As a last check before I made this post, was down for maintenance and was serving a pacman game on its homepage instead. For the past two days it had been displaying its own ad instead of a member site’s and although the pink puppies were cute, I was wondering if I had miscalculated that site by joining up again.

Yep, this is the second chance I gave the alleged link exchange site. The first time I wasn’t too happy and there wasn’t much of an improvement this time either.


The screenshot above is from last week’s statistics. This morning I managed to take a peek at today’s numbers but didn’t get to take a screenshot before the page started showing pacman instead. This morning my Balay ni Bambit widget had already been displayed more than a thousand times and Do I.T. Yourself close to five hundred. But not one spottt user has clicked on either widget.

I’ve decided to take out the spott widget on both this blog and my other blog Do I.T. Yourself. I mean 500 impressions and no clicks? The spottt widget shows a different card each time the page is refreshed, so the display to click ratio may be huge. And being that, it makes me think that the spottt widget is useless.

So off you go spottt. Shoo.

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Down Spottt, down boy!

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2 thoughts on “Down Spottt, down boy!

  1. Hello,
    Your blog is very interesting. Although I’d like to point out a few things.

    1) If no one is clicking on your Spottt, then that means no one is finding it interesting. There is nowhere where it states that you should have a certain CTR. Possibly you should change your image and see what happens? There are a vast number of Spottts that have a very high CTR.
    2) Your Spottt is shown on a variety of pages. This gives you the most visibility. Isn’t this what you’d want?
    3) A different Spottt is shown each time the page is refreshed. Thats the way it works. Spottt’s servers choose which image to display when it gets a request. There is nothing that states you should see one image and one image only.
    4) Yes, sometimes there will be shown house ads. This is because of the ratio of how you earn/spend credits. Currently it is 3:4. Mathematically this works out so that 1/4 of the time you will see house ads. For a free service, this is how to advertise.
    5) Your site gets relatively low volume of traffic. That means you don’t earn very many credits, which means your Spottt isn’t shown that often. This could account for the fact that you don’t have very many clicks.

    Spottt Team

  2. Hey Spott team, thanks for the comment and the visit. However, you seem not to have gone further into the Related reading links I provided, where two more in-depth analysis of your product appear. I would give more weight to your explanations if you had commented on those two sites as well, but seems like you haven’t yet. it would be interesting to see what those bloggers and their numerous commenters, would say about this explanation.

    As for traffic, my google analytics says i get 2,400 NEW visits a month on average, on top of the 1000 or so I regularly get. if that is relatively low volume to you, then so be it.

    My point is that no Spott user feels compelled to click on a widget, they way Entrecard users are, and that if reloading a page shows a new widget, the “exposure” really isn’t that useful is it? If a user had seen a widget but had clicked on a new link before deciding he’d like to click on the widget, he wouldn’t be able to, would he, as the widget has already refreshed.

    But all this is spilled milk (for you, not me) as I have already removed both widgets I had put in my blogs.

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