I has a bug.

Took me a couple of weeks to restock on stresstabs and clusivol and in that duration I caught another bug. Bad enough to make me skip Visio training scheduled for today at the Elks Club. Tough. Miss the food. Food’s always good at the Elks and there’s to be free lunch. Chatted a bit with the network guys who were already there, they said the instructor was the same one from my MS Outlook training, and he’s cool. They’ll learn a few things.

But I decided to skip it. Not much point in going and risk infecting the entire network team and have them all on sick leave come Monday. I’m not much use loaded up with Sinutab and sniffing on my inhaler like the whole thing would run straight up to my brain. Kuya Maui has it too. We’re in the sick room now, meaning his room, isolating ourselves from the rest of the house. (Thank heavens for wireless access points.) We got water and calamansi juice and decongestant in stock for both of us.

We nap every now and then. I dream of Branson Missouri wineries. Nothing like a good nip to clear your nasal passages. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stay at the Clarion or the Grand Oaks, eat red lobster and stroll through Silver Dollar City, sit at a show or two to be entertained?


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