Vigan Scene

Dream summer getaway. Camping in Batanes–as the caterpillar has suggested–or walking on the cobbled paths in Vigan. Camping will require the usual sleeping and cooking paraphernalia, tents, sleeping bags, safety cutters, and don’t forget the matches or a lighter. The funny thing is that we’re probably going to forget the lighter/matches, because no one in this house smokes anymore, for more than a year now. Yey!

The Vigan trip, however, should be less cumbersome. Just a knapsack with a change of clothes, bottled water and spare batteries for the camera. I remember my friend (and former co-worker) Ejay saying that standing on a cobbled street in Vigan is like stepping into a time warp. From the photos he took from the time that he went there, I saw what he meant, but until I stand on that same street myself I will probably not have the foggiest idea how it feels.

Dream getaway

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