I have just learned that there are at least twelve (12) different types of cockroaches that are considered household pests. A quick look at the Terminix pest library told me so. The type of cockroach I hate most is the flying kind, it makes my skin crawl when they do that. I remember when I was a little girl I used to scream when I saw one crawling on the floor or on the wall, and when one started flying around I would be distraught. I think Maia takes after me that way.

But motherhood does things even to one who used to be the giddiest girl. When one becomes a mother even the creepiest crawlies lose their scariness and become potential victims of the famed slipper-slap. Current location of the creepy crawlie doesn’t matter much to me, whether on the wall or on a chair leg or on a table top. I have honed my slipper slap to automatically adapt to the surface on which the cockroach is currently perched. The result is always perfect extermination, hardly any yucky juice (if any at all) to wipe away and spray disinfectant on.

Ipiiiiiiiis!I’ve gone to work on buses that had the smaller variety cockroaches, the light brown ones that like hiding behind the curtains or in the cracks where the glass windows are supposed to settle in when you open them, which is not too good for me because I like sitting by the window. I usually get to squish one or two at least once a week on the way to work. One thing I’ve observed is that I see them only in the morning, but never on my way home from work.

Today’s technology has allowed for non-stinky means of how to get rid of such pests. I can get insect spray that smells more like disinfectant and even almost like air freshener instead of kerosene. For the bedrooms I favor the mosquito pads that you stick into holders that plug into ordinary convenience outlets, over the old style mosquito coils.

These days there’s certainly more than one way to keep the bedbugs from biting.

Don’t let the bedbugs bite

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6 thoughts on “Don’t let the bedbugs bite

  1. Cockroaches were and still are a big problem at my folks’ place in Manila. Those things don’t really go away and are quite hard to totally eradicate. No wonder they’ve managed to hang around for millions of years.

  2. I can tolerate cockroaches but I can’t tolerate mice, rats, rodents, antyhing that looks like one 😀

    (btw, Maia is enjoying her pool ha… we bought a pool for Yakee too and he loves it)

  3. Roaches are very easy to get rid of. If you use a professional pest control company, use one that has a good reputation. If the company tells you it could take a year to get rid of them…get another company. No matter how bad the infestation is, 3 – 4 months and they be gone!

  4. Panaderos, cockroaches are to the environment what Keith Richard is to drugs. Some chemicals can eliminate cockroaches. We yet have to find one that does the same to Keith Richards


    Delish, ako baliktad, I can look at a rat run across electric wiring from one post to another (hehe yuk) but I cannot stand to look at a cockroach. *slap!*

  5. Pareho pala tayo, Bambit. When I see a cockroach, kahit gaano kaliit (except for the light brown ones), hay naku, I freeze, I can’t even run. But a few years ago, when a big one kept flying around the house, my instinct was to run away but instead, I picked up my slippers, aimed at the cockroach and when I thought it was about to fly — whoosh! — bullseye! I couldn’t believe I hit it from as far as 15-20 feet! Ganyan pala ang nagagawa ng adrenaline rush. 😀

  6. Cockroaches are creepy and yucky, but actual bed bugs give me nightmares.


    They’re nocturnal flesh-eaters. They’re hard to kill. The multiply fast. Oh, and it seems like the whole country is experiencing bed bug infestations.


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