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At another ATM machine at SM Sucat, Bldg B, the one by the escalator, just outside a BDO Branch. What is it with BDO and Unionbank?!

OK call me stupid for attempting to withdraw my money on a BDO ATM with a non-BDO card/account. But if you shop at SM Sucat there is hardly any other choice. Partly I blame Unionbank for not having enough ATM machines around the city to be convenient for its depositors, but that’s beside the point. It’s not my card either, because I have managed to withdraw my money at OTHER non-Unionbank ATM machines with no issues at all.

Has BDO marked my Unionbank EON Payroll card as undesirable? Have they singled out this card as their one prey to victimize? This is also strange because I have transacted with BDO ATMs successfully several times before with no issues at all, prior to the previous incident of debit without dispense that happened late last month.

And as that has been resolved I had put it down to a technical glitch at that particular ATM machine. But now it seems that another BDO ATM machine has got it in for me. Or maybe the entire BDO ATM system!

Now I know why I should make a balance inquiry prior to a withdrawal, it’s not because I need to find out how much I have in my account, but to make sure that the stupid BDO ATM machine can communicate with my bank. But that means giving BDO 2 pesos and I didn’t want to do that after last month’s fiasco. So I attempted a withdrawal. After a long wait the BDO ATM Screen said “Unable to get a response from your bank” and spit out my card, with no receipt. So I attempted a balance inquiry, which got the same response on the screen, and still no receipt.

Thinking that no transaction had taken place at all I went on with my life with the cash I had left. This was yesterday afternoon. Today I looked at my account online and realized that the P900 I attempted to withdraw was indeed debited, again with the P12 transaction charge.

I reported the matter to Unionbank as soon as I realized it. They filed my complaint, gave me my reference number and said they would pass it on to their ATM Center who will deal with BDO’s ATM Center.

I then called BDO’s Customer Care who—just like the first time this happened to me—said that there is no record of my transaction.

This is something that I cannot comprehend with both instances that the debit without dispense happened to me at a BDO ATM machine.

Why is there no record of the transaction, but THERE IS A TRANSACTION FEE DEDUCTED? Is this a system flaw in BDO’s ATM machine software?

If the BDO ATM Machine was “unable to get a response” from my bank, why was my account deducted the amount and charged the transaction fee?

In my opinion this is a SERIOUS SYSTEM FLAW in the BDO ATM machines that I have transacted on, two different machines in the same SM Sucat Bldg B.

I’m sure I will not see my P900 back before the new year, as the last banking day of 2008 is on the 24th of December. But since I got my money the first time this happened, I am a little confident that I will get it back this time as well.

But things like this should not be happening, and if BDO insists that only their ATM Machines are on SM Malls premises then they must make sure that people will want to use their machines. While BDO have made their ATM machines and branches as ubiquitous as the common housefly, incidents such as these raise the question of BDO’s honesty and sincerity in serving the people who use their services for a fee.

I had received in one of my e-groups a message from a former BDO depositor. Former, because at a time when he thought he had enough money in his account for the minimum maintaining balance. However, he relates that during that time BDO raised its average maintaining balance, which made his account fall below the required balance. He got no notices from BDO regarding this. When the time came that he wanted to make a deposit he discovered that his account had been closed. BDO had been deducting the fine from his account without his knowing it, to a point that the account was closed.

Debit without dispense. Accounts closed without the depositor being notified. If that doesn’t raise one’s apprehensions about being a BDO depositor, then BDO can do what it bloody well wants and no one, depositor or otherwise, can do anything about it.

BDO does it again! Debit Without Dispense!

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156 thoughts on “BDO does it again! Debit Without Dispense!

  1. hmm.. its almost a year from the time i was debited by BDO.. and my 12k is gone.. did not receive any letter from the investigation i filed.. the load that ive wasted using my cellphone to call landline.. never heard from the callbacks i was promised.. my cousin who is an attorney said we can file a case against it.. but i ended up saying no.. i dont want any trouble.. but 12k is 12k.. i could not trust bdo even with the smallest amount already… they scared the hell out of me.. haist!

