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At another ATM machine at SM Sucat, Bldg B, the one by the escalator, just outside a BDO Branch. What is it with BDO and Unionbank?!

OK call me stupid for attempting to withdraw my money on a BDO ATM with a non-BDO card/account. But if you shop at SM Sucat there is hardly any other choice. Partly I blame Unionbank for not having enough ATM machines around the city to be convenient for its depositors, but that’s beside the point. It’s not my card either, because I have managed to withdraw my money at OTHER non-Unionbank ATM machines with no issues at all.

Has BDO marked my Unionbank EON Payroll card as undesirable? Have they singled out this card as their one prey to victimize? This is also strange because I have transacted with BDO ATMs successfully several times before with no issues at all, prior to the previous incident of debit without dispense that happened late last month.

And as that has been resolved I had put it down to a technical glitch at that particular ATM machine. But now it seems that another BDO ATM machine has got it in for me. Or maybe the entire BDO ATM system!

Now I know why I should make a balance inquiry prior to a withdrawal, it’s not because I need to find out how much I have in my account, but to make sure that the stupid BDO ATM machine can communicate with my bank. But that means giving BDO 2 pesos and I didn’t want to do that after last month’s fiasco. So I attempted a withdrawal. After a long wait the BDO ATM Screen said “Unable to get a response from your bank” and spit out my card, with no receipt. So I attempted a balance inquiry, which got the same response on the screen, and still no receipt.

Thinking that no transaction had taken place at all I went on with my life with the cash I had left. This was yesterday afternoon. Today I looked at my account online and realized that the P900 I attempted to withdraw was indeed debited, again with the P12 transaction charge.

I reported the matter to Unionbank as soon as I realized it. They filed my complaint, gave me my reference number and said they would pass it on to their ATM Center who will deal with BDO’s ATM Center.

I then called BDO’s Customer Care who—just like the first time this happened to me—said that there is no record of my transaction.

This is something that I cannot comprehend with both instances that the debit without dispense happened to me at a BDO ATM machine.

Why is there no record of the transaction, but THERE IS A TRANSACTION FEE DEDUCTED? Is this a system flaw in BDO’s ATM machine software?

If the BDO ATM Machine was “unable to get a response” from my bank, why was my account deducted the amount and charged the transaction fee?

In my opinion this is a SERIOUS SYSTEM FLAW in the BDO ATM machines that I have transacted on, two different machines in the same SM Sucat Bldg B.

I’m sure I will not see my P900 back before the new year, as the last banking day of 2008 is on the 24th of December. But since I got my money the first time this happened, I am a little confident that I will get it back this time as well.

But things like this should not be happening, and if BDO insists that only their ATM Machines are on SM Malls premises then they must make sure that people will want to use their machines. While BDO have made their ATM machines and branches as ubiquitous as the common housefly, incidents such as these raise the question of BDO’s honesty and sincerity in serving the people who use their services for a fee.

I had received in one of my e-groups a message from a former BDO depositor. Former, because at a time when he thought he had enough money in his account for the minimum maintaining balance. However, he relates that during that time BDO raised its average maintaining balance, which made his account fall below the required balance. He got no notices from BDO regarding this. When the time came that he wanted to make a deposit he discovered that his account had been closed. BDO had been deducting the fine from his account without his knowing it, to a point that the account was closed.

Debit without dispense. Accounts closed without the depositor being notified. If that doesn’t raise one’s apprehensions about being a BDO depositor, then BDO can do what it bloody well wants and no one, depositor or otherwise, can do anything about it.

BDO does it again! Debit Without Dispense!

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156 thoughts on “BDO does it again! Debit Without Dispense!

