A page on this blog expressly states that I am making a bit of money from writing here. It’s a late decision on my part, after having heard about other bloggers who have actually quit their jobs in favor of pro-blogging. What I do, in fact, cannot even be considered pro-blogging, as I do not have a specific niche, and can hardly even call myself a jack-of-all-lanterns. Definitely not a master of anything.

LincolnSo while I am not in the league of those who have bought cars and expensive gadgets and the like solely out of their income from blogging, I would like to say that some of the links on this blog have allowed me to pay for another year’s registration and hosting (and a bit of bandwidth upgrade) for this domain and a few of our small clients’ sites as well. And I’ve only been in this since early February of this year.

What I’d like to say to anyone who’d like to try paid blogging is that some of the services that offer it do work, some do pay on time, and some do not require you to write reviews of products that are not available where you live or of places that you’ve never been to. Some services allow you to be as creative as possible, so you are actually able to blog AND earn a bit on the side.

To me this is actually better than the “tip me” schemes that I’ve read about recently. Tipping a blogger (usually via Paypal) for an article that the reader may consider helpful to himself arose as an alternative means of blog monetizing, in the aftermath of Google’s Page Rank slashing spree that penalized a lot of high PR blogs for having paid link ads. Better in the sense that I get paid for writing something that I do want to write about. If a reader found my post, read it and entered a comment (don’t forget the reCaptcha) that is more than enough thanks for me, no tipping is necessary.

Disclosure update

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  1. I haven’t tried this although I remain open to the idea. I just don’t want any third party imposing any limits to what I can or cannot write on my blog and that’s why I’ve been reluctant to get into paid blogging.

    Thanks for accepting the tag. Please e-mail me at newbakerstreet@gmail.com so I can e-mail you the code. The code’s no biggie for it simply contains the site addresses of the people I listed on my blog entry (the ones who have done the tag before). Thanks again, Bambit. 🙂

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