Today was blog cleanup day for me. Actually I started mucking about late last night with this Structure theme by Justin Tadlock. I’ve seen it on other blogs and I thought it simplified the layout and presentation of a blog.

But one thing I have learned in the past few hours is NEVER to update my blog’s template less than 24 hours after Chelsea loses to ManUTD, never after having had less than the adequate number of hours of sleep after watching the bloody game, and absolutely not on less than 3 cups of Basilan Coffee, ASG blend.

I had practiced on a local wampp installation of my blog and thought I could upload the new theme once I had the template settings down pat on my local computer. But what I didn’t realize is that my lousy categorization was going to create havoc on this theme.

I renamed some categories and removed ones I thought I didn’t need and now I’ve got posts showing up in category tabs that they’re not supposed to be in. I’m going to see what I can do about that from my wp-login but its starting to look like I’m going to get my hands dirty mucking about on phpmyadmin.

Wish me luck. And leave a comment please, on what you think about this new do.

Blog makeover

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8 thoughts on “Blog makeover

  1. Hi c 🙂 thanks I agree, this has a less cluttered look than the previous one. Loads faster too I think. And yes indeed, support pinoy bloggers. I wonder how many pinoy blogs are there in the million blog list?

  2. amfufu a friend of mine said now it was easier to find stuff. I especially like the Random posts tab on the upper right. I spent almost an hour re-reading old posts that randomly got listed on that tab and half the time I was saying to myself “I wrote that?!”

    laz, naa diay ka diri manila bai, wala man ka mag saba-saba 🙂 thanks for the drops, man!

  3. hi, bambit! i so love the new layout! it resembles a layout which title i had forgotten and planned to use but backed out in fear that i cannot successfully install it. how i wish that i can something like this or similar to this. so neat and user-friendly!

    bingskee’s last blog post: Photohunt: Shoes

  4. hi bingskee! I’m accepting orders for makeovers … 😀

    actually it took me almost a day to get this set up right, mostly because i refused to understand the how to, or maybe it was because I was sleepy already. but when i looked back on it i realized if I had just read the manual i wouldn’t have had such a difficult time at the start. There are other magazine type themes out there, pick one and let me know. It may not be as difficult as you think.

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