If you happen to :

  1. be at least 39 years old at the time you are reading this
  2. have gone to school in the Philippines, whether in public or private school
  3. have worn white Spartan canvass rubber shoes when you were a kid

I would like you to play the video and then close your eyes. You don’t need to watch guitar icon Chet Atkins play the guitar as cleanly as only a virtuoso can. But I want you to close your eyes and try to remember when you heard this song for the first time.

That’s it … just close your eyes and think back. You remember now? Good.

I would like you to write what you remember as a comment to this post. Tell me everything you remember.

You’d be helping an old woman get through the first years of old age. There may be some entrecard credits for you too, if you’re an entrecarder.

If you are 39 years old and above…

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5 thoughts on “If you are 39 years old and above…

  1. Back (waaaaay back actually) when I first started attending school, a Monday would start the entire elementary student body lined up outside the campus, in lines radiating from the flag pole. We would begin with a prayer and then sing the Lupang Hinirang while a couple of grade 6 boys raised the flag. This was followed up by the Panatang Makabayan, which was after 1081 augmented by singing Bagong Lipunan (May bagong silang / May bago nang buhay / bagong bansa / bagong galaw …).

    After all that we would do calisthenics. To the count of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 – 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 we would do variations of the arms forward, arms upward, arms forward, arms down (and then sideward up sideward down, you remember how that went don’t you?)

    And we did the counts and the arms raising mostly to Chet Atkin’s Glow Worm. We did the same thing for warming up during PE classes. Glow Worm. There was this other piece by Chet Atkins which I haven’t found yet, but that’s what the video above was about — Glow Worm and my early elementary days.

    I don’t recall when we stopped using glow worm for calisthenics, It may have been in the higher grades when puberty started telling us Glow Worm was for babies. Frankly I may have intentionally forgotten about it myself, but then I had kids. Having kids does funny things to you.

    Like make you remember stuff like Glow Worm and the Sousa marches and white t-shirts with the school logo big as a plate on the front and orange bloomers and white spartans with not velcro but laces.

  2. So that’s what it was. Hehehe Glow Worm pala. I used to know how to play it on the piano MANY years ago but I’ve since forgotten how the tune went. Kaya ko tuloy hindi na mafigure out iyong tune.

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