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At another ATM machine at SM Sucat, Bldg B, the one by the escalator, just outside a BDO Branch. What is it with BDO and Unionbank?!

OK call me stupid for attempting to withdraw my money on a BDO ATM with a non-BDO card/account. But if you shop at SM Sucat there is hardly any other choice. Partly I blame Unionbank for not having enough ATM machines around the city to be convenient for its depositors, but that’s beside the point. It’s not my card either, because I have managed to withdraw my money at OTHER non-Unionbank ATM machines with no issues at all.

Has BDO marked my Unionbank EON Payroll card as undesirable? Have they singled out this card as their one prey to victimize? This is also strange because I have transacted with BDO ATMs successfully several times before with no issues at all, prior to the previous incident of debit without dispense that happened late last month.

And as that has been resolved I had put it down to a technical glitch at that particular ATM machine. But now it seems that another BDO ATM machine has got it in for me. Or maybe the entire BDO ATM system!

Now I know why I should make a balance inquiry prior to a withdrawal, it’s not because I need to find out how much I have in my account, but to make sure that the stupid BDO ATM machine can communicate with my bank. But that means giving BDO 2 pesos and I didn’t want to do that after last month’s fiasco. So I attempted a withdrawal. After a long wait the BDO ATM Screen said “Unable to get a response from your bank” and spit out my card, with no receipt. So I attempted a balance inquiry, which got the same response on the screen, and still no receipt.

Thinking that no transaction had taken place at all I went on with my life with the cash I had left. This was yesterday afternoon. Today I looked at my account online and realized that the P900 I attempted to withdraw was indeed debited, again with the P12 transaction charge.

I reported the matter to Unionbank as soon as I realized it. They filed my complaint, gave me my reference number and said they would pass it on to their ATM Center who will deal with BDO’s ATM Center.

I then called BDO’s Customer Care who—just like the first time this happened to me—said that there is no record of my transaction.

This is something that I cannot comprehend with both instances that the debit without dispense happened to me at a BDO ATM machine.

Why is there no record of the transaction, but THERE IS A TRANSACTION FEE DEDUCTED? Is this a system flaw in BDO’s ATM machine software?

If the BDO ATM Machine was “unable to get a response” from my bank, why was my account deducted the amount and charged the transaction fee?

In my opinion this is a SERIOUS SYSTEM FLAW in the BDO ATM machines that I have transacted on, two different machines in the same SM Sucat Bldg B.

I’m sure I will not see my P900 back before the new year, as the last banking day of 2008 is on the 24th of December. But since I got my money the first time this happened, I am a little confident that I will get it back this time as well.

But things like this should not be happening, and if BDO insists that only their ATM Machines are on SM Malls premises then they must make sure that people will want to use their machines. While BDO have made their ATM machines and branches as ubiquitous as the common housefly, incidents such as these raise the question of BDO’s honesty and sincerity in serving the people who use their services for a fee.

I had received in one of my e-groups a message from a former BDO depositor. Former, because at a time when he thought he had enough money in his account for the minimum maintaining balance. However, he relates that during that time BDO raised its average maintaining balance, which made his account fall below the required balance. He got no notices from BDO regarding this. When the time came that he wanted to make a deposit he discovered that his account had been closed. BDO had been deducting the fine from his account without his knowing it, to a point that the account was closed.

Debit without dispense. Accounts closed without the depositor being notified. If that doesn’t raise one’s apprehensions about being a BDO depositor, then BDO can do what it bloody well wants and no one, depositor or otherwise, can do anything about it.

BDO does it again! Debit Without Dispense!

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156 thoughts on “BDO does it again! Debit Without Dispense!

  1. This thing happen to me this afternoon. Nagwithdraw ako sa bdo atm machine with may bdo payroll atm pero walang nadispense na cash but I got deducted! Nag-report agad ako sa bdo teller since sa bank branch mismo ako nagwithdraw and she end up calling their contact center and ang sabi down daw ang system and I have to follow up again to file a report. This evening I call again their contact center and down pa din daw ang system nila that is why hindi sila makakapag-file ng report. So kelangan ko ulit tumawag until mag-up na ang system nila! Wow what a good customer service! BDO sucks! How on earth would I know when mag-up ang systems nila? And if mafile na daw ang report I have to wait 5 banking days before I can get my own money back! What the hell!! BDO surely find ways to make your life misserable!