    1. hi nakuha mo na yung 12k mo just asking kasi recently lang na debit din yung cash ko 10k gusto ko lng malaman if may pag asa pang makuha yung akin. salamat

  2. Camz, I have the same problem with BDO! My payroll account is under BDO so I have no choice but to transact with them. The first incident was January this year, I tried to withdraw from a Citibank ATM. No money was dispensed but it was debited from my account. They gave it back to me after a few days but there is nothing that can replace the worry of not getting back my hard earned money!

    It happened to me again just this morning! This time I thought of withdrawing money from a BDO ATM to minimize the risk of debit but it happened again! The stupid ATM machine logged off and restarted after saying the transaction is now being processed!

    Now I will be going through the excruciating experience of waiting endlessly for their action. This time is worse because I tried to withdraw my whole month’s salary.

  3. I have also a problem with this Stupid BDO ATM Machine. The machine displayed “Transaction Completed” but it doesn’t dispense the cash that I withdraw! Have it reported to the BDO call Center and I’ve followed it up after 5 days and the result of the investigation as per the call center agent is that the Cash was dispensed! This was also happen to my c-workers and my friends using BDO ATMs machine. I think there’s a Flaw on the BDO System not on the specifice ATM machine since we encounter the same on different BDO machine. BDO IT folks please look into this, I have an account with other bank but I’m not encountering this issue. Only in BDO!

  4. Na encounter ko rin kahapon sa ATM ng BDO West Ave. 5K ang na debit sa akin. Friday ng gabi nangyari. Kaya I have to wait for Monday para maasikaso ko.Anong number yung tatawagan? or pwede bang dun sa branch ko na mismo asikasuhin? Sobrang HASSLE! BAD TRIP!

    1. Ian, you know what? I think it\’s better kung may kaharap kang tao pag nagrereklamo, rather than some faceless entity sa phone. buti nalang sayo, on-site atm ang nakadale. Karamihan kasi offsite. Although i\’m 99% sure they will tell you to contact their cust serv numbers, mag insist ka dun sa manager na dun sa office nila lakarin ang pagtatawag. Let\’s see if that speeds things up a bit. Good luck!

      1. Hi Bambit, tumawag ako s unionbank customer care and sabi nila di ko daw kailangan tumawag sa BDO. Any advice? Dami ko na nabasa similar cases and meron mga di na nkuha ung pera.

  5. This happened to me last July 29,2012 at the ground floor ATM of BDO SM megamall. I also have an EON card. Wala naman problema sa transaction, narinig ko din nagbilang na ng Cash yung ATM tas biglang Temporary Unavailable. Check balance ako agad, bawas ng 10,000. Fucking BDO didn’t help, tinanong ko sa guard, 2nd floor daw customer service. Wala din kwenta, naglalandian lang yung cashier wala man lang paki n nasa harap nila ako. Pinakita ko ung card ska balance inquiry slip. Di daw nila problema yun dahil di BDO card, tawagan ko daw banko ko. Sabi naman ng Unionbank magfifile daw sila ng claim sa BDO at 7-15 business days pa depende kung kelan magrespond ang BDO. Putang ina BDO yan, buti na lang di aq umabot sa daily withdrawal limit – nakapagwithdraw pa ako ng walang problema sa security bank sa 3rd floor ng megamall. BDO lang talaga may problema. Ask ko lang, wala kasi binigay na reference number skin ang unionbank…normal ba yun?

    1. Nawalan din ako ng pera sa BDO ATM sa SM Megamall. yung malapit lang mismo sa BDO tapos near din ng Bench. Transaction cannot be processed daw. 500 sana iwiwithdraw ko. Nabawasan ng 511 kasi metrobank atm yun kahit wala naman ako nakuha. : ( Di yun kasing laki nung pera mo pero pera pa din yung 500. Sayang din yun πŸ™

      1. Nag withdraw ako as BDO ROBINSON LIPA ng 10 thousand Peri Hindi lumabas ang pera. Grabe purwisyo.

  6. Ang servicing bank mo naman talaga ang dapat tumulong, in your case (as in mine) Unionbank. But as with all cases of DOD, you should call them everyday until you get your money back. You should call, especially since hindi ka nabigyan ng reference number. Demand a reference number para mas madaling pag followup at hindi paulit ulit ang kwento.

