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If you are one of the bloggers who have recently joined the Entrecard network and are now displaying that nifty widget (preferably above the fold) on your blog’s sidebar, congratulations! You have just opened your blog to a new universe of visitors.

There have been claims that entrecard dropping can be addictive. I think that all depends on how much time you have to go blog hopping. I have been on entrecard for almost a month and have received visits I would not have ordinarily received otherwise. I have also, through the Entrecard dashboard, have had the opportunity to visit other interesting blogs I would not have stumbled upon otherwise.

For the Entrecard noob these are the three most important screens on your administration panel, which you see when you are logged into your Entrecard account:

    1. 1. Your Dashboard – all activity on your account summarized on one page
      2. Your Drops inbox – clickable through a tab on your dashboard, it contains the cards of Entrecard users who have dropped their cards on your widget.
      3. Your advertisers – two columns on the left side of your dashboard, of Entrecard users who have put in a bid to advertise on your widget, and those whom you have approved.

Basically you get Entrecard points by visiting other blogs and dropping your card on their widget. You do that by clicking on the word “Drop” on an Entrecard widget. You will need to click on the word itself, as clicking just beside it may not give you any results.

You also get points when you approve advertisers on your widget. You can accumulate your points and use them to buy your own advert space on other Entrecard widgets.

There are numerous Entrecard strategy experts who can show you how you can use Entrecard account/widget/presence to its fullest potential. Two posts on Turnip Of Power are a must-read for one who has just signed up for an Entrecard account:

You will eventually read stuff about how Entrecard is actually bad for you as it raises your bounce rate and things like that. But I don’t want to treat Entrecard as just another way to search engine optimize my blog.

I see it as thousands of doorways that have been opened to me, into a blogging universe that I can explore, one card at a time.

Entrecard for Newbies

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