  2. Same din sakin
    Nag widraw aku sa bdo atm machine. ang atm ko ucpb. Nung nag enter amount aku na 4600 pesos
    Lumaba ” unable to fer response from your bank”
    Bigla n lng lumabas atm ko then
    Walang lumabas n resibo at pera.. kaya pinasok ko ulut atm ko then nag checkbalance aku
    23 pesos na lng ang laman.. tulungan nyu naman aku kung paano maibabalik un plz T_T….

  3. just this morning, ngwithdraw ako sa BPI using my unionbank eon card.i just do the balance inquiry first then it took 2-3 minutes to processed the transaction,and it only appears transaction cannot be processed.inulit ko pa sa isang atm na katbi ngcheck ako ng balance and when i got the receipt it has O balance. ngpunta nko sa unionbank mismo,dun ako ngtry mgwithdraw and same thing they cannot processed even if i only dothe balance inquiry.. on monday ill go to my bank to report ksi npakauseless ng customer service ng union bank..buong araw n kong tumawag walang response,i send them email also.. hopefully system error lng at hindi nadebit yung pera ko.

  4. this happened to me twice now, 1st was i withdraw the amount of 1000 pesos from bank of ecommerce ATM but no money was dispense, i didn’t report the incident to BDO cause my partner told me that the money will be debited back to my account after 3 days! and thank god cause i got the money back after 3 days, 2nd was i withdraw the same amount at PNB pampanga branch around 11pm and to my luck, no money was dispense again, i hurriedly check the transaction using my BDO online application and there was no transaction at all, until now i’m still waiting for the money to debited back to my account since i didn’t report again it BDO.
    GODBLESS me..

  5. Ive just had an experience this afternoon. Rcbc card ko. Since wlang malapit na rcbc samin i tried sa bdo atm. What appeared in the machine is “unable to dispense cash”. My card spitted out and left with thoughts that the it doesnt have enough cash cause during the transaction the machine was somewhat chilling and a blinking red light just above where money is suppose to go out. I was so dissapointed so i tried it in a different atm and just i found out that my remaining cash had been debited already. I called my bank and they filed a report to bdo. I was adviced to wait 5-10 banking days for any feedback from bdo. So, ill just hope for things to happen as it is suppose to happen. To Bdo, nakakadala makipagtransaction sa inyo. 😈

  6. anong problem ng bdo sa unionbank….3rd time na nangyari sa amin na ginamit namin ang unionbank card sa bdo POS. sabi ng POS error. pero nung chineck namin online, na debit na kami ng purchase namin. wala kami choice but to pay in cash. tumawag kami sa main branch ng store, file daw sila ng complaint sa bdo. as usual, 5 to 7 banking days daw. but took 1 month bago nabalik ni bdo ang pera. kagabi na naman nadebit na naman kami, haayss one month na naman kami magaantay?

  7. nakakafrustrate ang bdo,debit without happened to me last saturday morning,transaction completed tapos unable to dispense na?nakakaloka..dami palang nabibiktima ng ganitong sistema..nakuh..wag lang nila sasabihin na nag success ung withdrawal ko,ewan ko nalang,,..napakahirap pa mareach customer service nila…sana pag ganitong case,aside sa pera na nadebit ng di naman nakuha,bayaran din ang inconvenience sa mga tao,,

  8. twice na nangyari to sakin. I have a unionbank payroll account. Last month(April) nag withdraw ako sa BDO ATM ng 10k and then unable to dispense at wala ring resibo na lumabas. Tinry ko mag balance inquiry then nag display naman sa screen pero nadebit na yung 10K ko. Mangiyak ngiyak ako nun kasi wala akong dalang cash. Kailangan ko pa magbayad dun sa hotel eh P100 na lang pera ko. Ang ginawa ko, tumawag ako sa Unionbank hindi sa BDO. Ang tagal sumagot ng customer service, inabot ako ng almost 1hour holding time. Then yun may sumagot, sinabi ko lang ang nangyari dun sa CSR then she put me on hold. She came back saying naibalik na po yung pera nyo sa account nyo pati po yung transaction fees. Ayun mabilis naman nasolusyonan yung problema ko, in a matter of 1hr ok na.