    Good luck!

    1. Bambit, may nakuha ka ba receipt from the failed transaction? It’s been 12 days since I filed the report and wala pa rin feedback from BDO. Tumawag na din ako sa BDO customer service and they don’t even seem concerned and kept saying na another department ang naghahandle – they kept asking for the same details kahit binigay ko na ang reference number ko. I would like to formally launch a complaint to BSP about their malpractice but I only have a receipt from the balance inquiry I made.

    2. TO EVERYONE, please please email! It really HELPS! I’ve already lost hope earlier today and when I got the same response that there is no feedback from Banco De Oro ATM when it’s been 13 banking days since I reported the problem. I emailed BSP an hour after I made the call and checking my account at this time today, I found the debited amount credited back to my account!!

      Thank you to Bambit, this blog and to all those who commented.

      1. Hello everyone, it worked!! I emailed and the money was back on my account. Almost two weeks din akong nag-ffollow up, although BPI yung atm machine not BDO and my bank is Union and just like the others same response lang ng mga banks.

        Thanks Bambit for this blog and Cj and Camz.

        1. After nyo po mag email how long bago naibalik ung cash nyo? I’m with the same cas as CJ no cash and receipt din but my depository bank is Metrobank. I was debited 4,100 almost a month na at wala pa din nababalik kahit follow up ako ng follow up sakanila. I emailed BSP and got an acknowledgment reply. I hope I can still get back my money before my birthday. ????????????????????????

      2. Kua panu b mag email jan sa bsp… panu ung process… mag eemail din ba cla sau n mababalik n ung pera?

          1. Sir nag email po ko kahapon dalawang beses… kc na debit din aku..di aku nag check balance diretso aku nag widraw ng 4600 pesos nung march 26 2015 . Nakalagay dun ” unable to get response from your bank” tapos lumabas atm ko then no reciept no cash. Atm card ko ucpb… bdo atm machine ung pinag widraw ko.. nag enter ulit aku ng ng card nagcheck blance aku 23 pesos ang lman. Kaya pumunta ko ng agency ko kung nhulog b ung sahod ko sa atm ko. Sabi sakin nahulog naman daw.. kaya tumawag aku sa ucpb hotline ng march 26 2015 i think almost 4:00 pm un cnabi ko nga na ganun ngyari… binigyan aku ng reference num. Para pag nag fllow up aku… at sabi skin after 7 working days daw maibblik daw. Tapos ngaung march 27 2015 tumawag ulit aku sabi tinitingnan p nila kung kanina talaga ung my prob. Kung ucpb bank b or bdo.. pinag fflow up n lng ulit aku next week. Naratakot aku baka hindi bumalik ung pera ko… sahod ko un kailangan ko maibalik talaga un. Baka folowup aku ng folowup tapos di naman maibalik. Kayaa ng email aku kahapon dun sa link ni cj.. kua tulungan nyu naman aku kailangan ko talaga ung pera

      3. I just sent an email earlier today after i red your comment i hope talaga matulungan nila kami malaking halaga un para sa amin at pinaghirapan ng asawa ko. Un lang inaasahan nmin. From this bdo experince i will never ever trust them again! Kahit maliit na amount! Hayyyy

  7. ang sarap pasabugin ng BDO! biglang nagshutdown ung atm machine while we were doing the transaction tapos nagoff line then pagcheck namin ng balance wala na ang 10,730 ko! nadebit agad ako na hindi naman lumabas ang pera. this happened oct. 19 ng morning and up to now wala pa din progress sabi ng customer service!

