They’re BACK!

Calleigh, Delko, Wolfe and syempre the entire CSI: Miami team is back (and if you believe Horatio’s dead I got a bridge to sell you, says Kuya Maui).

EZTV’s got it on Mininova so if you know torrents, you know what to do. More about this later.

My favorite CSI team is back and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. They’re flashy they’re beautiful and their episodes go over the top and that’s just the way I like it. I don’t watch TV to learn stuff, I got Google for that. I watch TV to be entertained (and sometimes just to lull myself to sleep). So to those who say that CSI: Miami is so jologs (Tagalog street word meaning “tacky”) compared to Grissom’s team, here’s something for you.

For Miami fans like me, click here for a teaser. For a complete episode guide and reviews to this and other CSI: Miami shows since Season One, head on to CSI Files. For research on weight loss product offers in the U.S. click here.


CSI: Miami: Resurrection

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  1. The bridge in question costs five million euros – negotiable, of course – and is located somewhere in northern Tibet.

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