  1. Akin naman mas malala. I work in outsourcing and one of my bosses decided to get me an American bank-based debit card ng Mastercard para sa payroll ko. Pero dito ako sa Pinas based. Two months ago, my boss advanced me $200 because I had gotten the flu and I needed money to go seek medical attention as well as meds and food. I live alone and live near a BDO branch. I attempted to withdraw P9,600 from BDO at 6am (right after my usual shift). Nag-hang ng matagal ang ATM ng branch (sa may Eastwood near Fitness First) and then spewed out my ATM with no receipt. When I went back online to check my account, I found out that the P9600 had been debited! I immediately called their CSR and I was informed that I should inform the bank in the States (which I did) and return to BDO to inquire what I need to do to prove to them that money wasn’t dispensed. Take note na walang security guard at the time when I attempted to withdraw money. Mabilis ang response ng American bank once I emailed them pero they had to depend on BDO to investigate the matter. Pag dating ko sa BDO, I met this Cecille Maramba – supposedly the Marketing Manager of the bank (this was 9:30am). I told her what had happened and somehow, iba yata ang pag-process niya ng information. Because with a condescending voice, she told me that they can’t open the ATM machine for me to get the money. She then laughed at me. As I was already stressed out, I turned my back on her, went back home and called another CSR — who incidentally told me that emailling my bank is enough and no need to go to the BDO branch. Since today, I have yet to see a cent of the money. I still feel pretty bad about it.

  2. there’s also a post in about a guy who inadvertently withdrew COUNTERFEIT money from a BDO ATM. and to add insult to injury, there’s this other jerk trying to silence him.

  3. Banco de Oro (BDO) was known to be the largest lender here in the Philippines but could you imagine a universal bank that sucks?!

    BDO really sucks!! I got my worst experience when a bullshit ATM machine ate my P6K Cash Card account load … Until now the money was still not returned yet… I have called the toll free, the first time I called; an agent told me that processing will took 5 days of investigation and gave me a reference number. After 5days, I called to follow up my account; unfortunately, the agent told me that there’s no feedback yet and added 2 more days to wait. After 2 days, I called again but the agent told me to call back by tomorrow. Again I called, but same reason; the agent told me that there’s still no feedback. She told me to wait for an SMS that will be sent to me, but I haven’t received any SMS. Again I called, and the agent just repeats what has been the reason earlier. I feel so tired calling all over again and I can’t remember how many times I did just to get my money back. It’s almost one month already and BDO haven’t returned my money yet. I don’t know how and why it goes like this! To think, they got their system and they can easily track all transactions and I believe one day is just enough. All their branches were just like dummies! When you approach to them, they’ll just give a phone and let you talk to a call center agent! Very stupid! Could a call center agent fix this up and return the money on my account?! I feel like I’m bursting already while talking on the phone. Every word I hear was just the same. Where is reliability in their services? The agent also told me ones that the number of calls I made for follow up was part of the investigation. Does she mean it like a proof that I am really not just making a story? Oh c’mon! How I wish to have a gun and say, “CAN I SHOOT YOU MISS?”

    I have lost my patience already. They got plenty of alibis. They brought to much hassle in me and in my work. Do they want me to call every day?!! How could I? I have my work and I can’t have time to call at their toll free every day. I’m not really happy with what BDO had done. I need my money back… I’ve got several bills and rents to pay. I need to pay my boarding house and my internet bills. BDO is making a bad day for me… And yeah… BDO is really the largest! The largest provider of INCONVENIENCE! It sucks!!

    ang tagal nang investigation kahit may “HARD COPY” report sila sa mga hindi na-dispense withdrawals!! infact, 2days waiting would be enough but here I am, almost a month of waiting…

  4. Hi Bambit. Wow, this happened to you twice? I am also a victim of BDO’s debit without dispense error, for a whopping P18,000. I am stupid yes, for trusting that this bank’s ATM machine will function the way it was designed to work. By the way, I am also a BDO depositor and they don’t treat us any better, I’m guessing, than non-depositors.

    What can I say? Totally UNACCEPTABLE. It has been 5 banking days already and my postdated checks for rent, and assoc dues have passed. Good thing I still have some balance left on my account but what if I didn’t? I will be charged with a criminal case if my checks bounced and it’s all because of BDO’s INCOMPETENCE? I am so unbelievably angry at their poor service, at isang CSR lang talaga ang nag SORRY sa akin, from the tellers and other CSRs I talked to. Kairita grabe.

    Aaksayahan ko sila ng panahon ko at susulat ako sa DTI, SEC, PDIC, Consumer Rights groups, para i reklamo itong katangahan na ito.