  8. It seems after 5 years, this problem persists and the process is still the same. Happened to me Tuesday this week lang, still waiting for the so called investigation to finish. I decided to withdraw my whole salary, was waiting for the transaction to be processed like what the screen says, then after waiting for a couple of minutes, it said Thank you. Not a sound that the ATM is about to dispense the money, not a single bill went out of the machine. I’m so frustrated with BDO! This is a payroll account so I can’t do anything even if I want to change providers. 😑

  9. I agreed. Just today I tried to withdraw P10,000 and the message was unable to dispense amount. But when I checked my balance on the other ATM machine it’s gone. Totally upset they said it will be 3-5 banking days for investigation.

    1. yeah nangyari din sain to kahapon, ang tagal 3-5 busniess days pa, ayaw nila magpaover the counter πŸ™

  10. I experienced the same situation with you guys. πŸ™ I tried to withdraw 10k in BDO ATM using my BPI card last Dec 25. Tinawag ko agad sa BPI na di nga nagdispense si BDO ng pera. Sabi 7 banking days daw mababalik na sakin yung pera. Pero Until now, di pa rin nababalik sakin. May update sakin si BPI na meron ng certification si BDO na nag dispense daw ng pera yung ATM. πŸ˜• Nagrerequest pa ako ng CCTV footage nung transaction ko for further proof na di talaga nag dispense ng pera si BDO. Pinapabayad ako ng 1,200 for the CCTV footages. :S

    1. same thing happen to me 2 hours ago.. grabeng bdo firstime ko d ko lam panu p mbabalik ung money .. metrobank paycard gmit ko πŸ˜₯

      1. Same hre metrobank atm gamit nmin first tym mag withdraw sa bdo atm machine yan pa nangyare kahapon lang nangyare grabe talaga nakakainit ng ulo.

  11. Same thing happened to me this afternoon. Kinakabahan tuloy ako sa mga comments dito. It’s 25K. Yeah, it’s a huge amount. And I urgently need that money. Baka di ko na din makuha yun tulad ng mga nakalagay dito? Damn it.

  12. well my story was fresh palang,,, i was there at BDO puregold TANZA cavite branch, hindi ko lang dala un passbook ko so i decided to withdraw via atm with the amount of 10k, then it happen lumabas un card ko so waiting ako sa cash ko, 5 mins wala pa din i heard un machine na nagbibilang ng pera para i out, then may orange light sya sa mismo labasan ng cash… pero so tagal, then pumasok ako banko pinabantayan un machine ko then sabi ko sa staff “boss paki tignan mo naman un ATM machine dalawa nga atm machine nyu pero isa lang nagana nag hung un atm nyu” i was with my son na super kulit that time so nagmamadali ako habang hawak anak ko dahil baka kako in a moment lumabas na un cash ko pero reply sakin antayin nyu nalang mam then upo lang sila,,,, ako naman sa isip ko huyyyy mukha magkaka problema para kako d lumaki ayusin na sa umpisa di ba? then un kaba ko nagka totoo walang perang lumabas wala ring receipt pero nun balance inquiry ko aba naman wala na si pera ko,,,, 10k tapyas sakin…. my god naman nanyari un 11:40am then sabi balik ako 12noon dahil system update then sabi nun 1q2 noon down pa din system nila kausap ko hotline then balik 30 mins wala pa din after 1pm p daw tinawagan wala pa din…. system down for maintainance as of this moment… anu ba un ?? naturingan andun ang banko ang empleyado pero un pera ko nawala>?????? anu ba to?? sakin lang nanyari to 10k din un pan operate ng maliit ko biz d naman ako withdraw kung d naman need pera dahil lague over the counter tapos sabihin pa csr ng bdo mag withdraw nalang ako sa atm ng ibang banko anu?????????? na trauma nako sa atm papadagdagan pa ng takot ulit???? mag 2:30 na d pa din makontak hotline busy e tapos pagdating 5pm siguro ala pa din kontak uwian na sila… hay nakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  13. Last May 18, I asked my trustworthy nephew Mike Daryl Bagus to withdraw at SM San Lazaro Department Store Ground Floor on my behalf. Upon checking the current balance at around 1629H and 1631H, my saving account has a balance of PHP 18,335.27 so he withdrew PHP 18,000.00. Unfortunately said ATM machine did not dispense any money or receipt in that transaction. He waited there for a few minutes and at 1638H he checked again the balance and it turned out that my account was debited and the balance is now PHP 335.27 only .

