This was one of the writings on the wall at Kape Tasyo where Bunso and Eva’s wedding was held. We’re still putting together an online album for that, but I thought this was appropriate for any similar occasion. Love may think that marriage is the warranty certificate that assures the buyers that should anything go wrong, the terms of the warranty will be honored.

No Warranty

Apropos to that, the venue itself was quite interesting, with posters checkerboard on the main wall with quotes from the Noli Me Tangere, both in English and Tagalog, of the part where the Philosopher Tasyo explains to Crisostomo Ibarra why he writes in ciphers.

Because I’m not writing for this generation, but for other ages. If this generation could read, it would burn my books, the labor of my whole life. But the generation that deciphers these characters will be an intelligent generation, it will understand and say, ‘Not all were asleep in the night of our ancestors!’ The mystery of these curious characters will save my work from the ignorance of men, just as the mystery of strange rites has saved many truths from the destructive priestly classes.*

Place could have really used a couple of dehumidifiers though.

* excerpt from Chapter XXV “In the House of the Sage” from the Noli Me Tangere, as translated by Charles Derbyshire, obtained from Project Gutenberg.

No Warranty

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  1. Tin, Kape Tasyo is a short hop after you get off at the Anonas Station of LRT-3, also known as the Purple Line. Take the westbound exit and walk on and turn right at the McDonald’s at the corner. You will see Anonas Complex on the left, crossing the street. The place is actually now a haven of internet cafe’s, with Kape Tasyo sharing the second floor with even more internet cafe’s and a billiard hall.

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