The Banco de Oro ATM outside the new SM Sucat Building, the machine near Starbucks, ate P5000 of my hard-earned money last 28 November and has not given it back until today. I am not a BDO depositor, which makes me doubly-damned. Our payroll account is with Unionbank EON.

Granted, accounts debited without dispense are usually resolved between 10 to 15 banking days. That may mean almost a month, perhaps even more considering the coming holidays. Five thousand pesos is no joke to lose. I did not misplace it, I did not gamble it away, I did not spend it on stuff I did not need. No, Sam just tried to pull it out (at my request because I was in Masbate at the time) from Banco de Oro’s ATM which charges me P12 per transaction for doing so. I do not know if BDO still charged me the P12 for eating my money.

Sam reported the incident to BDO’s customer service center (he made the phone call from within the BDO branch inside that same SM building) within minutes. A customer service representative named Giselle told Sam that although the money may be returned within 24 hours, it usually takes between 5 to 10 banking days. Giselle also told Sam that she could not give him a reference number, since the card used was not a Banco de Oro card.

My co-worker Abi called Unionbank immediately after Sam reported the incident to her on the same day that it happened. Unionbank gave Abi a reference number that I can quote whenever I wanted to followup on the status of the money-eating incident. I called Unionbank a few minutes ago stating the Reference number, and I was informed that there has been no feedback from BDO at all since the reported incident.

With rising blood pressure I called BDO’s customer service at 631-8000. I repeated my concern to a Customer Service Representative named Allan. He said incidents like this usually took 10 banking days to resolve. I asked him if he knew why Unionbank has reported no feedback from BDO. He said he couldn’t help me. I asked him if Giselle was around, but he said she was on morning shift. He recommended that I call in the morning at 11am so I can catch Giselle.

I dislike the cavalier manner by which these customer service representatives treat incidents like this. This is not a matter of the depositor being careless, this is a machine failing under their responsibility. In fact, guards at the BDO branch were Sam filed a complaint reported that four other people had reported a debit without dispense on that day on that same ATM. It took them that long to post an Out of Order sign on the machine. It is an endless bout of finger pointing as to who should be responsible for returning my money (BDO says Unionbank will return my money, Unionbank says BDO has not told them to return it as of yet).

I have heard no apology from any BDO representative that we spoke to since this incident occurred, no “Pasensiya na po sa nangyari”. We are being made to feel that the ATM’s failing was our fault, and that we should have stuck to withdrawing from our own bank’s ATM machine. If that is so, then what is Bancnet and Megalink for? What is the P12 transaction fee for? What is the P2 charge every time we make a balance inquiry via other banks’ ATMs?

* * * * *

(Update: Dec 9) Shortly before 10am today I called BDO again and spoke to Jason this time. I told him about my conversation with Allan last night.

Jason gave me a Case Number, contrary to Giselle’s report that I could not be given one since I was not a BDO depositor. Jason also asked for all my contact numbers, because BDO will call me as soon as there is a resolution to this incident. This is better news than the one Giselle gave Sam more than a week ago. However Jason said that resolution time is 10 banking days maximum. If it came to that, I don’t think I’ll see my money back before Christmas.

However, the helpfulness extended by Jason brings me a bit of hope. Will BDO come shining through for me this Christmas?

Let’s wait and see.

* * * * *

(Update: Dec 10) After more than five calls to both Unionbank and BDO this morning I have been informed of the following:

  • There is no record of my ATM Card number having done business with the BDO ATM at SM Sucat. This is what has been reported to me by at lesat three different BDO Customer Service representatives this morning who looked at my case number on file. They did say this could be because the ATM lost communications with their bank during transaction, when it came offline. 
  • Unionbank reports that they have been in contact with BDO ATM Center since the day the incident was reported, but there has been no feedback from BDO on the incident.
  • BDO says they have not been contacted by Unionbank regarding the matter. BDO also says since there is no record of my ATM card having done business with that particular machine they are under no obligation to initiate communication with my bank.