    Right after this incident, he immediately reported it at BDO SM San Lazaro office located at the ground floor and they were able to call the BDO Call Center to report it. BDO advised to wait after 5 working days, but unfortunately when I called on May 24 for a follow up, it turned out that according to your investigation the cash was indeed dispensed by the machine. I even went to BDO Washington personally on May 26 as this was the advised from your Customer Service to report and explain the incident. I was assisted by the branch manager, Ms. Cora and she reported this also.

    BDO is still advising me that Php 18,000.00 was successfully withdrawn last May 18 which is unacceptable from my part as there was no really cash dispensed from the ATM Machine. In this regard, I want a further investigation and I need evidence as a proof that your ATM really dispensed the said amount on May 18, this can be only proven by providing me a video captured by the CCTV when my nephew made a transaction.

  14. hay… so sad.. this happened to me june 10 5pm SM baguio BDO atm machine 3rd floor.. good thing I don’t have the habit of throwing my receipts… alang na-dispense na cash, nakalagay sa receipt “unable to dispense”, so assuming na since walang perang lumabas of course it won’t debit it to my account.. tapos i had a gut feeling to try to withdraw again from a different machine, same mall.. 2nd transaction, another BDO machine, it said “transaction cannot be processed” or something, i vaguely remember na coz until now i’m still frustrated and anxious… tas bigla nagappear “insufficient balance”, kinabahan na ako, so 3rd transaction same machine, nag-balance inquiry ako, wala na… nadebit na ung P9,300 ko, my salary for one cutoff…

    nakakapanghina… i immediately ran to the third floor, asked the guards baka may lumabas na money and nagbalik, wala naman daw… i went to the BDO branch, sa unionbank daw ako magfile ng complaint..

    reading the posts here, i’m not even sure if my receipt that said “unable to dispense” can help in the long run..i already file my complaint this morning sa Union bank, i have to wait for a week daw to update.. no control number.. i plan on going to the bank after a week, not calling, at ibbombard ko talaga sila if they dont do anything…

    i’m still shivering, thinking i’ve worked hard for 13 days for that 9.3k tas nagwowork ako ngayon na nanghihina, like i didn’t get compensated.. may onting onting savings sa BPI to get my family through up until my next payroll… praise God.. and lesson learned not to withdraw from any atm machines na, sundin ko nlng kung saan ung card ko… i pray makuha ko pa ung money…

  15. In addition pla, I experienced this before using Eon card at a BPI machine din naman, as in madaling araw pa yun. walang money na lumabas pero na-debit sa receipt, kinabahan ako, lumipat ako ng ibang machine sa ibang place, naibalik agad ung money. Ang maganda sa BPI automatic ata na pag nagerror ung machine eh automatic din na maguupdate yung system kahit na sa receipt na nauna is nadebit sa account… but to make sure lang talaga, don’t use any other atm machines na kung di naman sa bank mo… mago-over the counter nalang ata ako from now on.. or bankbook… or safety deposit box… hay…

  16. STUPID BDO….BDO – BANCO DE OGAG…..BDO MAGNANAKAW….. ang haba ng pinila ko para makawithdaw sa BDO ATM then nareceive ko receipt with “unable to dispense” then pagcheck ko account online pending transaction NANAKAW NA NG BDO ang pera. BWUSITTTTTTTTT KA BDO this is my BULL SHIT EXPERIENCE with them sa ibang bank ok naman. Try to contact their customer service pero after 3 day pa daw bago nila magawan ng paraan. MAGNANAKAW KAYO BDO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ‘Ώ

  17. Tangina nangyari skn ngayun toh.when i enterd my expectd amount bglng ng insoficient.tapos bgla nlng ng shotdown.nkakabd 3p tlga kailangan na kailangan kupanaman pera ko,bt kailangan nlng mg proces ng gnun,kakainis sadya na nila ang ganung proseso,pg my na deduct sa atm ko sa mondy mg wawala ako!