    Hayyy. Ako na rin nag rarant. Hehe. Thanks for blogging about this Bambit.

  5. Gena, natuto na ako na kung magwiwithdraw ako ng malaking amount, I immediately go to HSBC or Citibank instead. It’s safer.

    BTW, last January, naibalik na sa akin yung $200. Walang apology. The American bank pa nga ang humingi ng dispensa. Grabe…

    Pollack´s last blog post: CAO Golden

  6. Gena, hello. Totally Unacceptable indeed. Mismong depositor ka na nga ng BDO ganyan parin ang pagtrato sa iyo? Ang ginawa ko both times that this happened to me was to pepper them with calls, morning and afternoon. Kaya after the second time it happened it only took them three days to give my 900 back. Kakainis nga lang is we still pay them the transaction fee kahit na sakit ng ulo at altapresyon lang ang binigay nila sa atin.

    Pollack, ang problema nga kahit maibalik nila yung money hindi nila maibabalik ang oras at pagod na inubos natin sa pangungulit sa kanila. No way as in no way am I ever going to recommend this bank to anyone, kahit parang mga kabuteng nagsulputan kung saan saan ang mga branches nila.

  7. That happened to me around 5 days ago, i withdrew 3,000 lumalabas lang 500. So i immediately went to the bank, i have friends on that bank so i thought what they would do was shut down the ATM machine and they would hand me my 2,500. Wrong!! They gave me a phone number to a callcenter, wtf! They are the nearest branch but they said they had no jurisdiction to the atm machines. So i played along and said ok, ill call, the agent gave me a reference number and it would be investigated for 5 banking days. To make a long story short i did not get my money back, they told me that the money was dispensed. ANONG LABAN KO DUN?? Their a big bank and all im asking for is my money back, my sahod, my lifeline. Good thing talaga may pera pa ako, pero what if it happened to other people. Yung tipong un na ung natira nilang sahod tapos kaka2in ung pera lang ng machine. I was so disapppointed na ganun trato nila sa akin. Yeah i know 2,500 lng naman but thats MY 2,500. I really told the bank manager that you are stealing from me… I’ll never trust BDO with my money again….

  8. raffy, I had to call them at least three times a day for a full week before they gave me back my money. When they told me “there is no record of the transaction” I went through the roof and told them I could see the transaction in my Unionbank Online access so they can’t very well tell me the transaction did not happen.

    I think that’s the best thing to have in situations like this: back up information from our own bank and not just BDO who sometimes even does not dispense receipts.

    To anyone who has experienced BDO’s debit without dispense nightmare, see if you can apply for online access to your account. You don’t have to be paranoid, as long as you follow the rules and caveat’s your money will be perfectly safe. Also you will have a printable record of all transactions which you can slap BDO’s face with whenever they say you are lying.

    But raffy, yung case mo is outright robbery by BDO. Pwede naman nilang bilangin yung beginning balance and ending balance for that ATM to check whether the money was dispensed or not.

    Marami silang pwedeng gawin. I just have this feeling na there’s not enough people to do what needs to be done — or kung meron man they’re just too effing lazy to do it.

  9. sa akin lang kasi right then and there nung nangyari sa akin the bank could have done something. Is it because im not a major depositor kaya na forward yung case ko sa callcenter. Would they have treated me better kung millions ang pera ko sa account ko? My mom has contacts with BDO and to Mr. Hanz. She used to work with SM way back noon ilan lang malls nila. I do not want to use those contacts for a measly Php 2,500. But still sayang kasi eh.

  10. Hi Bambit. I am registered to receive comments made on this post, and this is getting regular comments! Just goes to show that you are not alone in the BDO problem.

    This is not related to ATM dispensing issues, but I would like to share my experience with BDO as well. I was a depositor with PCIBank along Makati Ave, which changed hands eventually to Equitable, and then to BDO. Anyways, I went there one time because I had some Pesos which I needed to be changed to US Dollars. Hindi raw pwede. I need to have a US Dollar account to be able to do that. Huh? How inconvenient is that? So I went instead to BPI, and they happily transacted business with me. BDO has received many citations for business, but I just did not see that in this instance.

    watson´s last blog post: Sweet as

  11. I got my money back no thanks to BDO. The mall guards and the mall CRS was able to recover my money. They yanked my money off the ATM machine somehow it got stuck. See, how can the investigation team missed that? They could have asked around, instead i was the one who was able to track where my money went by simply asking the guard on duty at the time. All BDO did, ( i think they did) was to check the atm machine, thats it, not being proactive enough to ask or to investigate further.

