It’s a little disconcerting that a google search for the keywords best diet pills should bring up a whole slew of sites that can guide the would-be weight loser through several methods of bulk reduction. Disconcerting because I’m one of the would-be’s, in a sense that I would like to lose weight but do not really have the guts to do it the natural way—by moving my behind.

I wasn’t always this fat. I’ve gone through my photo archives and realized I wasn’t this fat two years ago. I wasn’t fat in Iligan and certainly was not fat when we came back to Manila. It’s when I got stuck behind a desk that all this flab found its way to my waist and hips and other places that I didn’t know could get flabby. Add to that the fact that since I’m dead tired from working all week, the people at home treat me like a queen on weekends. The queen has forgotten how it is to polish the floor with the coconut husk.

And that’s the big difference between slim me (way back then) and fat me (now). I did my share of work back then, whether or not I worked the entire week. I didn’t have anyone to pamper me, and instead I had to take care of a young son and keep our tiny apartment clean for the both of us.

(Re)Marriage and a larger family has spoiled me.

Whatever happened to the bunot?

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