  18. Naka kuha po ba kayo ng cctv footage? Nawala kasi ung atm ko tpos nong chineck ko nabawasan ung laman. Please help.

  19. hi this happened to me last july 29,2014. same scenario and amount of money. i already called my bank, (eastwest) and told me that they will send a report to BDO. until now I get mo response.

  20. Wala yan sa nangyari saKIn. Nag withdraw ako one time pero nawala pera KO lahat limas. And unang withdraw KO is 6k nakawithdraw ako kc may babayaran me pero kulang and 6k so bumalik ako mag withdraw uli tapos nung mag wiwithdraw nko sabi eh wala na daw akong pera na dapat may 10k pa KO sa ATM ko. Kc 16k all un lahat. Ganun din nag reklamo ako after siguro ng 3 weeks do mila daw ibabalik in pera KO kc na withdraw na daw. Grave tlaga bdo do KO tlaga malaman gagawin KO nun ala nko pera at do tlaga mila binalik kahit Hindi nman ako nag withdraw nun. HINDI KO LAM ANONG MODOS NG BDO TLAGA!!!! AT ANGSUSUNGIT PA NG MGA TELLERS!!!

  21. BDO aegis people support branch Makati city. Last Aug. 8 at 8:30 AM nag withdraw ako ng 8,000 pero di nag dispense ng pera ang ATM na debit ang pera dahil sa ATM nila!! may mga transaction receipt po ako. Nag withraw po ako para pang grocery and pangbayad ng rent pero yung 8000 na yun nalang po talaga ang money ko pero ang sabi lang sakin ng BDO 5-7 business days pa daw mababalik ang pera ko. Wala na kaming pera and matagal pa bago and next payday. Nag iiyak ako sa BDO begging na ibalik na agad yung pera ko kase mamamatay kami sa gutom pero wala daw silang magagawa para mabalik agad and sabi nila sakin na ibabalik naman daw yung pera pero it will take 5-7 business days pa daw. Ang issue pano kami mabubuhay ng walang pera taga probinsya pa kami wala kaming kamag anak dito and nung araw nay un 40 pesos nalang po ang pera ko. Kailangan ko pa po magmakaawa sa mga kasama ko sa office para pahiramin ako ng pera. Nakaka frustrate.. πŸ˜₯

  22. Same thing happened to me just yesterday…i tried to withdraw 10k from my account sa bdo machine..pero im a metrobank card holder.. Sabe ng machine transaction cannot processed.. So nagtry ako sa ibang machine, sabe ammount insufficient na,then nagtry uli ako sa iba 3rd time ganun din..medyo kinabahan ako so naghanap ako ng metrobank machine talga..i checked my balance nawal na yung 10k ko..wala nman binigay saken na pera yung machine..nag aalala ako..sNa maibalik pa yung 10k…antay ako hanggang monday pa para mag report… πŸ™

  23. BDO (Banco De Offline)Is Stealing Poor People Money Silently.
    nag remit ako gamit online banking nila 12,000 instead of transaction number I got an error message, sinubukan ko ulit sa pag aakalang error nga lang sa pag fillout ko ng form yun at error message pa din. Upon checking my account na debit ako 36,000 na walang na rereceive na tracking number. Alive ang website nila pero undergoing maintenance pala. Sabi nang customer service “service fee will no longer be credited”! alangya service ba tawag dun? poor service na nga me charge pa!

  24. The same incident just happened to me. I was withdrawing in ATM at BDO Times Plaza Ermita Manila,2nd floor using my BDO payroll account. It went well until the message “Transaction completed. Please take your card.” appeared. I waited for my card and my money for like 30 minutes and to my disappointment, I called my officemate and asked him to check my card while I report the incident at the nearest bank which is only found at the ground floor (ATM is at 2nd floor). My friend told me that the ATM restarted and is back to normal now, but there was no card nor money that was dispensed. The BDO employee gave my card back and told me that the money was debited already. They told me to call BDO customer service and so I did; but they just instructed me to wait for max of 5 banking days for investigation. I hate it because that was my last money. And just an observation, the employees there have no sense of urgency because they let me wait for another 20 minutes before assisting me. Poor customer service I must say.

