At least in Pasay and Makati anyway.

Bayani Fernando Tarpaulin Banner on EDSAThe humongous tarpaulin banners featuring a half body shot on a pink background of MMDA Chairman and self-proclaimed presidentiable Bayani Fernando are now nowhere to be seen on the main thoroughfares of Pasay and Makati.

I have not ventured farther than Makati City this week, mainly because I’m a home-work-home commuter, so I have not heard from anyone farther up the river of EDSA if the banners have also disappeared from Mandaluyong and Quezon City. Will see if I can verify this later today.

Quite a few concerned citizens have aired their comments on these banners, from being just plain ugly to being totally useless, not to mention the undeniable (try as they may) fact that it is much-too-early campaigning on the part of the MMDA Chairman.

On the other hand, quite a few comments of the combative kind have been made in reaction to my earlier posts regarding Bayani Fernando’s tarpaulin posters, as well as my other posts that decry the inhuman practices of the MMDA when dealing with street vendors.

Lest this start another word war between myself and the BF4P hornblowers, let me state the following:

Pink and blue painted pedestrian overpassWe need the pedestrian overpasses, so thank you, MMDA, for doing your job in providing them. However. it has to be clear where the metal pedestrian overpasses are being manufactured and if the Pinoy taxpayer should have anything to worry about in that area.

We need the trees that are being planted along the sidewalks on EDSA. I hope enough study has been made to make sure that these are actually the right trees for the job and that they will not be cut down later on as the huge old trees were in Katipunan road.

I do not have a car (I leave all the swerving and cursing to the bus drivers and the occasional taxi drivers who hold my life in their hands Mondays to Fridays) so I have always refrained from commenting on the concrete barriers and U-turns, even as I agree with what’s been said that they are ugly and ill-lighted.

MMDA Pink Street SignFinally, I personally think that the pink and blue paint on the walkways and on street signs (which do not follow international standards btw) simply jars with the cityscape and instead of people being just thankful for them they cannot be spoken of only in good light.

Which brings us to my main beef with the MMDA and its globe-trotting Chairman. I simply cannot believe that the engineer in him is stronger than the politician. There is no strong evidence that it is civic-mindedness ingrained in him and not the ultimate goal of enriching himself and his family.

To any future Marikina resident (or ex-resident) whose fingers are now itchy to type their rebuttals into the comment box either here or elsewhere, answer me this:

Who owns Riverside Mall?

Who has “won” the contract to build SM Marikina?

Who makes the metal walkways on which the pedestrians of Metro Manila walk on as well as the pink and white metal street signs, and did the the manufacture of these metal items pass through the normal process of proposal and bidding with the MMDA?

To the oft-asked question on this blog, why am I zeroing in on Bayani Fernando when there are other “more corrupt” politicians out there?

To me there is no such thing as “more” corrupt. A government official who enriches himself while in power, whether it be in small doses or large-scale, does not deserve his seat.

A government official who uses government money to promote himself as patron of all discipline and order, does not deserve respect.

A government official who sees a visions of progress in his head but fails to acknowledge the reality of the city he serves is a dangerous, even destructive force.

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5 thoughts on “Bayani Fernando is Gone!

  1. I was at first amused when I saw these huge posters. And then I wondered what it was for. Advanced campaigning pala? There were so many of them that I wondered where funding of this came from. I would now say that this was indeed a bad move for him.

  2. gawd. isn’t it too early to campaign? he was a great mayor of marikina. fine. period. that’s it. but to govern the whole country? eh metro manila nga lang…
    buti na langgggggggggggggggggggggg… andito ako sa korea… or elseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  3. wats0n, actually good move if you think about it, it got him a lot of mileage in both print and tv. Dati hanggang EDSA lang sya, ngayon with the tarpaulin banner fiasco he is now known in places that TV and newspapers can reach. That’s a lot of free publicity, and as Oscar Wilde said: β€œIt’s better to be talked about badly than not at all.”

    Diyosa, calma lang hija, ang alta presyon mo … the BF4P people who usually reacted vehemently to my BF posts are surprisingly quiet these days, I wonder if it has anything to do with Rep. Roilo Golez’s House Resolution 511 …

  4. aha, i finally found your blog! πŸ™‚ and, yes, i am linking.

    i love this post. not to mince words, but i do not believe in BF. i’m sorry. i really don’t – and for very valid reasons i cannot disclose here. suffice to say, your closing arguments are right on the money.

  5. The monumental posters themselves are candid reminders that BF cannot simply wait for the right time to sink in. Eager to campaign at such an early time only makes him look more and more like a traditional politician, assuming he still isn’t one, and less and less like a genuine public servant, if he isn’t already one.

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