In my years of living vicariously I take Vegas vacations by watching the occasional episode of CSI. My favorite CSI character is Catherine Willows, and Marg Helgenberger to me is one of the sexiest women on t.v.

Catherine Willows

I had always preferred Catherine’s earlier biography (which was to be revised several times within the show), where she revealed herself to be a former stripper. I remember one episode where one potential male suspect tells Catherine that he can’t remember if he’s seen her act before, and she bounces back with her foxy grin, “Probably not, because if you had, you would remember.” That’s how I define a woman’s strength, the ability to blend a colored past with a solid present.

Lady Heather / Melinda Clarke

My other favorite CSI Character is Lady Heather, and even today I still think she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Grissom’s life.

Catherine the Great

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