at pagtapos ng trabaho konting internet at maghanp sa internet ng mapglilibangan gaya nito. Natira din ako sa marikina kaya alam ko kung paano gumanda ang lugar namin sa pamamahala ni BF. Kaya nga kay BF kami dahil alam ko may magagawa siya para sa atin at wag mo naman pag diinan masyado siBF dahil mas maraming maduming politiko sa kanya na dapat mong pagtuunan ng batikos. he he he. si ErAP DI BA TATAKBO DIN TYPE MO BA SIYA!!!

  12. “KAAYUSAN ANG MGA BATAS AY SOLUTION NA DAPAT ALAMIN AT SUNDIN” Bayani is right, reminder lang yan sa mga tao para sumunod sa batas. Sige sabihin ko na lang kay Bayani alisin yun larawan niya dahhil di ninyo type ang mukha niya. pero sabi nga ni Bayani “masdan ninyo ang mukhang ito wala pa itong napapatay na tao”. Ewan ko kung ganoon din yang idol ninyo sa 2010 na malinis ang kamay at walang bahid ng dugo.!!1

  13. Haynaku robin good. Totoo nga ang hinala kong ang binabasa mo ay yun lang kung ano ang mahalaga para sa pakay nyong isulong si bayani fernando sa 2010. Nasa loob ka ng pamamahay ko kung nagsusulat ka dito, ni hindi mo man lang inalam kung sino ako? anjan lang lahat ng detalye tungkol sa akin at sa takbo ng buhay ko—makikita mo kung babasahin mo ang mga entries na hindi lang tungkol ke bayani fernando mo.

    Kung magbabasa ka rin ng iba pang sinulat ko dito, makikita mong alam ko kung sino ang tunay na bayani (hindi yang amo bayani fernando mo sigurado yun). Malalaman mo kung mayaman ba ako o hindi, me trabaho ba ako o wala, dumaan din ba kami sa paghihirap o hindi. Pero hindi ka nagbabasa, hindi ka nakikinig, hindi ka interesado sa mga sinasabi ng ibang tao tungkol sa ibang bagay maliban nalang kung tungkol sa amo mong kala nya ampogi nya. Parehong pareho kayo ng amo mong BF.

    Pinababayaan lang kitang magsulat dito dahil yun ang silbi nitong comments box. Pero sa kada comment mo ditong style mo tulad nyang mga comments mo sa taas … magisip ka ulit, robin good (thinking man ka diba) kung nakabubuti ba talaga sa kandidato mo itong sagutan natin.

    Sige sabihin ko na lang kay Bayani alisin yun larawan niya dahhil di ninyo type ang mukha niya.

    Naku, robin good pag nagawa mo yan at talagang matanggal yang mga Bayani Fernando banners na yan, IKAW robin good, ang iboboto ko!

    He he he.

    p.s. gusto mo ng iba pang picture ni boss/amo/diyos (sampalataya daw baga) mo? Click mo to.

  14. Oh, and Professor Toti Dulay, marami ka namang websites na pinangangasiwaan, so siguro dun mo nalang ipublish yung panawagan mo for your BF supporters. Siguro naman na SEO mo yung mga site mo no? Congratulations on finishing your doctorate papers.

  15. Lumang tugtugin na yang Disiplina-disiplina na yan…narinig ko na yan noon… “Sa Ikauunlad ng Bayan, Disiplina ang Kailangan.” Naala-la nyo pa ba ito? Ganito ang klase ng mga islogan ng mga naghaharing Pasistang Diktadura…kagaya ni Marcos.

    Gusto nyo pang maulit ang Pasistang Diktadura, hala iboto nyo si Bayani Fernando…na napakagrapal ng lintak na lamang lupang yan…ang layo pa ng 2010…binabanig na nang mga gahiganteng posters nito ang kamaynilaan.

    Ang kapal, ganyan bang lider ang gusto nyo?? pera ng taong bayan ang ginagamit para sa pansariling interes…may tatak pa ngang “Government Property do not Remove, mere posession of this sign is punishable by Law!” – pero ang laman ng sign na ito, ang nagpapacute na mukha ng lamang lupang si BF!!

    Hoy, mga alipores ni BF mag-isip isip kayo…ang gusto nyong maging Presidente sa iilang barangay lang sa Marikina mananalo…, baka kahit kagawad ng Barangay nde pa mananalo yan.

  16. I hope that with all the traffic this page is getting, that this—my last comment on this post—will be read by both BF supporters and non-supporters alike.

    This discourse on this post has become an exposition on how NOT to win friends and influence voters.

    The most experienced campaigners, the ones who go from house to house on foot, knock on doors, ring doorbells and are welcomed through the doors on which they knock, these campaigners know that the success of their mission depends on the hospitality of their hosts. Thus these campaigners are civil, friendly and well-mannered. They know that they are working for their candidate, and whatever they do reflects on their candidate.

    These internet campaigners on the other hand, the likes of the above named “robin good” and Prof. Toti Dulay, have the gall to come into my house and hurl insults at me, on the basis that I have been expressing my opinion about their presidential candidate, Bayani BF Fernando.

    This is my house, and in it I will express my opinion. I welcome people who disagree with me, but educated people know how to disagree in a civilized manner.

    Professor Toti Dulay posted a comment on my blog, full of insult and acrimony, and expected me to publish it. When I did not publish it, and instead requested him to publish it on his own websites (as indeed he has plenty of his own) he proceeds to write again, berating me for NOT publishing his insult.

    This is not behavior worthy of a Professor, a UP graduate and an AIM Alumni at that. I can forgive “robin good” whoever he may be, for his lack of finesse and manners, but for a person who precedes his name with a title of Professor, I expect much, much more.

    “You serve me and the manner in which you serve me reflects upon me” — Lord Cornwallis said those words to the rogue Col. Tavington in the movie “The Patriot”, decrying the latter’s merciless treatment of citizens.

    If Toti Dulay and “robin good” serve Bayani BF Fernando, then their words and actions above certainly reflect upon their candidate.

    This further reinforces my belief that Bayani Fernando is definitely NOT presidential material.

  17. Hello po mom bambit. 🙂 Hehe, you found my scapegoat–my journal entries :p hehe, ive been blogging still only that my posts are overly compartmentalized. 🙄 hehe, it just depends which medium i have (photos, videos, gadgets, critic at hand and my heart *on my journal*) lol. Hehe, thanks po sa pakikiramay ^_^ ➡

    sheena’s last blog post: Philophobia: Sounds Like Shoot

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