  12. hi raffy, congratulations on getting your money back! and no amount is too measly when you really need it!

    watson, at least merong mga instances na naibabalik ang pera, pero dahil magaling kami mangulit. paano nalang kaya sina manong manggagawa na sweldo nila pinapasok din sa atm, na wala namang panahon o resources mangulit sa BDO, at kung makatawag man ng isang beses, sasabihan lang ng walang record ng transaction nila?

    BDO Stinks.

  13. wow i never knew about this kung alam ko lang di na ako nag bukas ng Account sa DBO, kasi naman as in banko ng SM malls yan di ba so it should be good, anyway mag papalit ako nalang ako ng bank

  14. hi! it happened to me last april 8, bdo payroll kami then i withdraw dito sa bdo erodriguez along araneta ave. i was able to do balance inquiry then decided to withdraw 1,900. narinig ko pa ang count ng machine, then biglang naghang hindi nagopen iyong atm slot at walang resibo na-issue. iyong atm screen biglang nag-pop up ang restart windows jawa.exe. pindot ako ng pindot pero walang gumagalaw sa screen at tried to open the slot pero wala. nag-antay ako ng five minutes pero wala pa rin. im almost late at work, pagdating sa opis tawag agad sa bdo customer service, they gave me a reference no. eh the following day holy thursday so under investigation pa daw, five days. then i tried to call this week april 13 and 14 so far wala pang feedback under investigation. i called up e rodriguez bdo branch, para itanong kung nakareport sa kanila na naghang ang machine nung umaga around 6am last april 8, wala pa daw then ni-refer nga ako sa customer service.

    I used to work at PCI atm center 1994 to 1995, so alam ko ang patakaran kapag may mga ganung cases. gusto ko na ngang tulungan sila, that time it only too 3 days pero weird, high tech na tayo eh 5 days so tagal. eto abang pa ako ng feedback nitong friday. 🙄

  15. april 30 –payday.. BDO did it again. They’ve experienced bank wide atm-offline. It really sucks. during the payday pa sila nag ooffline. right after it happened, i immediately open a new bank account in BPI.

  16. I,m from Iloilo City, BDO s**ks here. Ledesma Branch actually. I withdraw 8000 nothing dispenses. I called up the guard to let him see that the machine hangs and he said just wait because the machine still processing the transaction. And bang! the card slot releases my card without any cash. I inquired my balance and there the amount was deducted. I will post here every night until i get my money.

  17. Whoa! Akala ko ako lang yung may problema sa BDO ATM! Twice na akong “nanakawan” ng banko (same symptoms: nag-“hang” yung machine ng ilang minuto, labas ATM pero walang cash and receipt). Sabay nung nag-inquire ako sa loob dinirect lang ako sa telepono at pinatawag sa call center na sira-sira naman yung phone connection.

    Argh! Akala ko pa naman isang beses lang nangyayari ang mga technological “hiccups” na ‘to.

  18. This is a fresh blog!!! I also experienced this stupid BDO ATM machine in SM Molino,. They steal my 10K withdrawal. Guess what? until now, WALA PA YUNG PERA KO! It was happened last March 30, 2010. I withdrew 10k on that machine, after i press the confirmation button, nag appear sa screen “TRANSACTION CANCELLED”. my card ejected and my transaction receipt. No cash was dispense and dun sa receipt ko walang bawas. But the next morning i realized na na debit pala ako! DAMMNNN BDO! I immediately report to concern people. the same thing here that i read, walang silbi yung mga call center agent. maiinis ka lang sa mga scripted na sinasabi nila…. i hope my money will get back soon… ingat lagi sa ATM crds nyo…. anyone here they got 100% thier money back?

  19. I sincerely hope that every one who has experienced the same thing and has posted a comment here has managed to get their money back.