  25. Anung number ng customer service ng bdo kainis nga kung kelan kelangang kelangan ang pera mwawala pa banko kau marami naasa na walang problem na mangyayari pero gnun at gnun pa dn wla b kayong corrective action para jann

  26. hi guys, this happened just last night to my husband. BDO ATM with a BDO card. Any updates on your transactions? When did you get your money back? Am emailing BSP now as per CJ’s post.

    Hope all will be well. God Bless sa inyo.

  27. Same incident din sa akin, nagwidraw ako sa RCBC atm ganun din ang tgal nagprocess tapos yun pala walang lamn yung machine, nag balance inquiry ako ang sabe “sory transaction can not be process”, lumipat ako sa BPI machine pero wla din laman nachine sa PSbank ako nagwidraw, pagkatingin ko sa receipt nabawasan ng 10,000 pesos,sana ibalik niu yon, mhirap kitain yung pera..

  28. How to send an email to
    What’s the format or process? Does it really help rather than calling the customer service of your bank? I just had this bad experience the money was debited on my card w/out any cash in return. Salamat sa mga sasagot ng tanong ko.

    1. Hi guys. Same thing happened to me yesterday tried to withdraw 20k. unable to dispense. called customer service from globe landline 1-800-8-6318000, gave reference number. Told me should be credited after 5 banking days. My friends from BDO told me no worries. Common issue. I hope so 😐

  29. Oh no, so this event had been happening since ages & it seems that BDO is not doing anything to correct their incompetent system. It’s like a modus operandi. I had experienced the same unfortunate event 3 days ago. I was debited with 10K considering that it’s christmas season. My card is non-BDO. I already filed a complaint at BDO & also informed my bank about it. When I asked how long will it take to be credited back to my account, the BDO rep couldn’t provide a specific time frame. I am a very calm person (rarely gets mad even with unpleasant & unfortunate circumstances like this) that’s why I let her go peacefully.

    The next day, this time armed with advices from my collegues, they told me to at least try to get mad & be firm in following up for the status of my complaint. I called BDO again & I was told that it’s under investigation, I asked again how long will it take for them to return my hard earned money, I was told 2 weeks. I tried my best to react negatively & used some of the lines that my collegues said: “2 weeks?? magpapasko pa man din ngayon, panggastos namin yan ng family ko saka hindi ko naman kasalanan kung nag system error yung machine nyo” Rep: “Ok po mam, ipapa-expedite ko po to para mapa-bilis ang process” I hope she really means it & that it will somehow speed up the process.

    Today, I am very grateful I found this website, thank you for the one who created this & for all those who shared their experiences most especially to the one who shared the BSP email. My next step is to check with the supermarket where the holdaper BDO atm is located if BDO conducted already their investigation. Then I’m going to email BSP at with my detailed transactions when it happened. I’ll also check with my bank if BDO had already communicated with them before I call back BDO to follow-up my complaint. I’ll keep you guys updated. And I hope everyones case will get resolved. GOD bless!

  30. @eric I don’t think there’s a format. Just send an email containing the detailed incident. I just did few minutes ago. I am hoping that they can help me us as well. Good luck sa ating lahat.

  31. Hassle talaga ang BDO nakadown na pala system nila today Dec.29 2014. di man lng sinasabi sa bank nila. When I widraw through their ATM, ayun na debit ako. THEN sabi ng teller nila customer seevice hotline nalang daw. Eh wla ngang makausap down ang system nila holiday pa nman!!! WORST BANK SERVICE OF ALL!!!!

  32. Hello! same thing happened to me last week @ SM Aura, katabi pa nmn ng mismong banko and then nag unable to dispense bigla. Since ung BPI sa serendra pa, i have no choice but to withdrew sa BDO, are there any incident here na naibalik talaga ung pera? ok lng mghintay bsta my assurance na maibabalik talaga. 10k pa nmn un πŸ™

    thanks! πŸ˜• πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

  33. 😑
    Same instance, di nag dispense yung atm.
    What boggles my mind is sa branch ito nangyari. Why do we have to wait for central office to do the investigation when all resources and data is already available in their branch. Sira yung machine ng branch, walang nilabas na pera, nasayo lahat ng receipt and proof, yung pera galing sa branch naka balanse sa books ng branch, ano pa ba kelangan nila?
    Pag yung order ko na meal sa fastfood kulang ng drinks, itatawag pa ba sa head office yun?

