Printer owners in the Philippines might do well to be as fortunate as those from New York to Los Angeles USA. They have direct online access to carries cheaper substitutes to branded inkjet and printer toner cartridges. You might think of it as the cheaper medicines bill for printers. susbstitute inks for branded have replacement ink and toners for printers from Apple to Xerox and even has fax supplies for Brother, Panasonic and Sharp fax machines.

What needs a bit of improvement on their website though is the lack of a direct search facility for people who don’t have time to click through the choices. It won’t hurt to have a main search page with drop-down choices for brands, drilling down to type and part number. Even an “enter part number” box would be quite helpful. Perhaps we will see this on their site in future. susbstitute inks for branded printersThey keep their stocks affordable by selling exclusively online, where their ordering facilities are hosted by Yahoo stores, and vouched for by BBB Online SSL Certificates. They also have a toll-free number at 800-848-7232 cartridges and toners are not only guaranteed defect-free for 365 days, they even have a 30-day return policy, no questions asked. Purchases can be paid for by credit card through PayPal.

Don’t think it, it.

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