    Hindi biro ang mangyari ito especially sa mga panahong kailangan natin lahat ang pera. In both times that this happened to me, nabawi ko ang pera ko in less than a month, pero inaraw-araw ko ang tawag, hindi ko tinantanan ang BDO at ang host bank ko para lang ma trace kung nasaan na ang pera ko.

    Yun ang paulit ulit kong naiisip pag may nakikita akong bagong comment sa post na ito– hindi lahat ng tao ay may oras o kakayahang iaraw-araw ang pagtawag sa BDO at sa host bank nila. Pano nalang yung mga taong yun …

  20. guys.. same problem just happened to me this afternoon..
    but not in BDO,
    see I’m using a landbank atm card, I need fast withrawal and I saw a BPI atm machine. I used the BPI machine and I withdraw 3500 pesos.. no cashout and receipt.. then I immediately withdraw again, this time 4000 pesos, yes there’s a cash dispensed but hell my account was down by 7500 pesos! I reported it to the BPI bank and told me to wait for 3-5 investigation days. How I hope I can still get my 3500 pesos.. same for you guys.. whatever happens, God knows all of it..

  21. It never happened to me since I never used BDO but I experienced the same thing in another bank. The advantage in my experience is that I was withdrawing from an ATM of my bank in another branch. As I was withdrawing, no money came out. I never did a balance check. I dialled the bank’s hotline and did not give way to anyone in the queue. As I waited for more than 5 minutes for someone to answer at the bank’s hotline, viola! The ATM spewed the amount I am withdrawing.

    I was relieved and disgusted. Had I immediately left the ATM, somebody would have gotten my money and, worst, the bank would claim that the ATM released the amount I withdrew.

    Maybe it is the same with the rest.

    Another thing, you can file a complain with DTI Consumer Hotline. DTI would call for a hearing and would summon you and the bank’s representative. I did this for the Sanyo 44″ LCD TV that I bought. It stole much of my time filing the compliant at DTI after exhausting my patience with Sanyo Service Center. Eventually, Sanyo resolved the issue before DTI.

    I asked DTI if they also handle service complaints aside from product complaints and even specified banking-related services..

  22. This is a common issue with banks here in the philippines not only BDO but the problem really was the way this issue is being handled by the bank itself. First, there are two types of cash count/inventory that a particular bank branch must perform, that’s cash on hand-vault and cash on hand-atm. For the cash on hand atm inventory the cash balance are compared to a magnetic tape or a paper roll that has all the details of each transactions be it same branch,same bank, interbranch or interbank and international withdrawals and transfers. They have codes that would reflect if it was a successful transaction, a debit w/o dispense, a dispense w/o debit, short dispense and over dispense. A period of 3 days supposedly is more than enough to determine the validity of the claim and the subsequent adjustment to the account. But hell no that’s not what is happening.People in bank tend to procrastinate if it doesnt put the bank in the “losing end”. The bank has its rules and i would say it doesnt favor the customers but the management and stockholders.The bank will do anything possible to make money be it in the form of neglecting your claims or increasing their charges on dormant accounts, service charges for withdrawals, interbranch transactions and anything their stockholders can think of. See your claims are least prioritized because that is a credit to your account, meaning the bank will give it back to you and for sure it will be withdrawn in no time once they’re done with crediting. The bank in these cases mentioned above is not in the losing end. But what if it was a case of a withdrawal not being debited to a particular account? The bank will debit your account in no time that’s for sure and you wouldnt even noticed that it actually happened.