  34. Same with my case here in Hongkong. Nag withdraw ako kanina ng 23k.tapos naka lagay sa receipt d maka dispense ng cash!then when I check my balance!bawas na!ano yun!putik talaga!I need to wait for 5 working days for investigation!I really need my money badly!I hope mabalik pa sa akin pera ko!pinaghirapan kung ipunin!

  35. Same din ung ngyri skin last dec.5 nag widraw me sa rcbc sta bank atm ko na debit me 10k ang tgal mag load ng machine tpos bigla nlng lmbas cannot dispense kya cancel ko ung transaction akla ko wla ng lman ung machine.pmunta me sa bpi pag widraw ko wla na ung 10k ko n report kna nong araw din mismo sa rcbc.ngaun waiting pa rin ako.nka ilng blik nko sa rcbc at security bank wla prin !!!pang byan k p nmn s skol ng anak ko un…

    1. Nagwithdraw din ako sa Security Bank using my BDO card and nakalagay UNABLE TO DISPENSE CASH. I rechecked my card in the same machine and di naman nabawasan. Pero pag dating ko sa BDO and checked my account, nabawasan na ako twice! Very frustrating sa glitches ng ATM machines na yan and hassle on the end of users.

  36. kanina lang nagwithdraw ako ng 700,pero may 4300 pa yung balance ko, tapos nung nakita ko yung resibo 0 balance, nak ng tinapa! aantayin ko monday para pumunta sa bpi branch on how to solve this…

  37. Same thing happened to me way back December 15, 2014. I authorized my mom na magwithdraw using my BDO debit card. Until now d ko pa din nakukuha ang pera. Sa SM valenzuela sya nag withdraw and that’s 12,200. I reported it right away, sabi nila iimbestigahan daw nila, after 5 days sabi nila nadispensed daw and pera. According to my mom, nag check sya ng balance according sa receipt around 12:17pm tapos according sa result nila around 12:23 na dispensed ung pera. Ang malala dun hindi sa ATM kung san sya nag withdraw sa ibang machine sya lumabas (located on the second floor ng mall, my mom tried withdrawing the funds on the 3rd floor). I requested for a CCTV footage sabi nila after 15 days daw. Almost 1 month na, d man lang nila ako na uupdate kung ano nangyari sa request ko. Until I decided na to go to the main branch. Bwisit ang sabi nila wala daw CCTV yung ATM na yun, tapos hindi daw cla liable kasi hnd daw transferrable yung card. Napaka walang kwenta ng BDO. I went to BSP to formally file a complaint but until now, wala pa ring result. Dapat mailabas sa media tong pagnanakaw na ginagawa nila e.! πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ

  38. This happened to me today, I used my BDO card and a BDO atm machine at the 1880 Building in Eastwood. I was so furious I almost wanted to throw my atm and burn BDO to the ground, I mean 10k gone in a matter of 2 mins. I reported it to the hotline, they said they’d mark it as urgent, but heaven knows its just a way to calm me down. I hate it that our company is tied up with them. I hope I get my money back, I still have the receipt that states unable to dispense. BDO we find ways.. to ruin your mornings…to take your money… Curse you BDO! hays

    1. Same scenario.Happened to me dis day,around 2pm at Bdo atm Edsa Central-Shaw 2nd floor.
      At first I withdraw 10k and got it.
      2nd withrawal (wat the fuck ) the machine hang up and takes long time waiting for the money to come out but shit!! Walang lumabas! only the receipt “unable to dispende” ang lumabas. Next i balance and my 10k was gone and debit. Fuck u BDO!
      Tried calling cs hotline but under investigation just advice to wait 3-5 days.hoping to return my money asap!

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