Entrecard sites of the week contestAha! Another EntreCard contest you say?

Alas this contest is not for EC Points, but for prime space on the homepage of this blog for two (2) weeks (altHough I will throw in 500 EC credits into the pot as well). Why would you want to be on my homepage?

According to my Google analytics page this site got more than 2000 visits, 1,400 of them unique. The stats are for the month range of May-June 2008. You can say that traffic is rather good.

Here’s the chance for you to share that traffic.

  1. Use the tabs on the right hand side of this page (Latest, Categories, Tags, Random) to find any post I’ve made in the past that you enjoyed reading.
  2. Digg that post. If you don’t have a Digg account, any of the social bookmarking sites that can be found at the bottom of this post will do.
  3. Leave a comment on this post about why you chose to bookmark that post and what service you used to bookmark it (via technorati, del.icio,us or stumbleupon etc).
  4. Drop your card on my EC widget (of course!).

And that’s it!

I published this post at 12:30pm, 9 June 2008 Manila, Philippines time. Contest begins now, and ends at 12:30pm, 23 June 2008.

Winners will be chosen by how well they have described their chosen post to bookmark.

The top two winners will get two weeks exposure on my homepage.

This will be a regular contest, so that when the two weeks of the first two winners are up, the next two winners of the subsequent run will take their place. You can keep joining until you win! Current winners (those whose entrecards are currently on display) can take a breather from joining the next run, but they can join the run after that, and the subsequent ones in case they don’t win again.

Small note: Please do not post more than 1 URL in the comment box. Akismet has a very low tolerance for URLs in the comment box and your entry may end up in spam purgatory and we don’t want that to happen do we? Just make sure comment-luv is checked (by default it is, so you really don’t have to do anything much) so I know where to find you.

So, everyone ready? Thanks for dropping in, hope you have fun reading, and good luck!

EntreCard Sites of the Week Contest!

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15 thoughts on “EntreCard Sites of the Week Contest!

  1. OKIDOKI 🙄

    I just discovered that the WP Spamfree Plugin was wreaking havoc on my comments box, so I’ve taken it out.

    I would like to apologize for all the visitors who may have attempted to post a comment on this post but have failed, because of a rogue plugin. I appreciate your patience.

    Please try commenting again.

  2. hello! sasali ako ha. 🙂

    ang galing nito, i can edit my comment! pasyal ka sa bago kong bahay ha. i use ‘busymom’ as my alias there. 🙂

  3. good luck. I will try to join. 🙂

    I tried twice to comment on your entry about chopsticks. Nag-error sya. Yun pala yun.

  4. Hi Bambit,
    I already digg your article “The House at Our Back.” I find it so amusing because it relayed your childhood experiences in your house. That it was almost ruined by a previous tenant brought drama to your post. It’s nice to reminisce our childhood experiences and savor the different emotions and feelings they bring. You are already a successful blogger and are on the road to more success. Thanks for the post. My entry blog is- Points of View (Discussion Blog) with url- http://ponts-of-view.blogspot.com/

    Mel Avila Alarilla’s last blog post: The Handsomest Man Who Ever Lived

  5. Hi Mel, thanks for joining! Unfortunately I can’t see the digg you made on that particular blogpost, I should be able to see at least 1 digg on it or find it when I log in to my digg account, but I can’t find it as of now. I appreciate the effort you’ve made so far, but can you check your digg again please? Thanks.

  6. thanks for dropping by my site..this is surely fun, being with entrecard (i’m not joining the contest though, as i may not have time for it now…maybe in some later days?), this is the first time i’ve come across your blog…i extend a handshake of friendship to you!

  7. @mom811 – thanks for dropping by

    @ceblogger – stumbling will do as well just click on any of the social networking buttons provided below the post if you don’t have a digg account. Just let me know which one you chose.

  8. namasyal ako sa archives mo trying to look for your tribute post for your panganay. 🙂 and i found it! i ‘digged’ it but i had to fill quite a no of fields so i used del.icio.us instead. is that okay?

    for some reason that post got stuck in my head because your feelings about your first born are exactly what i have for my A. best of all, i like the last photo at the end of your entry. ang galing!

    tin’s last blog post: Feeling Special

  9. Hi Tin, de.icio.us is yummy 🙂 Thanks for joining! Yey, me mga contestants na talaga ako!

    In my post “It was 25 years ago today“, the last photo (the sepia one) is by Ed Cabagnot who at the time was with the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines. It was taken in full color with a SLR (without the D) in 1984 in Kangmating, Negros Oriental. I played around with it in Photoshop, hence the sepia effect.

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