    And then ngayon nananaman. After 1 month nagtry ako magwithdraw sa BDO ATM ulit(di na natuto). 10K ulit and kinuha ko and unable to dispense nanaman ang walang-hiyang BDO ATM machine na yan. This time di ako masyado nagpanic kasi nangyari na to last month eh and this time may resibo ako showing “unable to dispense”. Pero gusto ko manigurado so tumawag ako sa Unionbank Customer Service ulit, this time wala pang 1min may sumagot agad. Ang sabi ng CSR, naguupdate daw ang system nila kaya di rin niya ma pupull up yung account ko. Pero more or less ang nag cause ng problem ko ay yung on going system update nila. Maya daw icheck ko ulit after 2hours matatapos na ang update nila. Sabi niya mdedetect naman daw ng system nila yun kaya wla naman problema. Ittry ko ulit, update ko kayo…

  9. BDO SM Southmall Branch, Las Pinas City
    -happened just yesterday…
    June 01, 2015 (05:01pm – went home past 7 with no resolution from BDO)
    -with my unionbank atm card i checked my balance at 05:01pm with one of bdo’s atm machines around the mall and got the info that i needed… 42 seconds later,exactly, as what is on my receipt, i tried to withdraw but the machine just provided an info that it was unable to process transaction…
    -tried it again and to my surprise, insufficient funds na agad…
    -went to their branch, spoke with their manager, their agent on the phone, an agent on the phone still but with my bank… in short… NOTHING WAS RESOLVED…!!!
    -and that dept. their call center, told me that it’s going to be credited 5 days the soonest to a week and 15 days, banking that is, the latest to have my money back…!!!
    -15 F*CKING DAYS for a small amount that they took… HELL NO…!!!
    – for something that your company caused, you could’ve at least provided us VICTIMS a sense of urgency that you are willing to help or at least do something about it…!!!

    -YOU GUYS SUCK…!!!

    (did what bambit and cj suggested… i hope this gets ok today… thank you guys…)

  10. Same thing with me today!!! Actually I have money on my pocket but due to emergency purpose I decided to withdraw the remaining balance of my account which is just a small amount of P300.00 pesos because I have a P500.00 pesos balance left and let the P200.00 will be my current balance because by the next day I will replace and deposit my money when it arrives. Grrrrr! Even its just P300.00 pesos its cause a huge impact on me because how can you trust them on a huge amount of money if even the smallest amount they can’t be trusted!!!! The card spit out and no money and receipt dispense so I thought its just an error then I tried it again but when I checked the balance it shown that I have new balance of P200.00 pesos.. Zzzz! I really don’t know if I would like to deposit money from them or just let my savings leave on my hands! SMH

  11. This is a very common issue na with this bank. I’ts been ages since I first heard of this debit without dispense in for this particular bank. Bakit wala paring nagawa ang bank to prevent this kind hassle on the part of their customers. This needs to be in the media already para naman kabahan at umaksyon sila.

  12. based on your comments i’m losing hope that could still get my cash back. It happened earlier around 7pm. nagwithdraw ako ng 10k for my tuition, im with my friend. iniintay namin na magdispense yung cash but it took so long bago lumabas. naririnig namin na nagbibilang ng pera yung machine but it does not dispense cash. naghang yung machine then may lumabas na sorry, your transaction was not processed. I called the hotline of bdo and they’ve told me same thing as yours. I need to wait 5 working days for the investigation. πŸ™

  13. nakakainis..nawalan ako ng 5K ..i intended to withdraw 5k..but unable to dispense.i was not aware until i checked on the withdrawal transaction paper from another atm machine na nawawalan na ko ng 5k, eh 2500 lang ung kinuha ko sa 2nd attempt ko na iwithdraw πŸ™ nag email na ko sa i need to personally tell my complains to my bank?( landbank) ….too bad saturday pa nman ngayon… πŸ™ i hope just the email thing will do. i even attached the transaction records from the atm for their basis.. this is really annoying