This is pure b.s. If there is no record of my ATM card having transactions with their ATM machine how come I have in my hand a balance inquiry receipt from the same ATM machine that ate my P5,000 reflecting the balance of my account? I am sure they have a record of that transaction, as they also charged me two pesos for the balance inquiry, as well as P12 for the withdrawwal transaction which they say also does not exist.

Unionbank claims that their ATM center is in touch with BDO’s ATM center and that the matter is being expedited. Why does BDO customer care say there has been no feedback from Unionbank? Because that’s what the call center agents see on their system. In other words, the system isn’t worth the current it runs on. In simpler words, BDO’s system stinks.

This morning I spoke to Joey, Camille, Rommel, Reth and Me-ann of BDO Customer Care. None of them offered any token of apology for the incident, all succeeded in raising my blood pressure and distress by telling me the transaction I was claiming is not recorded for that particular ATM. This is unacceptable. If there was no record of the transaction why was there a transaction fee? I made two transactions on that machine, a withdrawal (debit without dispense) and a balance inquiry shortly after, both charged with the corresponding transaction fees. Why are they telling me that those transactions were not recorded?

Is it something to do with the four other victims of debit without dispense that the BDO guards told Sam about, just as they were putting the “Out of Order” sign on the machine? I’m sure the BDO Branch that handles that particular ATM has a record of the machine being reported as out of order, as they did put the sign on the machine. Can’t BDO trace that and confirm that the machine was indeed malfunctioning on that day?

BDO owes me more than just the P12 transaction fee to a failed transaction that has brought more inconvenience to my family that they can imagine. My daughter had to be taken to the ER that same week because of suspected dengue or UTI and we needed that money, money that a BDO ATM terminal ate because of a malfunction and which BDO is now claiming did not happen. 

The case is still open and I am still hoping that BDO as well as my issuing bank Unionbank will come through for me before Christmas. Otherwise I may be saying good-bye to P5,000 of my hard earned money, but I’m telling you now I am not going to let that happen without a fight.

I’ll keep you posted.

Banco de Oro ate my money (**updated 10 Dec.**)

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42 thoughts on “Banco de Oro ate my money (**updated 10 Dec.**)

  1. Sorry to hear this, Bambit.

    In 2003, I had a BDO horror story. I made a withrawal in the amount of 5000 from a BDO atm where I was also a depositor. It was the same branch where I hold my account.

    Going back to my story, the machine dispensed 4500 only. It was 500 short. I panicked and so I immediately went inside the bank to report the incident. They said it will take 5-7 working days to have the amount credited back to my account. One week had passed and nothing. I paid the branch another visit and to my horror, yes horror coupled with anger, they told me that the cash count on that day was correct. And there was no excess money in the amount of 500 which I was claiming.

    I was really frustrated. I resigned to the fact that my 500 was a gone for good. I hate that bank.

  2. I am so sorry to read about this awful experience. I’ve always had a problem with the length of time these banks take to return a person’s money. Sometimes, they don’t even do it at all. There has got to be a more responsive process these banks can use to respond to their customers’ complaints a lot quicker.

  3. too long is 15 days for that. if it’s another bank i could’ve helped you with it. that transaction is recorded by ATM switch. Talk to Unionbank for them to act on your complaint. i posted a reply to you on my blog and possible reasons for this DWD in my paetechie blog

  4. same case happened to me and so, i called up BDO call center and said that I have to wait for 10 banking days for them to reverse back my money. i said OMG the Php1,000 ( (i know this is little) undispensed withdrawal which is machine’s fault not mine but gave me lots of hassles and lots of waiting. they should improve this kind of service; and take actions immediately. though we consider and understand that they’ll be needing some investigations but took them lots of time. their call center only gave you a reference no. and tell u to wait and just call them again for any update.

  5. to everyone who has commented on this post and the subsequent second time that BDO robbed me of my hard earned money — thank you for taking the time to air your grievances here. I’m sure there are more people out there who have been victimized by such poor service, but do not have access to internet and resources such as we have. Pasalamat tayo we can make nagging calls any time we want, just to keep these CSRs on their toes. Pero kahit ano gawin natin, we’re up against people who really don’t care whether we get our money back or not. That’s because they think it’s not their money anyway.

