I envy my eldest son, who just got himself a PSP out of his own money, and an 8GB memory stick to store all his games on. It’s not the PSP I’m envious about though, it’s the 8GB memory card.

My old Sony Ericsson P910i and I have seen better days. Being old and almost obsolete, we can only take the archaic stuff, such as 32mb memory sticks and 70s music. I have scouted for a memory upgrade for this phone and every time I am told that the phone cannot take anything higher than 512mb. Anything higher than that will break the phone, after making it hang and overheat and suffer a general system failure. And I thought yeah I suppose that would be like me. Feed me 90s stuff and I’d freak out (does not compute).

Wish there was some place where we could retire peacefully in pre-megapixel bliss.

Complete memory loss

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