  23. This happened a few weeks ago. My family and I went out one Sunday afternoon to do our weekly groceries. But before going to the supermarket, my wife lined-up first in a BDO ATM inside the mall, adjacent to a BDO Bank, in SM Marikina. There were around 3 people ahead of my wife, waiting to use the machine. Ahead of the line were two young ladies, early 20’s I guess, directly following them was a chinese looking guy and then my wife. When it was their turn, I noticed that the two “girls” took sometime to finish, but I didn’t really paid much attention as I was watching my kids while my wife waits in the line. But before they left I seem to hint that there were some kind of a problem judging on the look on thier faces. After a minute, a few pieces of 1000 peso bill went out of the money tray, the chinese looking guy ahead of my wife was surprised and won’t come near the machine. Much to my surprise, the guy standing next to my wife sprung suddenly into action, went passed my wife and the chinese looking guy standing next to the ATM machine, and immediately grabbed the money still stuck in the money tray. I caught him saying: “Hala, naglabas ng pera, kanino kaya to?”, talking to his lady companion but acting so excitedly like a kid who just received a big sum of money from his Ninong in Christmas. My wife saw what happened as well. She said: “Ay sa mga dalaga yan, yung naunang gumamit ng ATM.” But the guy holding the money didnt pay attention and just continued talking to his lady companion while holding the twads of 1000 peso paper bills, still babbling words with heightened excitement…actually almost giggling. My wife asked me if I remember how they looked like, obviously referring to the girls, which I didnt take note really but tried going towards the shops near the place hopefully to locate them. But sadly, I failed to. I went back and authoritatively suggested (as I feel that it’s really unfair on the part of the girls, not to judge their looks, but they look like tindera’s/helper sa isang tindahan sa palengke, God knows kung magkano lang sinasahod) that he should surrender it to the guard on duty so he can report it to the bank management. But “this” guy seems to be at a lost as if he and his lady companions were the only people in the premises. Well, to make the long story short, when we left the place, the guy holding the money still has the money, and I’m quite sure the girls didnt get back their hard earned cash. Kawawa naman sila.

  24. bdo debited my account worth P12000, worst is this has been an on-going dispute for 2 months.. =(

  25. Hi Camz, huwag mo lang silang tantanan until you get your money back, let them know you mean business and they will move.

    On a related issue, a friend of mine withdrew paypal funds into his BDO cashcard, something that he’d been doing for the past year already, but this time although paypal confirmed the funds being sent, BDO lost it — 11K lost just like that, like it went through the cracks and now they don’t know where it is.

    Just goes to show that BDO really doesn’t care all that much as long as they’re on the winning side — but if you hammer at them long enough they give in and start doing their jobs.

  26. @bambit – yeah, i have recorded conversations and the receipt is with me.. so if they were having mechanical issues, it shouldnt be my fault.. already told them to include videos if needed to resolve this concern. di pala real time ang system ng bdo.. like i got debited saturday and they show it was monday.. so yeah, right there palang may mali n..

    frend ko experience this concern sa ibang bank they included the video sa investigation so i dont know why bdo wont do the same..

    im planning to ask help sa media if i dont get my money.. its freakin P12000.. super sakit sa bulsa..

  27. This happened to me today at a BDO machine in Samson Road, Caloocan using my BPI atm card. They deducted 10k! The machine lagged for a loong time and never dispensed the 10k. No receipt. No error message. It just froze. I called both BPI and BDO. BPI promised 7 days to resolve. BDO said 15 days. I hope I get back my money sooner than that!

  28. naku! mula nung na debit ako ng 6k sa knila.. nde nako umulit pa sa BDO kahit mahaba pila sa BPI di bale na.. ung kakilala ko na thank you na ang kanyang 6k.. kasi nakapag dispense daw ang machine..

  29. @ANN – so u have a BPI ATM CARD but used BDO ATM?.. haist.. malas tlga ang bdo atm.. kasi they just used a new system to it.. i think its having a serious problem.. goodluck to that.. i sent nga an email to my main BDO branch to wait for any response regarding the undispensed 12k.. But kahit na sorry or anything at all, wlang response..

  30. langya ngayon ngayon lang kinain 10k ko dito sa bdo circumferential antipolo. una nag withdraw ako ng 10k ok naman. tapos nag withdraw ulit ako ng 10k hala naghang na walang lumabas. wala akong naririnig na perang nag bibilang. basta nag hang lang sya. after ilang minutes sabi sa screen “transaction completed” tapos walang recibo. nag inquire ako ulit. sh*t! kulang na ng 10k pera ko. sabi ko sa misis ko baka naipit lang. nag try ako kumuha ng 500 may lumabas naman pero walang naipit na pera sa dispenser. tumawag agad ako sa 6318000 line nila. sabi lang sakin ” sorry at nag uupdate daw system nila try ko daw tumawag ng 6am.” ni hindi man lang ako binigyan ng ticket ng usapan namin kasi recorded naman daw. langya naman..after 5 days ko pa daw makukuha yung pera.demmet!