    Which makes me wonder … has any BDO employee been a victim of Debit without dispense — at sana yung mismong CSR ang mabiktima — para maramdaman naman nila kung paano yung biglang mawalan ng pera, parang na holdap ka at banko pa mismo ang nangholdap sayo.

    1. 7years na tung blog na 2 pero hangang ngayon nanyayari parin same happen to me 6500 kinain ng bdo last nov. 8 2015.. balik ba 5000 mo sir bambit?

  6. anak nmn ng tipaklong!!!!ibig b sabihin nito hindi ko n rin makukuha yung pera ko?knina lang nangyari sakin nagwidraw ako ng 9k pang bili ng psp nagmadali p ako kc excited rin ako pinadala lang yung pera ko ng ate ko kaso ang haba ng pila s bdo kya naisip ko magwidraw nlng s bpi pero pagwidraw ko ng 9k wlng lumabas n pera pero yung resibo nabawasan pera ko tinawag ko agad yung guard at sabi nya pasok ako s ofice ng bpi dun ko sabihin ang nangyari..sinabi nung nakausap ko 2-3 days daw imbestigation tapos balik ako folow up ko yung ngyari pero s bdo daw ako punta dun ko claim yung pera ko pero paglabas ko ng bpi dumiretso n ako s bdo pagpunta ko dun pinatawag ako s phone s hot line nila 1-800-10-6318000 sabi nmn nung nakausap ko 10-15days banking d ko gets yung sinabi nya kya pinaexplain ko sabi nya w/in 10 to maximum 15days pwdng maibalik pera ko binigyan nya ko ng reference no. pero kahit maayos ko nakausap mga kurimao n yun tlgng ninenerbyos ako kya paguwi ko nagsearch ako s net bk may mkta akong insident n pareho sakin kaya eto kaso lalo akong kinabahan na sana nilalaro ko n psp ko ngayon pero eto nagpopost ng coment..pero ask ko lang kung sakaling hindi maibalik yung pera ko pwede b akong maghanap ng abugado at magfile ng kaso?sa laki kasi ng kinikita ng mga banko nakukuha pa nilang magnakaw ng pera..yan siguro magndang term para s kanila kasi s mga nabasa ko d2 tlgng magnanakaw sila!!!!..PERO SANA MAIBALIK YUNG PERA KO 9K RIN YUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yesterday, May 28, 2009 at 4:00 pm I supposed to withdraw from my LBP ATM an amount of P1,000 at BDO Cagayan de Oro, Divisoria branch… but horrible thing happened, no money, no receipt came out. The receptionist give me a toll free number for me to inquire my complaint, a number that will be answered only by machine and will only give you menu that will not suit your concern. We experienced the same predicament. What shall we do now?

    1. 7years natong blog na to pero hangang ngayon nanyayari parin same happen to me 6500 kinain ng bdo last nov. 8 2015.. 6days na wala parin daw feed back ang bdo sa bank of commerce bank ko

  8. Last may 29, 2009, it was our payday. That day I went to South Cotabato just to attend my brother’s wedding ceremony. My sister and I inquired and tried to withdraw money inside KCC Mall, South Cotabato. The machine dispensed money for the amount of 4, 000 pesos. My sister was so excited but when we attempted to get the money, (I just almost got it) their system already closed.

    We reported it to the Customer Service at that mall. I was being told to report it to BDO itself. Unfortunately, it was non-banking hours already so we went bank on that place on the next day.

    I was referred by the account rep there that I have to call the BDO hotline. I reported it and I was asked again by the call center agent to report it to BPI.

    I called BPI and was informed that it may take 1-3 banking days. I called on the 3rd or 4th day and they just said there were still waiting for the BDO feedback. It so frustrating coz I waited 2 weeks or more and just a message that , “there was no problem with their system, no error, and had no problem with it. I mean that bullshit! BAKIT AKO MAGKO-COMPLAIN KUNG WALA NAMAN AKONG DAHILAN. DI AKO TANGA AND WAG NILANG GAWING TANGA ANG MGA TAONG NABIBIKTIMA NILA.