  14. Shoooocks! Gusto ko umiyak :'( happened to me today. Sa MRT North Ave. Mag wiwithdraw ako. So ang una kong triny sa BPI sa dulo ng transactiin “SORRY UNABLE TO PROCESS.. BLAH BLAH BLAH. So lipat ako sa bdo. Ganun dn ung sabi sa dulo so kala ko wala lang. Kasi nangyayari nman un sakin dati pero d naman nababawasan. Then nung nasa boni n ko. Sakto may landbank (I’m a LANDBANK ATM user) Tas aun “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS” daw ung atm ko. So nagbalance ako “425pesos” nalang pera ko πŸ™ So d ko lam kung sa bpi plang nabawasan n o sa bdo na πŸ™

    2435.00 laman ng atm ko. Nagcheck pa ko sa online banking ng landbank before ako umalis ng bahay. Maliit lang ung 2k. But for me 2k is 2k! Badtrip! Muntik pa kong d matuloy sa lakad ko.

    Anu po kayang dapat kong gawin? Kasi d ko sure kung sa BPI o BDO na ATM machine eh :'( help THANKS PO.

  15. I read the comment from CJ na I-email yung customer affairs ng BSP in case may dispute. pero 2013 payun. 2015 na ngayon πŸ™‚ effective pa ba ito? anybody out there na mejpo mas recent lang na nagemail sa BSP after their DWD incident and got their money back?
    sakin po ATM withdrawal BDO atm card at BDO ATM SM bicutan lower grn floor near the payment center. withdrew 10k pero ATM “hanged” and after 5 minutes said could not process your transaction. immediately after this I checked my balance and fount out my account was 10k short.


  17. PUTANG INA NG BDO! 5 days bago ibalik, edi hndi muna kami kakain ng 5 days.. tang ina nila!


  18. hope to get back my money.I withdraw 6k to BDO but no money dispense.The message shown in the machine was “transaction cannot be processed” so i checked my balance to another atm machine but 6k already debited.I feel so disappointed its my first time i have this experienced.I reported it to BDO but the customer service said it takes 5 working days.Why they need to investigate it for 5 days?they can account it for a day lng.hassle.Now i check my account from time to time to check if the money was already credited back to my account.It already 3 days.hayyyyy.When i reported the case to the bank i checked again the atm machine where i got debited it had already a sign communication line there something wrong with there machine.

  19. πŸ™
    Same thing happen to me last saturday, november 14, 2015
    After ko mag out sa office i went to SM Manila to buy some pasalubong to my family kase bagong sahod. So I decided to withraw kase wala na akong cash so… Nagpunta ako sa una kong nakitang BDO ATM machine. I had the urge to check my balance first so nag check muna ako so lumabas na may 6,560. Nilabas ung atm ko then receipt. Another transaction, Nag withdraw ako ng 6,500. Nakalagay sa screen na your transaction is being process, then nilabas ung card ko i was waiting for a minute after pero walang lumalabas na pera then nakalagay na sa screen ” unable to dispense money”
    Akala ko nag error lang ung transaction kaya inulit ko tapos sabe sa screen insufficient balance na… Pag check ko ng balance 53 na lang putik!!!!!!
    I am a gcash card holder at pede ako mag withdraw in any atm machine nationwide. Sobrang kinabahan talaga ako as in nanginginig ung kamay ko kase it was my first time. Tinawag ko na sa globe and i was advised to wait for 10 working days to coordinate with bdo sm manila for investigation for god’s sake! 10 working days and i really need my money badly! Sana maibalik pa ung pera ko. Pinaghirapan ko un ng 2 weeks πŸ™

  20. same experience happened to me last November 15, 2015 nag withdraw aq sa BDO Sapang Palay branch with different atm card na debit ang 10k ko bwiset na serbisyo ng BDO kasi until hindi ko pa din nakukuha yung
    10,000 na nadebit from my ATM lagi nalang follow up sa hotline pls. help me….gusto ko nang ielevate yung yung case ko kanino po ba pwede aside sa walang kwenta customer service nila

  21. Hello good day naka experience naman ako nito just today sinusubukan ko kunin yun 6.5k sa metrobank ang sabi ng machine is sorry i cannot process your transaction please transact in ur own bank..Tiwala ako dahil pareho naman banknet eh ok lang..Nagtry ulit aq sa china bank ganun din ang sinabi sakin.. Upon trying dun sa mismong banko nagulat ako 300 na lang laman ng atm ko..Agad ako nagreport sa loob ng banko and nagfile ng complaint..Sana lang maibalik yun pera ko kasi para sa operation ng anak ko yun..

