enclume pot rackI’m a bit of an extremist when it comes to organizing stuff in the kitchen. I’m either extremely orderly or extremely messy. This arrangement starts at the beginning of my vacation period (usually around Christmas week when everyone’s off from work) and lasts for about a couple of weeks. This is when I throw out a lot of old, useless and hardly used and rusting pots and pans and utensils, and boldly shop for replacements. It’s Christmas after all, just about the only time when I do have money to go out and buy stuff. Near the end of that two-week period I regress and eventually my kitchen ends up in a mess along with left over Christmas rhum cake.

But when you have enclume pot racks to help you keep everything in place, order in the kitchen is almost assured. They’re practical yet stylish, quite utilitarian too. The ceiling mounted enclume potracks are not only space savers, they’re dust busters as well, and rust-proof too.

The enclume pot rack are built to last a lifetime, with electroplated metal finishes instead of lacquered so they neither chip nor discolor. A history of French metal-forming equipment is at the hands of skilled craftsmen at the enclume factory.

Now if only I knew where to get one here …

Order in the kitchen

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