    I kept calling BPI, it’s almost everyday! Asking for any update or kept on inquiring to ATM to see if they already credited my money. PERO WALA PA RIN TILL NOW.

    AS WELL AS TO BPI, they cannot do anything about this incident. They pushed me back to my maintaining branch where is BPI LIBIS Eastwood pero ala daw silang magagawa.

    I am planning to raise and complain it to media. Lalo na ngayon, maramin palang cases na ganito.

  9. There something smelly going on with this bank.. GUSTO KO LANG IBALIK nilang pera ko, natin. They should have all the records on that day as well the money they put in on the atm, the money dispensed for the clients and kung magkano natira sa machjine nila.

  10. badtrip tlga BDO,they ate my 8thousand pesos last 17 june 2009 and till now hind pa naibabalik…….. sarap pasabugin ng bank nila huhu…. money q nman un hind nila…. what a service….. dpat i banned na lng yan……

  11. it happend to me last monday! i tried to withdraw my cash on a bdo atm machine, 5k din! i was using a non bdo card. i cancelled my transaction when i try to withdraw, kase sobrang bagal ng atm machine nila, to my suprise nabawasan ang account ko! wala man lang receipt, walang cash na lumabas! is this some kind of scam? i reported to my bank, sabi nila bdo daw dapat ang umayos nito! kze kung tutuusin m nga, atm machine nila un! i went to bdo, tapos tinuturo nmn nila sakn ang bank ko! pinagpapasapasahan nila ako who has to fix my problem! i hate banks, i never like them in the first place, ngaun i hate it more! ok lng kung hundreds lng, ill let them pass. pero it was a solid 5k hard earned cash!

  12. same thing happened to me but with BPI. But the thing is, as soon as no money was dispensed from the machine but an amount was deducted from my account, i called up 89-100 bpi hotline and reported the incident. after giving out the details of my account and the machine that i used, they advised me that the money would be back in my account in 2-3days. After 24 hours, i checked my account and the money was back.

    I have always been a fan of BPI services except for some of their customer reps that doesn’t know to handle calls and assist querries. haha. but then, it’s always been an ease banking with BPI. Never had any serious complaints with them 🙂
    .-= kers´s last blog ..God hears my sighs and cries =-.

  13. any update those people like me who ate our money by DAMN BDO MACHINES? Naibalik na ba nila? tnx

  14. ngyari din ito sa akin. nagwithdraw ako ng 2,000 pesos with my Landbank atm card sa BDO-dvo city. wlang lumabas na pera at ang tagal lumabas ng atm card ko, at ang nakalagay sa machine the transaction cannot be proccessed. nang lumabas card ko, try ako ulit mgwithdraw, nakakuha ako ng 1,000 pesos pero pagtingin ko sa resibo kulang na ng 2,000 pesos. pumasok ako sa bangko at ngcomplain binigyan lng ako ng toll number at sabi puntahan ko dw ang Landbank dun dw ako mg-ask. gensan pa kc ako ngwowork, hassle tlga sa akin kung ipapasa-pasa nila ako. hanggang ngaun di pa rin nabablik pera ko. nakaka highblood tlga!!! at hindi accomodating ang mga clerk sa BDO.