    I am very much worried about this, di ko masabi sa mother ko kasi magagalit siya..

  22. Nang hari din to sakun kaninang umaga mga. Nag withdraw ang kapatid ko gamitang atm ko per mag kasama kami. Wala lumabs na per pero pag check ng balance na debit mga 6,700. Tinanong ko ung tao sa luob kase naka close pa balik daw ako ng 8:30 kaya hininta nlg namin ng kapatid ko. Sinabe ko sa babae ang nang yari pero tina try nilg tawagan pero hindi makuntak sabay sabi sakin ng babae ako nlgdaw ang yatawag, yung problem nga lg hindi rin ma contuct sa bahay kaya e tatry ko sana bukas kpna mag over the counter kung pwede ko makuha ang per kasi talagang kailangan e bayad sa binili namin. Tsk bdo parang walang pake lg sa costumer.

  23. last Dec.17, BDO ATM does it again! nagwithdaw money in Lower Bicutan, pero walang lumabas na pera sa machine, but upon inquiring nag debit…my card is from other bank… and was reported right away but have to wait for another 15 days daw for investagation, by January, still, after 15 days… on going process pa daw.. at turuan na kung sino magbalik ng pera.. my host bank daw but until now Feb na wala pa rin linaw..dhil pa nag bigay ng certificate ang BDO, di pa naibalik ang pera ko 6T. please help!

  24. Same thing happened to me.

    Nag withdraw ako nag P2,000 sa ATM machine ng BDO branch sa Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City with my Metrobank card.

    Tapos ang nakasulat sa ATM, ”Unable to get a response from your bank.”

    Walang na dispense na pera.

    Pag check ko ng balance ko online, na debit yung P2.000 sa account ko, may transaction charge pa.

  25. This also happened to me last March 12,2016, I withdraw in the BDO Atm Machine at SM Tarlac. I was debited 10k without dispensing money and a receipt. I reported it to their hotline then they said I need to wait for 5 banking days to finish their investigation. Yesterday was the 5th day and I follow up regarding the issue, they said that the transacation is legit and the ATM account was balance within the day. Di ko na daw po makukuha yung pera ko. Im planning to file legal action against them. Panu po kaya yun?

  26. same thing happen to me . nagwithdraw ako nang 9k tapos tumunog lang siya and then wala siyang nilabas na money. and have to wait for 5 banking days ,

  27. The next day after the embarrasing incident happened i check my atm and balance.And thanks God my 10k was returned but my disappointment and anger to BDO was never changed.Im still afraid and my loyalty and trust to Bdo was gone.What would I do to avoid this debit without dispense incident again though im almost a decade loyal depositor?hayz traumatic experience here.just be careful guyz using ur atm and gudluck.

  28. My wife recently withdrew cash from BDO- SM Marikina last July 14,2016. The machine displayed transaction complete then the machine conks out. The cash was not dispensed. Calling the guards on the door is no help at all. Even the accountant was of no help. This is the same bank where my wife has an account!! BDO’s own client yet, no concrete action!?!! We’ve raised the usual complaints to their desk and we’ve also talked with the accountant. The branch’s finding indicate no overage in cash during audit. The transaction was debited but there was no excess cash? Amazing indeed! We’re still following up for a more detailed review as they can also see what happened on their CCTV. They can’t even tell you/Guarantee if your money will be returned? Some other bank like the former Allied bank can tell you immediately and will even let you sign an acknowledgement for the incident. Php 9K is no joke for an ordinary wage earner like ourselves. We’ll also try the bsp email provided on the comments. If bad goes to worse, we’ll file a formal complaint against the accountant for potential fraud, if needed. :Fingers crossed :Shock:

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