Been wondering since early this morning why Entrecard’s been showing me error pages. Shortly after lunch today I (and thousands of other Entrecard users) got this message from them in my email.


Unfortunately, there has been an electrical fire at the data center housing Entrecard’s servers. The servers have not been damaged, but the site may be down for as long as 12 hours.

Entrecard is hosted with ThePlanet, and this fire has effected over 9000 websites, as many of the world’s most popualar websites are hosted with ThePlanet. They are working around the clock to get their data center back online, and we are hoping that they get it back online fast.

Thank you for your pateince and understanding with this rare and frustrating problem. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do but wait for The Planet to get their datacenter back online.

Please check back with Entrecard in 12 to 24 hours.

Entrecard Team

Will be waiting patiently, Entrecard. Come back soon.

Paypal Glitch

Paypal has its woes as well, but not from external troubles like EntreCard, but from within. Apparently a few upgrades and modifications to its code has caused a domino effect on its other features. Enter the words paypal glitch on Google to see all the news about it.

This is indeed cause for worry for people who have PayPal accounts. Hope PayPal gets up and dusts itself off pretty soon,  otherwise this will be a field day for other services like AlertPay and Xoom.

Entrecard Ablaze / PayPal Glitch

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