Right after the proposal comes the engagement rings, and then the setting of the date, and the planning and the preparation for the big day.

But in these times when getting out of marriage is almost as easy (and certainly as expensive) than getting in, one wonders, after witnessing one wedding after another, from the simple civil ceremony to the ornate and ostentatious church wedding and the 1000 guests in the reception: How long will it last?

My observation these days is if someone, male or female, does not tie the knot by age 27 there’s a huge possibility that he or she will not get to tie the knot at all. There is a premium on independence and freedom these days. Independence from a relationship that may have more strings than a DMC outlet, freedom from the whims and opinions of a partner who may not really be good for one’s health. There is also the expense involved in getting hitched, whether it be for the acquisition of legal papers or for the fees and obligations involved in a religious ceremony.

Either way, people these days seem to be getting married a lot later than they used to a generation ago.

Must be something in the water.

How long will it last?

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