About a month ago the entire office went (in batches of 2 and 3 employees) for our annual medical checkup, a requirement for our medical benefits. Having been out of a doctor’s reach since April last year, I had full confidence that I would ace all the tests.

My results came back saying that although no traces of banned or restricted substances were found in my system, I was however overweight for my height and age. Not overweight, actually, but obese level 1, at 145lbs at 5 feet flat.

I admit the denims are a bit tight around the waistline and I haven’t been wearing my body huggers much these days. Being advised to change my lifestyle to improve my body mass index really isn’t something I should be told at this point in my life, but I have been, so.

The quiz results below seemed encouraging.

65%Living to 100 Years Old

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Encouraging, isn’t it …

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