Was all very happy with my Firefox 3 upgrade, and had also installed Mozbackup to make sure I retained my bookmarks from the previous version.

But as days went on I slowly realized something was wrong. My bookmarks were not saving.

Oh they’d still go to the bookmarks dropdown, viewable when I check right after I bookmark them, but after I’ve closed Firefox and reopened the browser, the new bookmarks were gone, just like I never put them there.

Enter Google the almighty. I entered “bookmarks do not save firefox 3” and tried suggested solutions such as making sure that the places.sqlite file which you can find in %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ is not marked as readonly on your Windows machine. But all files stated were not readonly and this solution did not work for me.

Then I found this link to Mozillazine. It reminded me of something I hadn’t touched since upgrading to Firefox 3 — about.config.

Typing about:config (thank you Alex for the sharp eyes) into the address bar in Firefox brings up its configuration window, pretty much like Windows regedit, only for Firefox. From there I typed “browser.places” (without the quotes) in the filter bar. The result looked like this:


Now I did what the Mozillazine article instructed and right clicked on each result. From the flyout I selected “Reset”. Did that right down the list of four results.

user reset

Then I closed about:config and tried to save a bookmark again. Sure enough, it was saved where I put it, and when I restarted Firefox the bookmark was still there.

Problem solved. Now, if you also happen to be looking for Mac memory, here’s one of the best places to go.

Bookmarks not saved – Firefox 3

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7 thoughts on “Bookmarks not saved – Firefox 3

  1. I am also experiencing this problem.

    However I cannot get firefox to open about.config

    every time i enter that address it auto adds the http://www and .com/ and then gives the address not found error page.

    I’m working on a PC is there something i’m doing different or wrong?

  2. I got it via the link to mozillazine. (the problem was I used a . instead of : which i think youve made the mistake of typing in your article.)

    I appreciate the article though, it really helped me sort the problem

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