As many other bloggers like me have realized, blogging can pay. Handsomely for some, quite enough for others who do not blog full time.

I am one of those who have turned to blog monetization for a little extra shopping cash, and the rewards, while not tremendous, have been quite helpful. It feels rewarding to be able to download a few extra bucks into my bank savings accounts from Paypal at the end of every month. But no way can it be called easy money.

Other than the effort and skill involved in writing with advertisers in mind, I have also had to concentrate on search engine optimization skills, albeit for now only in the technical sense. I have Google Analytics running on all my blogs (and Sam’s too), an XML sitemap generator plugin on my WordPress blogs, a Google Webmasters account, which all contribute to bringing me the most important information about my blog and the traffic flowing through it.

I have tried other means of earning income from the internet, the display of text and graphic advertisements, I’ve even tried a few paid clicks schemes. Although only less than a handful seem to work, those that do are good mostly for chocolate money. It’s pretty difficult to believe the testimonials on these paid clicking sites, unless you are a multitasking click happy robot. But still, a buck is a buck and when the buck is at PHP 42 thereabouts, every little bit helps.

Blog money and then some

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