I maintain a few websites for friends sometimes for small gratuities (money for snacks) and once a year as they renew their domain registrations and hosting services I sit down and jazz them up with new templates and layouts.

This weekend I did my sister-in-law Dr. Faith Mesa-Gaerlan’s org site Philippine Society of Emergency Care Physicians (PSECP).

Couple of days back I gave Danton Remoto’s blog a little facelift. I’m also submitting a proposal for his personal website for the May 2010 Elections.

Just finished overhauling MSU Demolay Rainbow for Sam and his brother Ferdie.

I got a few pics lined up for the Gallery on Gaerlan St., more buses with Bayani stickers for Press this Button, and the Lego Boys invade Chinatown on Do I.T. Yourself.

But they will have to wait for their updates, after all it’s a long weekend. I have another day ahead of me to do that.


Busy Weekend

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