Horatio down for the count

Horatio: Damn, I spent half a paycheck on those Silhouette Titaniums.

CSI Miami Season 6 has just ended with the big H down for the count on the tarmac. But I’m not worried, I know my hero will be back in a few months alive and raring to go.

Even the spoliers at CSIFiles say so. Click right on if you don’t mind the spoilers, stay away if you do. Cable TV in Manila is still showing Season Five so maybe I just should have kept my mouth closed.

If you’re into torrents, the place to go is Mininova.org. Look for the user eztv, he’s got the best stuff on CSI:Miami, as well as other shows on TV.

CSI:Miami Season 6 Finale

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4 thoughts on “CSI:Miami Season 6 Finale

  1. ha ha, yun na nga eh — for me that’s entertainment at its finest — alam nating naglolokohan lang kami ni H pero nagpapaloko parin ako 🙂

    their women are too sexy to be cops and one of ’em even came from a J-Lo music vieo.

    Love his glasses tho… meron kaya nyan sa ebay …

  2. No amanda, Eric Delko suffered enough injuries in season five ep. 15 (Man Down).

    the second to the last scene of the Season 6 Finale shows Horatio lying motionless on the tarmac after being hit by an unknown shooter.

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