overworked-underpaidIt’s a manager’s nightmare, when a team member leaves just when clients are coming in and bringing more work our way. I for one do not blame people for looking for greener pastures (LGP, as opposed to Looking for Better Management- LBM). But for one to abandon ship just when things are definitely picking up, well … there’s really not much I can do about that except look for a replacement.

I’m not looking for some top-notch developer with code coming out of his ears. I want someone teachable, a fast learner and not averse to a night or two nights of overtime (with free dinner) in a month. But the pattern we seem to have reached at our workplace is everyone wants to join the tech group, and no one wants web development.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the non-challenge. My brand of web development is to create something attractive with a backend that the client cannot destroy. That means Joomla / WordPress and a good designer and a php coder. My brand of web development is to make it as easy for the client to maintain his site, with the minimum of help from us, so we can pick up and do other things.

I did get to interview a couple of guys, with two more perhaps next week (if they show up, because some of them email back and then do not show up). But until then the workload of the guy who left rests squarely on my shoulders, and I am doing double time again.

All work and no blogging makes for a stressed out Bambit. I look like someone an insurance agent would hesitate to give a life insurance quote to.


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5 thoughts on “Double-time

  1. hi,

    i remember reading an article here re how you contacted google when your hubby’s site lost its PR. you said google responded and brought back your hubby’s site’s PR. may i know how you contacted google.? i also lost my PR and I would just like to maybe do what you did. 😀 tnx

    desperateblogger’s last blog post: Grandma’s Axilla Plus

  2. Hi ceblogger — wouldn’t it be great if we had enough good paying jobs here that would employ people and compensate them for their actual talents

    sis mari — as for me stick nalang ako muna to the devil i know 🙂

    hey desperateblogger — google giveth and google taketh away. I did write to Google via the link in the dashboard on my google.com/webmasters account. If you don’t have one do sign up for one. If you already have a gmail account, you’re halfway there.

    Make sure you have sitemaps for your blog / website and that you have submitted them to google webmasters via your account. Also make sure that you have verified your site. Site verification with google webmasters is easy, just follow the instructions on the site and you’ll be ok.

    On the dashboard of the Google webmaster tools, over at the right hand side is a list of links, the last of which is Request Reconsideration.

    When you click on that link you will get to a page where you can indicate the blog that you are requesting reconsideration for, and you will be asked to provide details about how your think your blog lost its page rank. You should read the Webmaster guidelines available via a link on that same page, to make sure that you are not in violation of their terms of service.

    Rule of thumb though, is google does not like paid posts containing links that have no relation at all to the actual blog post. Google also does not like some particular paid blogging services. If you do a search you’ll find out soon enough which ones google dislikes.

    Accomplish the form, cross your fingers and hope google answers you. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Pray that they will be kind. 🙂

    Good luck!

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