  31. @BDO_sucks_c*ck – naku dear.. mahirap yan.. kasi di p nmn ganun kahelpful ang mga tiga bdo.. tawag ka ulet.. enweiz, we had the same experience.. di ko rin narinig na nagbilang ng pera.. tapos after nun nakita ko na successful!.. tapos ako nga pumunta pa sa loob ng bank eh binastos lang akoh..

  32. really?

    i just opened a DEBIT CARD from BDO, while reading your comments, im wondering if what bank is the most stable. I dont want that experience will happen to me! and im wondering why is that they still have lot of customers if many of you guys experienced this!?

  33. Hello really,

    Using a BDO Debit card on a BDO ATM Machine should not cause any trouble for you.

    If you read closely, most of the problems related here are for ATM cards from OTHER banks used on BDO ATM MACHINES.

    Our problems do not affect other BDO only clients who use BDO ONLY machines, so that should answer your question of how they still have a lot of customers.

  34. we had experienced this. withrawing without any money dispensed from the atm machine. and we are bdo card holders. and we don’t have plans on using their service again until we get back our money.

  35. me too… ive experienced the worst atm transaction ever… in agoo la union branch of bdo. last wednesday, oct 12, 2011 at around 2:45 pm when i am about to withdraw the salary of my husband. i did balance inquiry first then tried to withdraw Php 4,900.00. I’ve waited for about 2 to 3 minutes but guess what? it did not dispense any amount then suddenly, a message appeared ” transaction not allowed” it says there. i tried it again hoping my transaction will be allowed again, however, it doesn’t. i go to other atm and tried to withdraw that 4,900 thinking that my card has still the amount, but to my surprise, grabe!! wala na yung pera “insufficient balance” ang nag appear sa receipt ko. damn! talga…un lang inaasahan kong pera namin for tis coming weeks. how dare those bdo tellers din na hindi accomodative when i present what happen. they just called a call center agent to assist me daw to do reporting on the main branc of my real bank. how hell they are!

  36. unfortunately ako naman ang latest biktima ng BDO ATM… Nov 15!!

    now lang ata ako nag withdraw ng payday…

    at first i tried to withdraw 3.5k… nagkaerror na unable to process request or something like that… call techinal support churva… so nagtry uli ako with 1k… i saw my balance, same pa rin from the previous balance inquiry before ng 3.5k withdrawal… so okay lang… when i got home i checked my online account…. and hello, nabawas na ang 4500pesos….. haaay (sana di nakuha ng girl sa likod ko…)

    i called the BDO Call Center… got my reference numbers for the 2 transactions.. they’ll process within 5days…

    sana makuha ko ang pera ko agad… every pesos counts at BER months na…. 🙁

    wish me luck!!!

    1. Hi there, hardworkingemployee — update mo naman kami sa status ng DWD mo sa BDO … at least pampagaan ng loob kung successful nga after 5 days (and congrats narin kung ganun)

  37. grabe, this post is dated 21 Dec 2008, almost 3 years and this is still happening! I guess ako ang latest victim hardworkingemployee. 🙁 I will never use BDO again to withdraw money.

    Hi Bambit, thanks for sharing this though it still doesn’t make me feel better. My husband attempted to withdraw 10k from BDO with a UnionBank card and the BDO branch refuses to accommodate any written complaint from our part. How long did it take you to get your money back?

    1. Hello Reggie,

      The first time it took over two weeks before the money was actually restored in my account. The second time, it was a record 5 banking days.

      Ang nakakapanglumo naman kasi ay walang statement or issuance ng kahit anong rules or steps to follow ang mga bangko in general kung paano hinahandle ang DWD cases.

      Ang nakakainis ay parang kasalanan ng internet o ng phone network kung bakit nagkakaron ng communication error, at never itong kasalanan ng either source or dispensing bank.

      kaya tayong mga depositors, clients at ATM card holders ay laging nasa disadvantage in cases na ganito.