  15. now i hate BDO

    mag wiwithdraw sana ako kanina ng 8000 pesos pang dagdag sana sa bibilhin kong 2nd hand LCD TV..i working as free lance buyer and seller online..
    so nag deal kmi to buy his lcd tv..npagkasunduan namin na mag meet sa trinoma ng 8pm.his from cavite pa and i was from tanay bitbit nya yung 32inch lcd tv nya from cavite to trinoma..umalis ako ng bahay na kulang ang dala kong pera pambili ng tv nya.komportable naman kse ako na mkakapag withdraw ako..dumaan ako ng megamall to withdraw yung kulang na 8k..nag-antay ng mahabang pila,when the time na ako na ang mag wiwithdraw,i insert my ATM card,then choosing how much money i want to withdraw,then waiting for my money to despense..but unfortunately the machine did not despense any cash and saying “ACCOUNT DOES NOT EXIST” naghanap ulit ako ng mga BDO’s ATM machine pero lahat ganun tinext ko yung ka-deal ko na may problem bka di matuloy yung deal namin..but he say “nasan po kayo sir?help ko po kayo try po natin sa ibang machine”so i said “ok’ just to prove na may probs talaga about my ATM.then he go to megamall to help pero wala ganun talaga,.then he suddenly cry and he say “kinancel ko yung ka deal ko d2 sa lcd tv kse mas malaki ng 200 pesos yung offer mo”..then kinowento nya na he needed a cash badly for emergency purpose that time.dko na inask kung ano..naghanap kmi ng bukas na BDO just to withdraw over the counter,but they are all closed..naawa talaga ako sa ka deal ko.kse alam ko kung gaano nya kalayo bitbit yung 32inch na Tv ng dis-oras pa ng gabi tapos biglang wala lang pala.but i have no choice but to cancel our deal na hiyang hiya..binigyan ko nalang xa ng pang taxi pauwi..

    the main point is maraming napiperwesyong mga tao dahil sa bulok na sistema ng BDO..what if hes realy need the money bcoz of medical expenses of his loveones inside the hospital and need it badlly?

    until now wala pa akong nkakausap na costumer service..and sarado rin yung bank that time kaya dko na-ireport..firstime lang nangyari sken to and dko alam ang gagawin ko pa..and i realy dont know if maibabalik pa ang pera ko..

    maybe magpapalit na ako ng bank and never nko mag dideposit..
    dapat i banned yung mga ganyng banko..
    nkakasira ng buhay ng tao…..

    sorry for a long story..:))

  16. Same thing happened to me last weekend May 21, 2011 when I was in SM Megamall to buy a book for my daughter which she was eagerly wanting to have that day. It was in the middle of the afternoon and my kids were hungry so before going to Powerbooks I dropped by Banco de Oro, my issuing bank, at the upper ground floor in SM Megamall Bldg A to withdraw some few bucks for our snacks. But to my surprise, the ATM machine did not dispense the money and oddly the screen displayed a “Get Cash” message and it printed a transaction receipt showing a debit from my account– Is this a joke??? or is the machine dumb??? Immediately after, I went inside the bank and reported the incident but instead they advised me to call their call center hotline 631-8000 which I did and in response to my complaint, they gave me a reference number. The customer service representative who was attending my call told me that it will take 5 banking days for them to resolve the problem (something to do with investigation and balancing). Anyhow, during my inquiry with them, I discovered that they usually receive 1 to 2 incidents with the same type of problem per day, which I feel very alarming. Base on the number of incidents I found on the net (forums and blogs) having a situation of undispensed funds specifically with BDO ATM machines, it is already quite alarming for the depositors. Where does all the undispensed cash goes to? if ever the funds are not credited back to the depositors account which is already prevalent base on the number of cases on this blog site. May it be small or large amount of money involved, bottom line is.. it’s a hard-earned money and the bank has no right to detain that money from us.
    I am not rich, 2k pesos for me is more than significant and I will not let this die down without a fight.

    At the end of the day, we went back home with an empty stomach… 🙁

  17. OMYGOODNESS, I wrote this post in December of 2008 and debit without dispense is still happening!

    It has happened to me twice, and both times I got my money back, but with unbelievable hassle. It is shocking to see that there are people who actually do NOT get their money back!

    There has to be a way to bring this to light and get resolution from BDO regarding Debit without dispense. Some users have reported success from complaining with the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). But the thing to getting success with complaining is to constantly hammer at them. Which is how I got my money back.

