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Employment screening is indeed one of the basic tasks of a human resources department in any office. However in small companies such as the one I’m employed in, a few unintended shortcuts may have been made in the effort to acquire new personnel. There had been times in the past when we needed people right away that we were willing to take on a couple of people who were on a waitlist to go abroad, just so we could have them for the duration of their stay. We figured it was a two-way benefit. We got our manpower and they got a few more months of training prior to leaving the country.

These days however, keeping a good man on board is a lot more difficult that usual. There are many things to consider, other than the potential employee’s agenda for his professional life. There is also the problem of homogenizing with the existing team, and working effectively with the manager. There have been cases where management was the problem and not the recent hire’s. That happens amidst much angst and disruption, and when the employee suffers, the company suffers as well.

Easy come, easy go

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One thought on “Easy come, easy go

  1. It is indeed difficult to find an employee who will blend well with the team, one who would work well within the company’s culture. It is never just about a candidate’s ability or intelligence. It is a lot more important for us to consider whether a candidate’s personality will fit well with the team.

    The process is not perfect and we all make mistakes. In a company I used to work for, we called an incorrect hire as a PURE and the acronym stood for Previously Undetected Recruitment Error. Hehehe 😀

    Take care, Bambit. 🙂

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