  38. Hi Bambit,

    Thanks for the reply. Ang update naman sa case ko is really good news. I think you won’t believe it that I got the reversal within 2 hours from the moment I reported. 🙂 Talagang naghina ako that day kasi that was the first time it happened to me and 10k agad. Ok lang sana kung hundereds lang for a first time experience. So talagang i was on my bed feeling bad and i tried to pray na lang. sa isip ko wala na akong magagawa if magalit pa ako. i called Union Bank and went back to the BDO branch 3 times. the last time i told the guard i needed to file a written complaint kasi yun yung advise ng Union Bank when i asked what is my proof na wala akong nakuha na cash sa ATM eh d naman ni-log ng guard or wala manlang report. BDO just told me to call their hotline and when i called their hotline, they told me they cannot help me but Unionbank. I was so frustrated. I do not know what happened but I am glad i got my money back. worried talaga ako kasi sabi ng Union Bank for evaluation pa. So i asked, if there was a chance i was not getting it back and the agent told me it would depend on the evaluation.

    Anyway, tama ka, nakakainis because the bank is not improving their process on how to handle this kind of problem. kung nakaya sa case ko in 2 hours, bakit sa other cases, d magawa? bka naawa sa akin yung agent sa Union Bank and they followed it up agad sa BDO.

    I’m really hoping nothing like this happens again. thanks again!

  39. hi.. im ram. BDO depositor. i had a bad experienced with bdo atm machine this afternoon in sm calamba. first i withdrew 10k so ok nagdispense ng cash then the next withdraw ko another 10k ayun naghang at walang sounds ng cash machine. lumabas yung guard ng bdo payment ctr ata yun then he cancelled my transaction. sabi nya di daw mababawasan yun sa savings ko. then i checked my balance ayun wala na yung 10k ko pero wala nmn akong nakuhang pera. nireport ko agad dun sa bdo ctr nila sa ground flr. same ng sa inyo call ctr agent din pinakausap saken. 5 days wait ko kasi imbestigahan pa raw. for my delivery sana yun this saturday na. grabe talga im very disappointed.

  40. About Cash Card may problema na raw ang bangko de oro sa ibang bansa kasi sabi ng mga remiitance eh napadala na nila yung pera sa baanco de oro (BDO) tapos tsek ko internet banking inquiry undesignated pa raw ibig sabihin nasa kanila na dba kung nasa kanila na yung pera dapat deretso na sa cash card o baka naman ginagamit na muna nila ang pera para ipondo nila sa ibang account
    Just asking lang po hindi kaya matulad ang banco de oro sa LBC bank na nang magsara hindi raw kasama ang LBC remit pag nagsara ang banco de oro sabihin nila hindi kasama ang SM ????????


  42. just today.. 9:00AM i decided to withdraw 3800 from my payroll Unionbank debit card at PS Bank Kapasigan and the ATm machine did not dispense any cash. Worst. it’s saturday so the Bank was closed. i tried calling Unionbank Customer hotline and PS bank Customer hotline and its frustrating to know that those numbers does not work. 🙁 I will have to wait until monday

  43. Tried to withdraw 3K from a BDO Machine yesterday morning in front of the Sunshine Mall in FTI and it told me after entering my PIN that “unable to get response from your bank” (could not remember exactly what it said on the screen but it was something along those lines)and did not dispense any cash. I did a balance inquiry on another machine and to my horror, it debited from my account without actually having dispensing my hard earned money… Tried contacting BDO and the customer rep said I needed to contact BPI who issued my card. It was on a weekend and I could not get any help anywhere else. Just imagine if you are withdrawing cash in an emergency and over the weekend. BDO ATM machines are disasters waiting to happen. I will never use any BDO service again no matter how inconvenient the situation might be. F U BDO.

  44. tang inang BDO yan…NA debit din ako ng 4K…sarap pasabugin ng mga atm machine nila..talo pa nila mga mg nanakaw..mga walang kwenta ATM machine nila…mamatay na nakaimbento ng ATM machine ng BDO..mga DEmonyo owner ng BDO….swapang sa pera..


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