  18. I also have the same experience 🙁 I attempted to withdraw 5k with my BDO ATM at a BDO ATM machine here in Makati. I was told to wait for 5 banking days, today is the 5th banking day but still there’s no update from their end. It’s just frustrating because no matter how many times you call their hotline, the agents can’t give you the clear cut answer as to when they can give my money back. I even went personally to the branch but to no avail. They still advised me to their hotline. 😥

  19. This has just happened to me tonight. Went to the ATM and made a balance inq. it told me that i had 5000 php in my account. I made a withdrawal and it prompted that it was a successful transaction. No money showed up. I balanced inq again and it says that my account holds 0.00 php. WHERE THE HELL DID MY MONEY GO? I’ll go wild on these guys tomorrow. They have no idea what im going through right now because of that stupid machine. Any tips guys on how i could get my money back?

    1. Hello Eugene, I certainly hope you got your money back by now. I also hope you got printed receipts, of which you made scanned copies of, ready to email to the addresses that customer service may give you. I also hope you have the time to hammer at them 2x a day at least, even if they tell you to call in x days, dapat talaga 2x a day ang tawag. To both your bank and the ATM bank. Good luck.

  20. yung salary din ng husband ko..actually hsbc card holder BDO ATM lang xa nag withdraw..last jan14 xa nag withdraw, reported the incident already,,sabi 3-5 days daw,,but till now wala pa rin..:( DAMN BDO!

  21. GUYS I HAVE AN ONGOING CASE WITH BDO RIGHT NOW with the help of bsp ( I have been receiving emails directly from AVP’s of BDO. unfortunately wala pa rin nangyari, i still cant have my money. I guess its time for bsp to realize how bad the BDO ATMs’ are

  22. Hello Camz and Airesh

    I think the only advice I can give you now is to call BDO — twice a day everytday — nabawi ko yung pera ko, but only after much shouting, glasses of water to bring my blood pressure down and even more phone calls.

    Or let\’s start an online petition calling out to all who have been victims of incidents such as these.

    Wala man lang statement ang mga banks regarding DWD na makikita sa internet.

  23. calling them twice a day.. i did it thrice a day or much more.. with recordings.. but nothing happened.. even if i have been exchanging emails already with BDO AVP’s for their consumer affairs, and even the consumer affair representative from bsp can only do so much. i guess, the only thing that we need to do right now is to wait of how much customers can experience this and see who among us would have the courage to voice it out through television. hehe..

  24. today at the BDO 118 west avenue branch BDO atm machine stole my money! i withdrew 3,500 and nothing came out! and like everyone here i was refered to the customer service on the phone ! which only said that they will investigate 5 to 10 days after! i needed the money badly for medicine for my little girl! what should i do?
    pls advice me.

  25. This incident of an ATM debiting an account without disbursing cash also happened to my friend yesterday night in BDO ATM at Enterprise Center, Ayala Ave. Makati City. We are very disappointed with their poor services. If anyone from this website has a planned on how to address this matter in anyways, please let us informed because we are more than willing to extend our help just to stop this incident of stealing cash!

  26. is this thread still up?
    Just want to share my exp recently and as of now the money is still not yet returned.
    my bank is bpi and tried to withdraw in metrobank for 10k , but to my surprise there’s no money dispensed, it happened during dec 20,2014 been calling bpi also filed a report on metrobank but they just keep on saying that they are waiting for metrobank feedback, is their any way that we can file a legal complain? thankyou

    1. I hope we can file a complaint against these MF… They’ve wasted a lot of our time and resources, put us in huge amount of shame and emotional distress, I bet the court would find that enough to put these banks to their places.

