One of the most difficult aspects of marketing your business is branding. Some startup companies do it the simple (read: cheap) way with a word processor and built in graphics. But logo design is not just jazzing up a wingding on a photo editing program. Designing companies know this, and will charge you an arm and a leg for designing your corporate identity.

Not anymore.

You can design your own logo and branding on It takes less than five minutes to come up with a business card design on Logoyes, what will probably take time is going throught the vast number of choices available for your logo, colors, typography and layout.

Clicking on the “Try it FREE” button on the homepage will take you to the logo creator. You can choose between High Tech, Bold and Flair, each Image comes with a number of pre-designed logos for you to choose from. The logo creator is fast and easily navigable–you can’t get lost with the progress bar at the bottom of the screen: Image, Industry, Symbol, Name, Layout and finally, Buy.

My business card

Can’t even decide on what image is right for your company? Click on the FREE Image Calculator at the right side of the DIY logo screen.

Logoyes takes the design hassles out of branding.

Just follow the instructions carefully and you will be rewarded with a logo and business card template fit for the Fortune 500.

DIY Branding can be Fun!

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