For the first time I may be making a list of CSI: Miami episodes that I DON’T like, which will be mostly made up of episodes with the Julia Winston character in it.

Julia Winston (nee Julia Eberly) is Horatio Caine’s ex-girlfriend and Kyle’s mother who reappears during the murder investigation of her current husband. Horatio met her when he was undercover prior to his Miami assignment, under the assumed name John Walden. The Julia character was introduced in Season 6, right after Horatio discovers he has a son, Kyle.

Even after taking into consideration Horatio’s penchant for women in distress, I couldn’t smile at the final scene of Bombshell, where Horatio kisses the top of Julia’s head. I don’t like Julia and will never ever like Julia and I wish Marisol didn’t die, or that Yelena would have just yanked him aside for some smooching in Season 3.

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CSI: Miami Season 7 Episode 5 “Bombshell”

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