  27. Gusto ko lang ishare base on my experience about undispense withdrawal. Kahapon lang to nangyari (february 15, 2015). Nagwithdraw ako (BPI bank) ng 5k tapos bigla namatay yung machine. Kumbaga nagrestart siya. Then naghintay ako ng mga ilang minuto. Ang nag aappear sa screen is yung command prompt na sinasabing may error. umalis ako dun to checked may account from other atm machine which is nadeduct na yung nawithdraw ko na 5k na diko naman nakuha. Since sunday at sarado bangko nila, nagemail ako sa bpi. Kinuwento ko kung ano nangyari. May quick response naman sila. Tinanong ung fullname ko. Yung huling apat na numero sa account ko. Address na kung saan ako nagwithdraw at withdrawal receipt kung meron which is wala ako nun kac namatay bigla yung machine. Sabi imbestigahan muna nila at maghintay ako ng 2-3 banking days. Nag email ulit ako at tinanong ko kung pupunta paba ako sa BPI branch nila para ireport ito o maghintay nalang ako ng 2-3 days. Kinaumagahan (february 16, 2015) i check my email. May reply ulit sila na wag ko na daw ireport sa BPI branch, icheck ko nalang daw yung savings account ko dahil na ibalik na daw yung pera ko. So i check my account and then ayun na naibalik na nga yung 5k ko. swerte ko naman at dina ko naghintay ng 2-3 banking days. 🙂 (24hrs lang)

  28. I guess these banks really have a knack of FINDING WAYS TO STEAL OUR MONEY… I had the similar experience last Friday Feb 13 2015 when I tried to withraw 10k from a pharmacy. It was supposed to be used for medical expenses and I have tried to use other ATMs around the place with no worries. I have a BDO ATM and used an RCBC machine. After I placed the amount and hti enter, the machine told me it cannot dispense the requested amount and it would JUST GIVE BACK THE BALANCE. BS!!! Ive checked my balance afterwards and found that it was indeed debited. I tried to call BDO and they gave me a reference number where they will do an investigation which requires bank to bank coordination. AND IT CAN TAKE 15 BANKING DAYS.. I told them to F*ck off and give me the money since it is for medical purposes, but to no avail. It’s been four days now and still BDO cannot give the money back. I’ve spent a lot of money for gasoline, wasted a lot of time and missed a lot of business opportunities because of this hassle. I would like everyone reading this to help me raise an alarm to BSP that these Banks are FINDING WAYS TO STEAL OUR HARD EARNED MONEY. I’ll be trying my luck into getting the MEDIA to stop these BANKS’ SYSTEM GLITCH.

  29. 😥

    I can’t believe talaga palang nangyayari yung nade-debit yung atm.
    It happened to me this afternoon bago pumasok sa work. sakto pang Friday the 13th sobrang malas ako natsempuhan. I withdrawn 6k sa BDO ATM machine then nakasulat sa receipt unable to dispense kaya umalis na ko. lumipat ako iba ATM machine, hayun nakawithraw ako ang kaso, nabawas din ng BDO yung 6k kahit walang inilabas na pera! I was shocked! I immediately call my ATM’s bank and sabi ! week pa daw maayos! Hays! Sobrang stress kasi siyempre its my salary to pay bills ma dedelay dahil sa BULOK na service ng BDO! I’m hoping maayso nila agad to! SO STRESSFULL!!!! 😈

  30. This happened to me twice. The first incident was around March 2014. I withdrawed 10k from the One Network Bank in Gmall Bajada Davao City and mo money never went out. I panicked but i reported it immedietly to Unionbank. They returned it after 16 hours. The second undispensed atm withdrawal happened last July 12. I withdrawed 6900 from Metrobank ATM Machine in Gmall Toril Davao City but no money went out. It took around 2-3 minutes for my card to go out. I went home immedietly and called their toll free number since it’s a sunday. The following day, I went to Unionbank and reported the incident. They said my money should be returned within 3 days to max of 3 weeks. I hope they will return it to me immedietly. I swear I will withdraw money from the teller and never from an atm machine again. Better to lose a 100 pesos fee to withraw the money from a teller than t be hassled and tramatized by the poor and slow system of investigating these incidents.

  31. 😈 hi good pm.share ko lang experience ko sa eastwest atm machine ako nag withdraw ..bdo ang card ko mga 10 am at veranza mall gensan.4500 ang winidraw ko pero hinde ko naka wihin a seconds ..tapus kinain ulit ng machine ang pera ko..nag punta na ako sa bdo branch santiago gensan para sa complain binigtan nila ako ng ref number..tapos wait daw ako upto 15 days.makuha ko pa kaya pera ko please advise me ano gagawin ko..thanks

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